One Night Stand


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(This is a true story.   Emails are always welcome. )
One Night Stand
By britneyh80@yahoo. com
 I was lying on my couch all by myself in my one bedroom apartment that I used to have.   I just turned twenty, and I was just getting home from a job that I have been working at for the last few weeks.   I was watching the celebrity channel and was kind of lonely sitting there all by myself.
I was hungry, and had no food in my refrigerator.   I decided to go to this family sports bar that I hung out at a lot.   I walked in my bathroom and worked on my hair and makeup for about a half hour, in case there were any cute guys there.
I got in my old Honda Accord that I used to drive and headed towards the restaurant.   I walked in and sat at the bar and started talking to my good friend Jennifer that worked there.   Jennifer and I were friends in high school and we have kept in touch ever since.   People were pouring in the door, and Jennifer became busy.
I felt lonely sitting there by myself, and I started playing with my nails.   I looked down to the other side of the bar and there was a guy sitting by himself watching the football game with a beer in his hand.  
I thought he was kind of cute and he made eye contact with me, and I smiled at him.

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    I sipped on my beer and read the menu and out of the corner of my eye I saw him get up and walk towards me.   My heart raced as he walked closer and I pretended I didn't notice him coming over.
"Hello. " he said
"Hi, how are you. " I responded.
"Do you mind if I sit down?" He asked
"No please. " I said pulling out a chair.
He bought me another beer and we talked for quite a while. I pretended I was interested in the football game he was watching.   He wore an old hat, and white t-shirt and jeans that showed off his muscular body.   He was twenty one years old, and his name was Chris, he was a sweet guy and I enjoyed his company as we ate dinner together.   He paid my bill and shook my hand, and left the restaurant.
I sat there for a moment and then I quickly walked out to the parking lot and walked up to his car that he was just getting into.  
"Hey, there is another football game on tonight.   I think the Broncos are playing the Raiders, if you want to come over to my place and watch it with me.

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  "  I said
Chris kind of looked embarrassed and confused.   I was really nervous, and I tried not to fidget with my hands and legs.
"Ok, that sounds good.   Do you want to pick up some more beer before we get there?" he asked.
“Yes, as long as you buy it because I am not twenty one yet. ” I said
We walked to the gas station and he bought a twelve pack of beer, and he had a bottle of tequila in his trunk.
Later that night Chris and I were sitting on my couch.   I had taken some tequila shots and I was feeling pretty good.   (Ok I was smashed. )  He made a move finally and I felt his arm come around me.   I rested my face against his chest as we watched the game.
"So do you really like watching football?" he asked
I lifted my head and looked into his eyes.
"Actually no. " I said "But I like you. "
He smiled at me as he gazed in my eyes.

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    He leaned forward and kissed me softly on my lips.   I wrapped my arms around his neck and my temperature rose as I kissed him.   His mouth parted slightly open and I moved my tongue to meet his.   I lied there in his lap just kissing him for a while.
"So do you want to forget about all this football and take me to bed?" I said
Chris picked me up and carried me into the bedroom.   My head was spinning from the tequila as I lied on my bed.   Chris did all the work as I lied there.   He worked off my jeans and worked his hands up my shirt and bra.   He had his hand on my left tit, and he was kissing me.   I lied there, and I could not remember how he got us in the right position so quick, but before I even knew what was happening I felt his hard cock penetrate me.   I moaned as he fucked me with his hard dick.   His cock felt good and I tried to get into the sex but I felt so drowsy from the tequila.   I told him I was on the pill as I closed my eyes.   I felt him cum in me, and that was the last thing I remembered, before I was asleep.
I woke up and I rolled over and saw Chris sleeping by me.

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    I felt really dehydrated from the tequila.   I got up and walked to the kitchen, and grabbed a bottle of water out of the refrigerator.   I walked back in and Chris was lying on his back.   I climbed on the bed next to him quietly.   I lifted the covers off him slowly and saw his cute dick laying there.   It seemed to be asleep with him.   I lowered my head and carefully took his limp cock in my mouth.   I heard him take a breath, and his cock started growing in my mouth.   He gently rubbed my face as I sucked his dick.   He grabbed me by my waist and he pulled me towards his head, until I was on top of him with my cunt in his face in the sixty nine position.   
We lied in that position for over thirty minutes.   He seemed to have a lot more strength in his tongue then I have ever felt before.   I wasn't in any hurry to stop sucking his big cock, as he ran his powerful tongue up and down my pussy slit.   I gasped in surprise as I felt his tongue run across my asshole. It felt wonderful, I never felt a warm tongue on my ass.

