Grudge Fuck


The school day seemed to be going on just like any other until I got to drama class.   Then all hell seemed to break loose…

I walked across my middle school’s courtyard and entered through the cafeteria doors.   The stage doors were just to my right and wide open, so I just walked in.   Just before the main stage, a folding divider with a door in it was between me and the make-shift class room.

Standing in the doorway and just gossiping away was a couple of the ‘cool’ girls.   You know the type, “I’m pretty and popular so you will do as I say. ”  One of them was Katie, a short blonde I truly despised, despite the fact that I jerked off to her regularly.

Well, who could blame me?  At fourteen, Katie was probably the only girl in our school with c-cup breasts.   They didn’t even look all that enormous on her, even though she was just over five feet tall.   Of course, her medium length blonde hair and blue eyes completed the look that all the guys got hardons over.

Whoa!  Almost forgot about her mouth…Katie’s big, puffy lipped mouth.   Looking at her you just got the feeling that she could suck your dick right off if she wanted.

Me?  I was the star of the track team, but kind of a nerd too.   I was popular with the girls, but never had a girlfriend until high school.   I was just under 6’, with a muscular build, brown hair and brown eyes.   In other words, I’m as average as a guy could be.


    Put out an ABP for me and half the community gets dragged in.   Anyway, back to the story.

I never really liked those girls, especially Katie.   I think this was because she was so damn sexy.   I didn’t learn until much later that it was ok to just fuck a girl and not really give a shit about her one way or the other.   So, I wanted to be in class and have a good seat and the girl with the largest breasts in the school was in my way.

“Hey, excuse me. ”

Katie just smirked, “Wait a minute. ”

“Katie, let me into class,” I rolled my eyes theatrically.
Katie ignored me, so I did the most logical thing I could think of; I plowed right between her and her friend almost knocking Katie off her feet.   (It should be noted that her tits felt great rubbing across my chest. )

This, of course, left the two girls really pissed off.   Fortunately, I didn’t have to deal with it right away because the teacher followed them into the room.   Unfortunately, Katie ended up sitting behind me.

In the middle of the class, I felt heat near my head.

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    Katie had decided now was the time to curl her hair and was absentmindedly holding her iron right next to my ear, or so she later claimed.

Suddenly, the iron contacted my right ear and I instinctively reached up, grabbed the iron, and threw it across the room.

Now I won’t bore you with the details of what happened next, but there was some time for both of us in the principles office.   After this I was simply warned, but Katie had it slightly worse.   She threatened me.   She said that she and her boyfriend were going to kick my ass and that I should just watch it.   I said ok, whatever.   I didn’t really think anything would come of it.

Well, I was always a real smart ass those days and rather egocentric.   I thought I was as smart, or smarter, as anyone I knew.   This is probably why this offense brought forth the ‘consequences’ that it did.

I always walked home; anyone who knew me knew this to be the case.   Actually, I usually jogged.   It was about a mile and a half to my house from school, so even after practice I often thought of it as a cool down.   Katie decided that this was the time to catch me off guard.

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There was a large, undeveloped area around an intersection of two roads on my path home.   The roads were only used by residents, so the traffic was minimal.   The area around the roads was mostly fried grass, some bluebells (a flower native to Texas), and some briars.   Trails crisscrossed the area.

I believe it was a Thursday when it happened.   I was jogging home when suddenly something moved to my right.   I sprinted.   The guy could not keep up, but I was tired from practice and decided I didn’t want to sprint home.   Besides I heard Katie’s voice.

“You fucking wimp,” was all she said.   Her boyfriend walked up to me and he didn’t look like he was going to give me a handshake.

“My boyfriend is going to fuck you-,” Katie’s big mouth dropped open as I threw the first punch and her boyfriend’s head jerked back.   I had hit him squarely in the nose and it just let go.   There was blood everywhere.

I wrung out my hand; it stung like you would not believe.

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    I then walked past the sobbing boy right up to the still shocked Katie.

“Katie, I don’t believe in starting fights, but I do believe in finishing them,” I paused trying to decide how to word the next part, “This one is finished Katie.   Don’t bother me anymore. ”

Thinking I was done there, I turned around and started to walk home.   After a few minutes it became clear to me that Katie was following me.

“What do you want?” I turned around quickly.

“I, uh, you only hit him once?” Katie wore this confused look that was just strange.   Though a sexy blonde, she was as smart as anybody in the school.

