Virgin girl.


The week prior to my 16th birthday my parents invited our neighbours over for a pool party.

Secretly I was in love with the husband from next door. He and his wife had lived there for about 6 months and they were the sexiest couple I have ever known.

From my bedroom I could see into their sunroom where they had sex four or five times a week – always in the nude, it was obvious they loved doing what they did. If they were in a hurry, they did it quickly or played about for up to an hour. They did it all from masturbating, oral sex and real fucking in so many different positions. If it was at night it was as soon as Jan or Mike got home and when they changed out of their working clothes. They would do it then. Usually at night it was quick – well they did it for half an hour sometimes. Occasionally they would have sex after dinner and it lasted for hours then – they would have sex then have a break and do it again. They always had the lights on and at the weekends it was in broad daylight and they could take hours then. I have no idea how often they did it in bed together. I learned so much about sex from watching them – they loved one another and had the most amazing sex. Because they could not see me I undressed and masturbated almost every time they did it while I watched them.

I had never had sex apart from giving a boy a hand job and once I tried giving another one oral sex but I wouldnt let him finish it in my mouth and he got cranky and finished it himself and when he came he spurted all over me and I had to wash it off my clothes before I got home.

I had decided I wanted Mike to be the first man to have sex with me – I had masturbated so often watching him have sex with Jan and fantasised it was with me as I watched them.

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   I had begun to flirt a bit and make suggestive remarks a few weeks before the party and I as much as told him I knew he and Jan had sex four or five times a week and I had seen them. He gave me funny looks at first but after I had made a couple of pretty suggestive comments he began to talk back to me and began to tease me a bit nicely. The weekend before the party Mike and Jan were in our place having a swim with my parents and me. When he was in the pool alone I took the opportunity to join him. While we swam and played about a bit – I was really playing up to him. He asked me what I wanted for my birthday – I looked at him, smiled and said YOU.

He came up to me and said so the others couldn’t hear – Sally you are just 16 and I am married are you are trying to tell me something.

Yes I am – I have been watching you and Jan make love at weekends in your sunroom and it drives me crazy watching and wanting to be there with you. I masturbate watching you and imagine it is me and not Jan with you. I want you to be the first man to make love to me like you do to Jan, I don’t want it to be with some gawky boy who has no idea how to please a woman to be the first time I have sex. I want it for me not him. I want you.

This is crazy, you are asking me to make love to you for your first time.

Not only make love but give me the best time of my life – I know what you do with Jan and I want you to do it to me. I want to do everything you do with her, and I mean everything.

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   I am a novice I know but I have watched you two so often I believe I can make you like it with me.

I don’t want to talk about this now – come over to our place tonight – Jan is going out with a few friends and we can talk – and I mean talk – not do what you are asking me to.

I said that’s a promise – what time.

Seven o’clock.

I will be there.

That night I went to his place and we talked and it was serious talk – no joking.

I told him what I had told him earlier – I wanted him to be the first man to make love to me.

He did about all he could to try and talk me out of it, but I told him I wanted him and more than he could possibly realise.

What happens afterwards IF I do.

What do you mean.

You will want me to have sex with you time and time again if I do it once – you are no different to any other girl – you virtually fall in love with the first man to do it with you and that causes trouble.

I promise I wont – I just want you to do it to me the first time – I have plenty of boys I can have it with if I want to later. I have even begun oral contraception so I can have it naturally with you. I am in my second month, I am perfectly safe and cannot conceive.

I don’t care if you tell Jan what I have asked you – I don’t care if she is there to make sure we do nothing she objects to.

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   I am prepared to do everything you do with her if you want me to. I am besotted with you and what you do to Jan.

Look Jan doesn’t need to know – we have both had extra marital affairs since we have been married – we have another two couples who are like us and we have weekends away with them and we share each other – we don’t have any problems with that. If I tell her she will tell me I am stupid nd I will be if I do it with you. I am so much older than you.

That’s why I want you to do it with me – you are older, you are experienced, I know how big you are and I know it will fit. I just want to remember my first time with a man – and I want it to be the best ever – not on some back seat of a car like half the girls I know and very few if any are happy about the way they lost their virginity. I want it to be perfect and I know it can be if you and I do it together – I have watched you so often I could make it like you wouldn’t know the difference between Jan or I.
Please oh please say you will do it for me – as a very, very special favour – I promise I will never ask you again – but if you ask me I will never say no to you. You can have me for life after that if you wish.