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    I never even thought or heard about it really.   His tongue kept circling around my asshole as I sucked his prick.   His strong tongue worked up my asshole.   It felt weird, and good at the same time, as his tongue moved around the walls of my asshole.   I squeezed the muscles in my spinktor and felt his tongue slide out my asshole.   He pushed it right back in again, and I spent the next several moments shitting his tongue out of my asshole over and over.  
The pleasure was intensifying as he fingered my cunt, and he continued fucking my ass with his tongue.   I moaned loud and my muscles locked, and I felt the juices from my twat gush on his face.   I turned around quickly and I could taste my pussy on his tongue as I kissed him passionately.
"That was wonderful Chris, your tongue is amazing. " I said
"I enjoyed it too. " he whispered.
I got on my knees in front of the bed where he sat.   I wrapped my tits around his cock.   I stared at the hole on top of his dick, as I jacked him off with my tits.

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    I pointed my tongue at his dick, and my tongue penetrated his pee hole with my soft tits wrapped around his hard prick.  
I leaned my head down and replaced my tits with my mouth, pushing down till his cock hit the back of my throat.   I wetted my finger with my cunt and I worked it up his asshole while I sucked him off.   I pulled my head up and I lifted his legs and worked my head deep between his legs.   I circled his asshole several times with my tongue and I stuck my finger in as I licked it.   His asshole loosened enough for my tongue to penetrate. I stoked his cock and rubbed his balls at a fast pace as I tongue fucked his ass.   I felt the cum stir in his balls and I held my breath and stuck my tongue as far as it would go up his ass.   His asshole squeezed on my tongue and pulsated, as I pumped his sperm out of his cock with my hand.   His cum dripped off my hand and landed on the hair on top of my head.   I kept my tongue up his asshole until It stopped roping. I pulled my head up and took a big breath, as Chris and I smiled at each other.   I crawled up next to him and he kissed me and held me until I fell back asleep.  
It was six in the morning when I felt Chris shaking my shoulder.
"Hey I got to go to work.

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  " He said
I opened my blurry eyes and smiled as I looked up at him. He was dressed and his hair was wet.   He had just got out of the shower, and could smell the sexy aroma of soap as it steamed off his hot skin.
"So it was nice to meet you. " he said
I sat up and looked at him confused.
"Ok. " I said sarcastically "Do you want to come by tonight. "
"I can't I have a girlfriend. " he whispered
I looked at him in disbelief.   I really liked Chris, I was kind of hoping we could start seeing each other.   My heart felt sad, but I hid my pain from him.
"I see how it is, you just fuck me and leave. " I said smiling.
"I'm sorry, I kind of thought that’s what you wanted, by the way you acted last night. " he said
"Yes, that’s fine.

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  " I said. "Thank you for the good sex and I guess if it doesn't ever work out with your girlfriend, give me a call. "
I walked him to the door, and I tried to hide my emotions as I walked behind him.   He opened the door and turned around and looked at me.   I tried as hard as I could, but couldn't hide the frown on my face.
"Are you ok?" he said
 I took a deep breath and gathered my strength.
"Yes, I'm fine. " I said "It was nice meeting you Chris. "
 He looked at me with a deep expression of concern in his face. He leaned over and hugged me.   I lost control and tears started flowing out my eyes.   I felt embarrassed as I sobbed with my head rested on his shoulder.
"I'll see you later Britney. " he said
I rubbed my eyes and waved at him as I closed the door.   I peeked out the window and watched his car drive off.

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    My chest tightened, and the muscles in my face tightened up.   My body grew weak, and I began feeling depressed about my life.   I felt a huge wave of loneliness surround me, and I felt like a complete slut.   My back was against the wall and I slid down until my butt hit the floor.   I cried my eyes out, until it was time to go to work and start a new day.

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