Have you been a good Girl?


Have you been a good Girl? 


A young mother, Susan, returns to Santa’s Grotto to tell Santa that she has been a bad, bad girl and to fulfil a fantasy.  


Sorry that the story is a bit late, it was meant to be posted before Xmas sat in his Grotto, and sighed with relief, it sounded as if it was the end of the day, there appeared to be no more little screaming monsters, moaning and whining. He didn’t like to think that way, but after three weeks of sitting here being a jolly old fat man, performing to the worst cynical little bastards in the world that he had ever met in his 40 years, he had had enough. Each one had pushed him a little closer to the edge of his endurance. He decided he had had quite enough of them, having done this job for several years now. With each successive year they just got worse and worse, and, so perhaps he should call an end to it and make this his last year. It was fun at first, but to be honest, each it was leaching his own enjoyment of Christmas out of him. So, he would tell the Shopping Centre Manager that this was his last year. It wasn’t as if he got paid extra and his working hours were longer too. Well, now it was Christmas Eve, and there seemed to be nobody else here, even the Santa’s little helpers had disappeared…pity, they could have come and sat on knee any time, Ho, Ho, Ho he thought.  


He was just pondering whether he could get away with sneaking off early, with a sprig of mistletoe in his hat; and cruise the pubs, when he heard a small, quite sounding voice call.  

“Hello, is anyone still here?” 

Santa heaved a deep sigh, oh well, I suppose I have to, and so he answered in his best deep voice “Hellooo, Yes, Santa’s still here, come on through. ” 

After a few seconds, a young woman appeared, pretty, very attractive, so much so that he remembered her from this morning, with a young boy, but she appeared to on her own this time. She also appeared to be quite nervous and shy.  


“Hi” she said “I wasn’t sure if you would be still here, hmmm, there was nobody outside…. ” Her voice trailed off.

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   She was fidgeting, and sounded very nervous, looking quite awkward standing in the archway.  

Hmmm interesting thought Santa.  

“How can I help you young lady, we don’t normally give out presents more than once, emmm was there something wrong with the one this morning” he asked her? 


She stepped forward into the Grotto, and replied “no, at least I don’t think so, I won’t let him open it until Christmas morning, well it’s just…that, I was…” she slipped back into a nervous silence, he noticed that she was now blushing.  

“Yes” he prompted her.  

She went even redder and more awkward in her stance; she glanced around towards the entrance and then turned back.  

“Well, hmmmm, I was just wondering, well…” she squeezed her eyes shut and took a deep breath, “if Santa has anything for this little girl. ” 


For a second, he thought, no, she didn’t just say that, really…but she did, it was said clearly. After a few seconds of silence, in which the young women/girl, looked as if she was wishing for the ground to open up and swallow her, Santa said “Well, well, well then” he said in his deepest Santa voice, “why don’t you come and sit on my knee little girl. ” 


For a second he thought he had heard wrong, and that he had just dropped himself into some very serious shit, but she moved forward, still shy and awkward and blushing, but with a hint of a naughty smile on her lips and in her eyes.  


She advanced towards Santa and twisting slightly, she sat down on his lap. His cock was already getting harder, but as she sat down she wiggled and let out a very girly giggle as she pressed her bum firmly into his lap, causing is cock to become very erect, albeit a bit squashed. She kept her head down and adopted the “I am shy” pose with her hair concealing her face.  


“Well then little girl, I am not sure we have anything for you, hmmm. ” 

“Ohhh I don’t know Santa” she replied, wiggling her bum “I am sure you can find something for me. ” 

“Oh, really, well let’s see, but first things first” he said, allowing his hand to drop down to her tights clad knee “have you been a good or bad little girl?” 

She hung her head further, but remained silent.

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“I’m sure you have been a good girl?” 

She shook her heard.  

“What” making his voice a bit sterner, “you mean you’ve been a bad little girl?” 

She nodded her head.  

“Hmmm well then, a naughty little girl” his hand was now caressing her inner thigh and she allowed her knees to part a little, which he took as a positive sign. She was wearing a short grey skirt and he began to advance his hand upwards, ready to pull back if he went too far.  


“Well then, young lady, I think you should tell me what a naughty girl you have been, don’t you?” 

She just nodded her head and pushed against his very hard and painfully erect cock, he let out a quite groan.  

“Hhmmm, well, perhaps you should tell Santa your name first?” 

“It’s Susan. ” 

“And how old are you Susan?” 

“I am 22, 22 and half. ” 

“Well Susan 22 and half, what makes you say you have been naughty?”  

His hand began to push the hem of her skirt up her thigh, he glanced down, her legs parted further, and he could now see to his surprise that they were not tights as he had thought, but stockings. He could now clearly see the tops and the suspenders that were holding them up.  