IF I agree – how and where will it happen – it cant be here and I don’t imagine it would be at your place.

Yes – it will be in my bed. Mom and Dad are going out the night of my birthday and my party will be on the next Saturday night a couple of days after my actual birthday – the day I become legal and a woman in every way – thanks to you – I hope, it will be completely possible for us to do it in my bedroom and not be disturbed. We can be there for hours because I know you can be hours with Jam and I want it all. I know what its like to be naked with boys and I have believe it or not – masturbated and given them oral sex.

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   I am not concerned about what happens. I want to do it.

You say you have done all that and not had sex.

Not intercourse – I wanted to keep my virginity for somebody special and that’s you. All the boys want to have a virgin, but I will not be the one they get – you will.

Sally – I am mad but you seem to have covered all the bases. I want to talk to Jan before I agree to do it – at the moment I think I am stark raving mad but I will never have sex with a woman without her being aware of it and she knows them, as we do at our weekends.

Hell what do you think she will say.

Like me she will say I am mad, and more than likely try and talk me out of it.

Can I be there when you tell her.

Ask her – I wont do it without her saying yes.

Can I be there.

Ok – this is madness but we may as well be completely mad as half mad.

When – we only have a week.

Look I will wait for the right time – it will be before your birthday I promise.

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   I wont leave it till the last day.

Two days later they were making love again in their sun room and as usual I was watching and masturbating.

Half way through their lovemaking - between him having sex with her and cumming, they began to talk for ages and they both looked up at my room. I could se Jan was having a few words – I gathered he had told her. Then he looked up and waved to me to come down. I had no idea he knew I was there. I turned the light on and waved- I was on my way.

Jan met me at the front door, still naked. We went into their sunroom – Mike was there still naked and looking quite sheepish – I imagine Jan had had some strong words with him. I gather there would be no more sex tonight.

You are crazy young lady – where the hell did you get this stupid, stupid idea.

From watching the two of you for months – you have no idea how many times I have put myself in your position, under and over, but always with him inside me as he is with you. I have masturbated a hundred times watching or thinking of the two of you…… and Mike and I together. I can almost feel him inside me.

Look we have to talk.

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   I am not happy and Mike seems to think you will be a problem if he doesn’t.

No – I won be a problem – just heartbroken. I have thought and planned this for a month or more.

You have no idea how I envy you – I have even copied the way you shape your pubic hair. I want to be so much like you. I want to be you in every way with Mike.

Well she said you have obviously been watching tonight – why don’t you do it right now.

No – I want it to be special – on my birthday, I want it to be the best present I have ever had.

He even told me you would not mind if I watched him and you together. What do you think I am.

A loving wife – I know of your weekends so I know the two of you do share yourselves about a bit and I just want to be a part of that for one night. Just once – one night and never again.

How can I believe you.

I will give you my promise. You can rest assured that unless he wants me again – he will never have sex with me again ever.

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God what a woman.

I am special – in my eyes and I want to be special in his – I want to share my virginity with him, and you to if you want to. I wont mind – it will be Mike who is giving me the pleasure, The pleasure I have waited 16 years for and once it is done – it can never ever be undone or done again.

Mike had not said a word.

Jan turned to him and said well – are you.

Can I.

Well it will be under my control. It will be in this room – not in our bed, or her bed. It will not happen in their house. If it gets out then you will be determined as a predator. I will be here and make sure that she knows what she is getting into and it will apply to you as well.

He will be getting into me.

Shit Jan said – you are not shy are you.

Well if I am prepared to have you as a witness then I cant be.

Witness or spectator.

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I prefer witness – I wont mind at all if you are here – I wont mind whatever you say or do. I only want one thing – I want Mike to be my first man and to share my virginity.

Whats this share thing – don’t you mean you are giving him your virginity.

No what I have is mine and I am prepared to share it with him – and you. I want this to be a one on one event not me giving some guy the pleasure of getting a virgin. I could do that with anybody – I want it to be memorable and special – really special and from what you are saying I think it will be really memorable – how many women watch their husband deflower or have sex with a 16yo for her first time. I don’t think I will ever forget it. Ever.

Neither will we.

