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 I was eighteen young tight and very horny. I was with a guy we will call Bentley. He was sexy muscular and had a huge dick! Until him my pussy had been a virgin. But thats another story. Well it all began when we were fucking one night and he was licking my pussy. Ohh my god it felt soo good. I could feel an orgasm building up when out of no where I felt his finger on the rim of my asshole. This made me uncomfortable and excited all at the sametime. As he continued to lick my pussy I tried to ignore the finger slowly entering my brown hole. When his finger was all the way I felt tingling all over my body. I didnt know what I was feeling. Suddenly I felt the cum squirting from my body. AfterwordsÂwe fucked for hours the best sex I had ever had in my life. .

  ÂA few days past and Bentley started asking me how it felt with his finger in my asshole. I was young and kinda embarrased so I really didnt want to talk to him about it.

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   I didnt want him to know that I had dreamed about it everynight since it had happend, and everytime I awoke with my panties dripping wet from cumming in my sleep.

 ÂAnother few days past and we were messing around one night and he was fucking me doggy style and again I was just fixing to come when he stuck his finger in my ass hole again.

It felt so good having a huge cock in my pussy and a finger in my ass it was long till I was squirting all over his dick again. Then he asked if he could put his huge cock in my ass. I have to admit I was scared because his dick was all of 9 inches long and very very thick. I told him he could only if he licked my asshole until I came again. He was excited to do so. He started by kissing me all over then biting at my nipples. I was already screaming in pleasure. as he lowerd himself to my pussy he began to lickÂand play with my asshole with his fingers. I was already so close to cuming, Then he turns me over an starts licking my ass hole while playing with my pussy, He stiffens his tounge and digs it as far as it will go in my dripping wet asshole it felt so good in no time at all I was cumming again. After he finished licking all the cum from my pussy I was ready. . .

ÂI looked at him and begged him to fuck me I wanted it so bad.


   He started by fucking my pussy hard. Sliding his big cock in and out wildy. Then he pulled it out and placed it right at my brownhole. Then slowly at first pushed it in then slowly .

 Then I had a great idea it had always been a fantasy of mine to be fucked by two men at once. I made him stop and turned and asked him I could ask his friend in the living room to join us.

He looked at me crazily and asked me what I had in mind. I told him my fantasy and you could see in his face that it was making him horny just to think about fucking my asshole while his friend fucked my pussy. So I went into the living room where Mike was asleep on the couch. He was soo sexy and his cock was hanging from the opening in his boxers. I leaned beside him and slowly started jacking him off. He moaned sofltyso I put his swelling cock into my mouth. He awoke kinda frantic and asked me where Bentley was, I told him he was waiting for us in the bedroom. .

ÂHe jumped up and headed towards the bedroom, you could see the relief on his face when Bentley gave him the go ahead.

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   I sucked them off for a few minutes, Then making Bentley Lay on his back on the bed. I got on top of him and jameed his cock in my awaiting asshole, I told mike to get on top of us and fuck my pussy. The intrusion of two dicks slamming in and out ofÂboth of my fuckholes sent me into a jerking orgasm. After fucking them over and over in every position possible to fuck in with two hard dicks in my fuckholes. I begged them to come all over my face. I wanted to taste my pussy and my ass on there cocks I sucked them both off until they where shooting jiz all over my face!! It was the most intense fuck I ever had, Maybe next time I will get a dick for every hole we'll see!!!!!

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