Christ he thought, this can’t be happening.  


“Well then Susan, what have you done that makes you such a bad girl then?” 

“It’s not my fault” she said in a little girl voice “I been a good girl for so long, I couldn’t help it. ” 

“Really, what couldn’t your help, my dear?”  

His hand was now above her stocking tops, and he was caressing her smooth bare flesh.  

“Thinking about you Santa, and since this morning I have been so exited I haven’t been able to get you out of my head. ”  

“Thinking about Santa isn’t that bad, but what have you been thinking about. ” 

In answer, Susan shifted forward a few inches, Santa’s hand was now pressed against a very smooth, and wet, pussy.

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   Fuck, she isn’t wearing any knickers.  

“Oh, I see, yes, you are a very, very naughty little girl, not wearing any knickers and coming and sitting on Santa’s knee. ” 

Susan just hung her head in silence.  

Santa began to caress her silken smoothness, and then, thinking what the fuck, the dirty little minx, pushed his finger firmly between her cunt lips.  

She let out a gasp and cried out naughty little girl, you like that don’t you” he asked? He continued to slowly but firmly to finger her tight but very wet cunt.  

“Hmmm yes Santa” 

“Tell Santa what you are?” 

“A naughty girl and I want to be Santa’s little fuck whore. ” 

She cried out again, as Santa inserted another finger and thrust them hard into her cunt.  

“And what else do you want from Santa this Christmas?” 

“I want Santa’s big cock. ” 


Susan cried out again, as Santa was now fucking her with three fingers.  

“Really, and what do you want to do with Santa’s big cock?” 

She didn’t say anything but slide off Santa’s lap, his fingers making a slurping noise as they were pulled from inside her. She dropped to her knees, and then taking hold of Santa’s knees, she pushed them apart. Then she ran her hands down the inside of his thighs, toward the very pronounced tent in Santa’s red trousers, moving up and over she reached for his belt buckle and slowly undid it. And then she gripped the front of his trousers, she pulled and yanked them apart. With the buttons flying off in all directions, his boxer clad erection sprang out into a tent. Then Susan slid her hands over his hips, circling back toward his crouch, all the time maintaining eye contact.

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Her hands came together and squeezed his cock, and then moved to the waistband Santa’s boxers, pulling it up and over his cock. It sprang out, erect and very angry looking.  

“Ohhhh is this all for little me. ” 

Santa just nodded his head in reply.  

She gripped is cock, and moved her hand up and down, lightly wanking his erection, she lingered over his cock head, squeezing out the precum and smoothing it up and down his cock head, tightening her grip as she did so, getting a groan in response.  


Still keeping eye contact, she lent forward, and kissed the end of Santa’s cock, and then rang her tongue over it, and then around, and then ran the tip of her tongue down his shaft. Then she returned, all the time keeping the tip of tongue sliding up Santa’s big pole. When it reached his cock head, she kissed it, and let her lips slip over his cock head and allowed it enter her sweet cherry red mouth. She began to suck and run her tongue over his cock head, she could feel him tensing and arching, he thrust his hips upwards, but she lifted herself, preventing him form pushing his cock in further, yet maintaining her grip with her lips around Santa’s cock head.  


She allowed him to relax, and then slowly began to bob her head up and down, just a few centimetres at first, sliding her tongue over his cock head as she did so. After doing this for a few minutes, she began to go further down his shaft, taking more of Santa’s cock into her mouth. Every time she did so, Santa made a groaning noise. Yet, still she would not let Santa thrust his cock into her mouth, each time he tried to raise his hip, she lifted upward. She was very skilled at sucking and teasing cock, and enjoyed the sound of the groans and whimpers from Santa. But she wasn’t ready to let Santa cum yet, much as the thought of making him come in her mouth turned her on, but Susan had other plans.

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   So she made one more slide down, and then very slowly slid her lips back up Santa’s thick shaft, teasing his cock head with her tongue, before allowing his cock to pop out.  


Although Santa looked disappointed, he remained silent, as Susan, reached for her bag, and got something out. It was a tube, and she popped the cap and began to squeeze, what was clearly lube, into her hand. Then she reached for Santa’s cock and began to apply the lube to his cock, first the head then the shaft. She repeated the process again. It took all Santa’s self control not to cum, and he groaned loudly has Susan wanked his cock. When she was satisfied that Santa’s cock was well lubed, she stood, and began to pull her skirt up around her waist, exposing her smoothly shaven pussy, framed by the suspenders. Santa so wanted to taste that sweet pussy, but Susan was clearly working to her own agenda.  


“This is what I have been thinking about all day Santa. ” 

“Really what’s that” he asked? 