Now I have had my say – lets be friendly and hospitable – do you drink or would you like to have supper with us. I am going to be a witness to something very few if any women have ever done before – watch their husband SHARE the virginity of a very attractive and head strong girl.

Yes please – do you have a white wine.


That would be wonderful – we can toast the upcoming event.

Cumming for sure in more ways that one.

I hope so – he will I know and I hope I can too.

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And you have a sense of humour – somehow I am beginning to like you.

Look I am a bit overdressed here – can I join you in your nature suits.

If you wish – I wouldn’t mind seeing what my husband is going to enjoy – and I believe he might just do that. If he is game enough to raise this with me then he I am sure he wants to see what he is getting into.

I am sure he wont be disappointed. He will be the first – unless you count fingers and tampons.

That is not what I meant – but I see your point.

I have seen his too and that’s one of the reasons I want to be with him, it looks magnificent and I know you certainly enjoy it in every way.

I undressed and stood in front of them naked, as Mike popped the cork on the champagne.

Just like the sound of a contented woman.

I have never heard it pop – I thought it was the sigh of a contented woman.

You are a pretty sight for sore eyes arnt you.

I hope so.

You are – and now I can see why Mike is attracted to you.

Why - he has never seen me nude before.

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Almost – that bikini you wear doesnt cover much.

That is a very good copy of how I wear myself down there.

Its easy to copy and I have seen it often enough,


Look you and Mike are out her almost every day in the nude and having sex every other day, so I get to see you both. I have to admit you look pretty good naked too. I have even noticed when you change the shape sometimes, but I like it the way it is at the moment.

Thank you – imitation is the nicest form of flattery.

I only hope I can emulate what you and Mike do together when he is with me – I have never seen people enjoy sex as much as you two.

How much have you seen.

Not much – a bit of porn but that’s all - sex studs. I guess most of the women are whores. They dont seem to stop at anything. Occasionally I see a bit of home made stuff or some stuff that circulates around college – I have recognised a couple of the girls – they seem to have no shame – they let somebody video them at it and then show it around. I would never do that.

What are you expecting from Mike.



Anything he does with you – there is nothing I have seen I wouldn’t do with him.


No way that one taboo with me – has he ever done that with you – it would be hard to tell looking at you in the doggy position whether he has his penis in your vagina or anus.

No – we have done it but I don’t like it so we never do it any more.


It hurt and there was no pleasure in it for me.

If he asked would you.

Probably not. Until I know him better I would say no.

Then it is no – after this there wont be a second time.

As we talked she filled my glass up again and I drank it slowly.

How often do you drink.

Rarely – I am too young Dad says.

And I am sure he would say the same thing about sex.

Probably but I have had a drink and I will know what sex is all about next week wont I.

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Do you know I was a mistake – mum got pregnant to him before they were married – but they had planned to marry anyhow.

I see so it runs in the family – sex before marriage.
I would say so – but I wont be getting pregnant – I am already on the pill – I planned it two moths ago – my 16th was going to be it – my first time.

When did you decide it was going to be Mike.

About two months ago – I began to think about it- I have been masturbating watching you two for about six months so you have a fair idea of how often I do it.

Would you masturbate for me now.


I am curious, I would love to see the girl who is going to seduce my husband come off thinking it was him that was the cause of it.

Would you do it with me.

What about Mike.

He could do it too.

I have seen him do it often enough - but you rarely.

How come.

He does it occasionally when you are not here.

Anybody else about.

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Only me in my window doing it as well, wishing what he was doing to himself was being done by me. He has a beautiful penis – long and thick and circumcised. I adore circumcised cocks – I don’t like uncut ones – they smell a bit and look weird. He has a beautiful cock. I always envy you when I see him having sex with it inside you.

I have to admit I like it too.

Thats fairly obvious to me as well.

She lay back on a lounge and said are you going to join me.

I lay back and we both started to finger ourselves and Mikes cock got hard and he started too.

I was doing a pretty good job on myself and watching Jan. She was going well too.

Then she got up and walked over to me and still fingering herself and then she said – lets swap, I can take up where you leave off and you can follow me.

I said you and I are going to masturbate each other.

If you want to,

I do.

The two of us then rearranged our positions and we both slipped our fingers into each other and I followed her lead and did everything to her she was doing to me.