“Yes,” I turned around and kept walking.

“You were, awesome. ”

I stopped and looked at her, wondering what her game was.   I soon decided that this was no act, Katie was impressed with me.   She spoke before I did.

“Do you…want to go out?”

I probably blinked, then I know I looked around for the eight guys who were going to jump me.   Finding no one, I looked back at Katie.

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    I looked at all of her, wondering if I could get a taste of her after all.

“Kevin, please,” she gave me those doe eyes which only little girls really have.

“No,” I turned to walk away, thinking I shouldn’t look back.

“Please Kevin,” she sounded so desperate; I wanted to hurt her the way so many girls had hurt me.   I was always the nice guy, the friend, the guy no girl could date, but every girl could talk to.

“Katie,” I wheeled around and walked right up to her, my chest touching her breasts through her shirt, “the only thing I would ever want from you is a good fuck.   You are not a person I could ever love or even give a shit about. ”

“Ok,” she didn’t even blink, “we don’t have to tell anyone.   There’s a place nearby my boyfriend likes to take me. ”

I cocked my head to one side, trying to figure out her game.   The more I looked at her perplexed, the more she just seemed to be patiently waiting for an answer.

“If you are serious, take off your shirt now. ”

Katie did not miss a beat, lifting her t-shirt over her head quickly, showing her c-cups in a plain white bra.   I wasn’t sure what to do for about fifteen seconds, but once I figured it out, I was in it all the way.

“Show me this place.

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I followed Katie for about fifteen minutes, right down a trail and into the backyards of a neighborhood not far from my own.   We ended up just a few feet from the fence of a playground.   The area was loaded with trees and had a backpack sitting under an old crate that must have been brought here.

Not sure what to expect, I watched as Katie took care of everything.   Getting out the backpack, she pulled out a large green blanket and spread it on the ground.   She then pulled out a box of condoms and tossed them on the ground.   Finally, she took off all her clothes and threw them into the backpack.

She stood there for a few minutes, her white skin and blonde hair making her so easy to see in this backdrop of green and brown.   Finally, she had something to say.

“I am a virgin Kevin.   I don’t want that to change.   You can only put it in my butt. ”

Having said all there was to say, she turned around and got down on all fours…a bitch waiting for her fucking.

I stood there for a few minutes, trying to figure out exactly what she wanted, how to do it, and whether or not I really wanted to.   Katie was starting to get nervous; she kept looking over her shoulder and looking at me quizzically.

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I stripped down quickly and moved to my knees behind her.   My cock was its full 6 inches and throbbing.   I had never wanted a girl so much as I did Katie…yet I hated her.

She started to give me instructions, something about going easy and lubricant, but I told her to shut the fuck up.   I was angry…and horny…and I didn’t know why.

Spreading her ass cheeks, her asshole was easy enough to find.   I put the head of my cock at her anus.   She started to say something about a condom when I drove in.

It was hard going at first, especially with her screaming.   But after a couple minutes I was all the way in.

“Kevin, please stop,” she was sobbing.

“You wanted this,” I said, no emotion in my voice.

“Kevin, you are so thick, it’s hurting me too much,” I moved my cock out of her and she shuddered, I thought maybe she liked it some.

“What was that?”

“It feels good, kinda, but you are too big Kevin, ple- ahhhh!”

I had started fucking her, just like I had watched in my Dad’s porns.   After a minute or so she stopped fighting and just held on.

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    She cried the whole time, but she also shuddered from time to time, maybe cumming?

I pumped my thick cock in and out of her tight ass over and over again, sweating more than ever in the heat of the day as I fucked this 14 year old slut’s ass.   I still cannot believe how good it felt as I fucked this girl, whom I hated.

Holding her wide hips in a death grip, I drove into her with wild abandon, even as she sobbed that she didn’t want me to cum inside her.   I simply didn’t care.   I fucked her ass harder.

This whole affair happened in less than twenty minutes I’m sure.   My cum built up so fast, I felt like I was in a race as I sped up to meet the urgency in my balls.   She moaned and had started to push back and that was all I needed.

I shoved myself all the way into Katie, grunted as my cock spewed a load of cum that must have been huge.   She said something just then, but I honestly don’t remember what it was.

When I was finished with her, I stood, got dressed, and left.   I had just had my first ‘grudge fuck. ’

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