“Can’t you guess, well” she slowly turned “I want to sit on Santa’s lap, with his big fat cock up my arse, while he finger fucks my Cunt. ” 

Oh my, he thought, this must be a dream.  

Susan hands reached behind her, and began to pull her cheeks apart, her arsehole and the side of inner cheeks, were shinny and glistening and Santa realised that the dirty little minx was already lubbed up.  


“Well, you clearly are a naughty little girl, and Santa must show you what happens to bad girls. ” 

He gripped her hips and positioned her, “Now, ease yourself down. ” 

Slowly, Susan lowered herself down, until she could feel Santa’s cock pressing against her brown cherry.

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   For a second she paused, taking deep breaths, trying to relax her anal ring. Then she began to press herself down, firmly but slowly. She bit her lip as Santa’s big cock began to force her tight arsehole apart. She gasped as Santa’s cock head broke though, pausing for a few seconds to allow herself to get use to his size.  


Then she continued to lower herself, forcing Santa’s cock deeper inside her, until, finally her cheeks where resting on Santa’s thighs, her forehead was wet with perspiration. She shifted herself slightly and felt Santa’s hand move down between her thighs.  

“Finger my cunt…finger fuck me hard, I am such a bad girl…I need Santa to fuck so bad…” 

Without hesitation, Santa thrust his fingers into her soaking wet cunt, two at first, and began pumping his fingers in and out, while at the same time, he allowed his thumb to push up against her clit. After a few seconds, Susan allowed her self to rock back and forth, so that Santa’s cock was fucking back and forth inside her arse.  


He finger fuck her really hard and fast, pushing his hand in deep and twisting it, probing for the ‘G’ spot. Susan was panting and groaning, crying out loudly with each deep thrust of his fingers. She was now jumping up and down in time with each thrust of Santa’s hand, fucking Santa’s cock hard and deep insider her arsehole. He couldn’t believe just how tight she felt, and how big this position made him feel.  


Susan’s thighs closed around Santa’s deep thrusting hand, which had the effect of squeezing Santa’s cock even harder. He let out a loud grown, being unable to hold back any longer, he began to pump his spunk into Susan’s rectum, his finger fucking stopped and Susan concentrated on bouncing up and down Santa’s cock, now lubricated with his thick warm spunk. At the same time Santa, pushed up to meet her as she came down, forcing his cock deeper.

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   Susan grunted with each deep penetration.  


After a few seconds Santa started finger fucking Susan again, but now he had three fingers inside her, she spread her thighs, allowing him to push in deep. Again he used his thumb to rub her clit, alternating the deep rapid fucks with rubbing her clit. Susan was now lost in a world of own, she hugged Santa tightly, totally unable to do anything, as wave upon wave of pleasure flowed over her. Santa’s cock remained hard and firmly buried in her arse. The wave of pleasure built up into a raging storm, crashing into her, her cries grew to a scream as she was hit by her orgasm. Her limbs spasmed and it took all of Santa’s strength to hold, and at the same time continue to pump her cunt. Once she had calmed a little, he pushed a forth finger in, and pushed in hard, forcing his big thumb up against her clit, and this triggered another orgasm, fast upon the tail of the first. The waves of pleasure crashing over Susan were so intense that she passed out.  


Slowly, Santa began to ease off his finger fucking, waiting for Susan to come back to the present. As she gained self awareness again she cuddled and kissed Santa through his beard. Santa was exhausted and he allowed himself to drift into a light semi-sleep. He was aware of the pressure being removed from his lap, and something covering him. Suddenly he jerked awake and realised he that he was alone, Susan had left. Oh well, he thought never mind he thought, and began to pull his suit back into order.

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Might has well get off back home to Mrs Santa, hmmm yes… 


It was quite late when Susan arrived back from her mothers, with her Son. Has she pulled into the drive she could see the lights where on in the house, that indicated that her husband was home, probably having prepared tea, and she was late. Her son was chattering away but her mind was still on events earlier this evening and she wasn’t paying attention. She was feeling a mix of guilt and euphoria, and quite a bit of soreness too, she wouldn’t be having anal sex for a week or two that was for sure.  


Later after tea (the evening meal), when she was washing up, her husband came and stood behind her, wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her neck and then said “Hello Santa’s little fuck whore, still feel like being a naughty little girl? I’ve bought the suit home with me, so we can play again later. ” 

Susan didn’t say a word, but simply pushed her bum against her husbands erection…she have to persuade him not to give up the Santa position at work or at least keep the outfit.  

you like this story, feel free to leave a comment, and vote on it below, many thanks. I love to chat, especially to naughty girls like Susan, so drop me a line and say Hello.  


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