Lifes Sexual Perks 2


Topic: Lifes sexual perks 2 Fact or fiction? you decide
 It so happened, my first day in my temporary home with my aunt was a Sunday, the very days that my uncle fed my aunt the smut. (See LSP 1) Added to this she always read the smutty story page of the "Sunday National Rag" (Newspaper) I liked this because it made her fidget in her chair as I said before and each time I glimpsed her Knickers, the damp patch was bigger. Also she would read paragraphs out to her married daughter accompanied by dirty giggles. This one was about a female teacher seducing a male pupil. (And he complained!) "What sort of idiot was he then?" Every school boys dream, I thought.
 Anyway, I chime straight in, innocently asking, "Could you seduce me?" Smirks,shrieks and much giggling by both at this question,so I follow with "Could Ginny then" thats my cousin, at this they're both in raptures of excitement. Ginny's four years older than me,young to be married,but she had to. Up till then I'd not seen any of her bits since we'd slept together as Kids in the war.
 Obviously getting turned on by the conversation at my expense,she shifted her position in her seat alongside her mothers. I couldn't believe it, her legs opened just enough to see up to the top. Fuck me! No knickers,In that flash,there it was a nice slit with brown tawny hair. Laundry in those days was done in a tub and I knew she'd rather have her head in a good book than do laundry,no tele' then. But not wearing knickers? most remarkable. Incidentally in passing,her husband was in Germany on military service at this time.
 Things settled down after a while, but I didn't get an answer from either of them, so being resourceful I unobtrusively seek the dictionary. There it was, SEDUCE "Persuade (especially virgin) to have sexual intercourse with one) Me a virgin! gee if only they would.

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   Thats it, got to get to the cellar to soften my sexual controller. What a waste more baby juice against that wall.
 Came nightime I'm wondering what the sleeping arrangements are going to be, after all Ginny's got a whole double bed with her baby in a cot. Aunty wouldn't would she? Damn I thought not. Must be the settee then for me. But no, I'm told I'm sleeping in aunty's room. Where I wonder, she has her other younger daughter sleeping with her,so that ain't a runner. Surprise. she's put a single mattress on the floor in the corner from the bottom of her bed.
 I snuggle down on my mattress and watch through half closed lids for developments. Cousin Ross is a touch younger than me, she jumps on and into the bed showing excitement but no bits under her nightdress, I guess its because there's a different sleeping arrangement and a boy at that. Its aunty's turn, damn she switches off the light,but wait,being a main road and the curtains aren't closed,the room is softly lit by the street lights. (I bet the male neighbours opposite like my aunts bedtime curtain habit) Fully dressed she winds up her alarm.
 Comes the bit I'd dreamed of, she unclasps her waist band,the skirt drops to the floor. Facing away from me she bends to the floor with the globes of her ass about four foot from my face and those airtex knickers as tight as my cock skin.

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   Because this material is a mesh of little square holes closely woven its not totally opaque,so it gave very good shadows of the bodies contours. At this moment the crack of her ass led straight through to her cunts groove with puffed mounds either side and cutting deeply into her groins. the light was better now my eyes had become accustomed, Yes there they were hanging out each side of the leg opening. it was some of her pubic hairs,looking forever like spiders legs when that creature is looking out of its lair. God what a sight, my cock will either burst from the pressure or the excitement will kill me.
 Was this being done on purpose? she was bent mucking about with the skirt an awfully long time. Rising she quickly removed her blouse,there it was,the bra' cleavage in abundance,my mind raced in that instant. Do she sleep with it on or take it off? Will she put a nightdress on before removing the bra' if removing it at all? Lots of questions but what's the answer?
 Got it, her hands are round her back fiddling with the clasp,but hang on she's facing towards me again,front view good light,what a dream, "I must be dead and gone to heaven" shoulder straps next, they're exposed to me, The finest pair of globes you could ever hope to see! What nipples firm and the size of a mans top finger joint. From that moment I was sold on extra large nipples and its stayed with me for life.
 So the knickers are staying on and from the waist up just a flimsy silk nightdress down to just below the crutch. She clambers into bed, lots of bum gyrations and she's in. Can I risk a wank? After all that I'll make to much noise. This is agony, I'm twisting and turning. Then aunts voice comes across quietly "Come and get in this bed on the other side" Bloody hell! where did that come from. My aunt never ceases to amaze me.