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This is amazing – you want to seduce my husband and we end up masturbating together – god this is weird. But I love it. I havnt had another girl for years. When I was at college I had two lovers – other girls not men.

After a few minutes she stopped and crawled up to me and I could see she was going to kiss me – my first female to female kiss. I was pretty good at the French style with guys so when she got close I opened my mouth and then our tongues touched and she was all over me and I responded as hard as I could – this was my first time at this with another woman and I didn’t want to mess it up.

She fondled my breasts and I did the same to her – I followed her every move. Mike stood over us watching still masturbating.

It took me about three or four minutes and what with the passion of kissing, the feeling of her touching my breast and her finger now back inside me massaging my G spot and clit – I could hold back no longer and I began to have the first signs of orgasm, she stopped kissing me and devoted herself to fingering my vagina and I began a wonderful full on orgasm, breathing hard and murmuring softly as she slowly built me up to a great orgasm. I wriggled and began to shake a little. Then it hit me full on, she had her finger rubbing my clit hard. I moaned out loud and grabbed for her and pulled her to me and kissed her as she responded. My body was wracked with the spasm after spasm of my orgasm, my first being masturbated by another woman. It was so different to another boy doing it.

After I had completely spent myself I lay back gasping for breath, she was only inches away and said – you and I are going to have to have a talk young lady – you are no novice.

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   That is the first time I have done that with another woman since I have been married and it was amazing. You were fantastic. You and I are going to have another experience before you are much oldr and you can se how I enjoy it too.

I already have – remember - I have been watching the two of you for months – I have watched you cum dozens of times. That is however the first time I have ever imagined doing anything with you, I always watch you and then go try it myself. My only problem now is that after next week it will all be over.

Somehow I don’t think so. I don’t think he is going to be the only part of this family you have anything to do with next week or the weeks after, you and I are going to make it so much more interesting. We have our weekends away and that’s only other men – no girl/girl stuff. From now on that is going to be you and I and Mike makes three. If you wont mind – we will make it a threesome after next week and you can have him as often as you want providing it’s the three of us. I cant believe I am saying this.

Neither can I – but you havnt cum off yet.

Mike finish me off and show her how I really love it.

Mike went to Jan and she lay back in a chair and he got between her legs and began to finger and lick her vagina.

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   I had seen them do this often and he was good at it. He began to really work on her and she was loving every moment of it.

I sat there slowly rubbing myself it was really erotic watching them again – but hearing her now – she really made it sound like she was loving him slip two fingers into he, then lick her slit and suck on her clit. His head was moving like nothing on earth making sure she was getting the best oral sex that she could possibly have.

The she came and while she was doing hat Mike was working on her and I then noticed a little pool on the floor under his cock. I was sure it wasn’t cum – there wasn’t enough of it.

After she recovered I asked him what that was on the floor.

Precum he said.

Tell me more I asked – I have not heard of it.

It’s a discharge making the tube moist ready for my sperm to flow through into her when I cum. It also adds a bit of moisture to her vagina when we are having sex.

I thought now thats something I can Google when I go home – I want to know more – he will have some when he has sex with me – I want to know all about it and not seem naive.

By now Jan was sitting back almost recovered.

Do you know something – tonight I was going to read the riot act to you about wanting Mike to have your virginity and fuck you. Now I want you and I to be more than friends – you are amazing.

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Go home before I rape you – or get Mike to. Maybe I cant wait till next week to see him and you together. I will make sure he has plenty of training and practice and you can join us instead of peeping through your curtains. Do you know something – I think you and I are going to get along like a house on fire. The only thing is we cant put his fire out – we need it.

I got dressed and before I left we kissed passionately. He whispered to me – Thank you.

I looked at him and said its you that has to be thanked- or Jan.

Jan kissed me passionately after Mike and said from now on you go nowhere else – you are one of us. I still cannot believe you are a virgin.

I said just 8 more days. Then I am one of you. I too will know what it is like to have Mike inside me and for him to initiate me into the wonderful world of sex.

Good night.

It has been and there will be more to follow.

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My next episode will be the deflowering of me and our night of passion – my first time with a penis, Mikes penis. Then Jan joins the in with the fun afterwards. A threesome of wonderful sex, and I learn and explore the wonders of having sex with another woman as well as her man. All on my 16th birthday. My party two days later will not be the same. , it will be tame compared with that night.