Me and a few buddies of mine bowl in a league every Saturday night. It was during the winter time, so there really wasn't much else to do. I am 21 and my friends are all within the same age range. Whenever we finished up our league, extreme bowling would start. There were the same group of girls come in and always would wait near my lanes. When I would finish, I would glance over, laugh amongst their friends and one would wink at me. I just shrugged it off as a possible taunt to make me break concentration. These girls were not your best looking girls in the world. The one in general was about 17-19 years of age, 5ft 6in tall, long brown curly hair and a somewhat nice body. Her tits were small, but manageable. Definitely fuckable. The next week at the bowling hall, I decided that I was going to approach the girl that winked at me and would ask her what her deal was. So we finished up and thankfully it was only the one girl there. I walked over and asked her why she winked at me and laughed with her friends last week. "I have been watching you for the last few weeks and I think you are hot!", she says. "Since you are all done here, what are you doing now? I'm Alicia, by the way.

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  ""My name is Shawn. Nothing really. ", I replied with shock. "Let's go somewhere. ", she tells me as she grabs my hand. So she leads me to her car and we drive away. We come up to her house which is completely pitch black and in a part of town I have never been to before. I get out and we walk up to the door and walk in. About in the time it took me to close the door, she was completely naked and running up the stairs. Now after seeing this, I would be a moron not to follow. So I run up the stairs after her and after looking in 3 or 4 different rooms, I find her sprawled out on the bed with her legs spread playing with her pussy. She is completely shaven and ready to be fucked. I undress and hop into the bed next to her. She says to me "I'm gonna make you mine tonight!" and guides my dick to her mouth. I am in completely disbelief as I lay back and enjoy the impromptu blowjob.

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   She cups my balls and works my dick over like a lollipop. I'm starting to feel a tingle in my balls as she continues to slobber away. Now any proper etiquette is to let her know when I am about to cum, but I couldn't. I look up and it appeared she knew I was about to cum as she deep throated my entire shaft and let the cum spurt to the back of her throat swallowing just about every drop. "Mmm, you taste just as I imagined. ", she mumbles as she wipes her face off. "Are you ready for round 2, yet?"I was going to answer, but it didn't matter. She climbed on my dick, jerked it for a little bit to get it hard again and I was inside her pussy before I could even grab a condom. She's riding my dick like a jockey would a horse. I am about to cum again, but I don't want to get this girl pregnant. So I try to flip her over on her back to fuck her in a missionary position but she was relentless and kept riding me. Since that didn't work, I tried to buck her off my dick, but she had this grinding thing going from back to front and I only had a little more time left. "Where do you want me to cum?", I asked frighteningly. "Don't you want to cum inside me? Isn't that where all guys want to cum?" she replied in between moans. "I just met you and I am afraid you'll get pregnant.

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  " I said. "Don't worry about it, just give me that cum! Cum deep inside me! I want to feel that warm cum inside my pussy!" she yelled out as the fucking got more intense. My balls felt like they were going to implode. She kept riding me and who am I to dissapoint this young girl. So a few more strokes and I unleashed another load of cum inside Alicia's pussy. I almost passed out from the entire ordeal. "That was fun!", as she climbs off to go into the bathroom to take a shower. I fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the night. I went home to my cozy bed. I was wonder if I would ever see this girl again. The next week at bowling, she showed up 15 minutes before I was finished. "About last week. I really like you and want you to be my boyfriend. I didn't know how to approach it and I figure actions speak louder than words. " she says with a smile.

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  "You were amazing! Yes, we can be a couple. " I also said with a smile. I finished up bowling and we left together. Part II if feedback is good. .