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   "Don't wake your cousin" I'm up and in like a flash. Who wants to watch when you can feel?
 The close proximity of females in bed attire,absolutely new to me.  Yes I'm dead alright,this just can't be true,can it? So my minds about to explode, I've got a hard on up to my chin, did she notice? Cousin's between me and the goodies,and its my aunts horny day, with uncle's stories and the paper.
 What next,should I wait to see if she has any plans or do I push my luck, but how? Things now settle we're all breathing steady but I'm wide awake,I wonder about aunty. Sounds possible she's asleep. I'll go for it, I mumble a bit as though I'm dreaming, I turn restlessly but not to much. My hard on's pressing against my cousins bum crease but outside her nightdress. I know the ends sticky with love juice (precum) Fuck! what if I shoot my load? I flop my arm over and past my cousin. It lands on flesh,but what flesh? dare I explore with fingertips. Everything is still, the senses in my fingers are at full sensitivity. Its a leg, above the knee on the lower thigh,to big to be cousins. Its aunty's! she has it bent forward,its the inside skin,her other leg must be straight. What now? move my hand or just enjoy what I've got.
 I roll forward slightly,so my hand moves forward up the thigh. no response, I can sense her heat, I must be close to the knickers.

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   a bit more, yes I'm in contact with the round of her belly resting against her thigh. Panic, she's moving,is this where my hand gets swatted off like an annoying fly? No she's moved slightly more on her back so her other leg is less in the way and the knicker leg is now by my hand. Is she awake all the time? she sounds asleep,but then so did I earlier.
 My fingers touch the spiders legs sticking out the knicker leg. i move more daringly now,up over her belly and then down towards her crutch,I'm near because I can feel the heat and my hand senses dampness. Then my fingers contact the inner lips protruding under the knickers. I twitch as I shoot my load in my pj bottoms. Good job I kept them on seeing I was hard against my cousin's ass crack.
 I let my hand rest heavily on her cunt lips minutely exploring the groove and shape of every bit,it past my mind "I wonder if its tickling her" dummy,so innocent. She murmured and her hand moved, I froze and thought I would shit myself with fright. Surprise, her hand came down to her crutch she lifted slightly,then put her fingers in the leg holes and pulled the gusset downwards. She mumbled what sounded like "Thats better" for who me? or her I wonder.
 Curiosity got the better of me,what exactly did she do? then I knew, the knicker legs were now looser,so naturally I took full advantage to put my hand inside. Now I really was on the real thing, with my hand flat I moved it down over her belly,then her pubs and onto her pussy,she was soaking. I let my finger go in the groove and went all the way down as far as I could then back up at which my finger seemed to find a chasm it went in deeper and felt wetter then a harder part as I continued up her crack and what felt like another little entrance.

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  (Pee hole) When I touched that she twitched so I moved onwards and upwards through the groove.  I came to a stop because of a little hood and what ever the lump was under it got bigger as I touched it. Aunt started moving and making nice sorts of noises, I think she'd woken up because she said "keep doing that" so I did till her legs went all stiff and her breathing was all gasping with little short breaths. After a bit she said "no more please no more" I stopped,her hand came down and squeezed mine into the pool of fluid that had come out of her. Then she dragged my hand up her body and placed it on her tit. She said "squeeze that till you go asleep" I did, I was awake next morning, seen here dress,no mention was made of the nights activity. Now I really had some memories to wank to!
 More Later.