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She couldn’t believe what she was doing.   She was standing in her living room, with some man she’d never met before.   She was naked, with nothing to cover her body.   Standing there, staring at his hard cock before her eyes.   GOD, it made her pussy itch with a need of attention.   She walked closer to him.   Ran her hand down his chest.   And stopped short of his huge erect cock.   It was so big, bigger then anything she’d ever seen before.   Bigger then anything that she’s ever fucked.   I had to be nearly 10 inches long.   “Touch it, you know you want to” She looked up at the stranger standing before her.   God, she didn’t even know his name.   He’d simply come to her door at the wrong time.   But she did as she was told.   She reached down, and took as much of his hard cock in her hand.

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    Mmmmmmmm, was all this man could say.   She stared stroking it faster, getting a better grip on it; she held it a little tighter.   Soon, he was rocking his hips with the motion of her hand.   Her mouth started to nearly water.   She was dieing to know how it tasted.   She slid down to her knees, not letting go of this amazing cock for a moment.   She started slowly sliding her tongue over the head of the huge rod sticking up in her face.   Still stroking the base of it.   She slid her mouth around the first few inches of his shaft.   Sucking softly at first, she swirled her tongue the way she knew most men liked it.   He moaned as she took him in her warm mouth.   Grabbing the back of her head, running his hands through her hair.   She grabbed his tight balls in her other hand, and started massaging them gently.   She slowly slid her mouth from his now throbbing cock, and moved it to his sensitive nuts.   Working her tongue over each one slowly.

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    She could hear his breath coming in short, fast intakes.   She new he was going to cum soon, so she stood, and grabbed the arm of her plush couch.   I want that fucking rod in my ass.   Looking at her startled, and dazed by the tone of her voice.   Cock now in his hands, he walked to her now up-turned round ass.   Running his hands over the curve of her checks, he gave one a light slap.   Watching her reach under to her wet pussy, she started playing with her quivering clit.   Moaning as she made contact with it.   He moved his cock over her puckered little asshole.   Forcing it the head of it in.   She let out a small cry of shock from the thickness of his rod.   Resting with just the head of it in her, he reached under her to finger her dripping pussy.   He rammed all four fingers in at once, making her jump back a little on his cock.   Moaning as a few more inches slid in her tight ass.   She moaned as her ass became accustomed to having such a big cocked rammed in her little hole.

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    He moves his fingers from her now dripping pussy, and rubbed her juices on the rest of his cock.   Grabbing her ass firmly, he pushed the rest of his manhood in her.   Moaning as her ass relaxed and let him fit perfectly inside of her.   He started thrusting deep inside of her.   Grabbing her ass, and pulled her deeper onto his rod.   She soon was rocking back, meeting each of his thrust.   Fingering her clit faster each time he pushed into her ass.   Her body started to shake with ecstasy.   “OH FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER” his balls tighten, ramming her ass harder.   He knew he was going to cum.   “Cum with me, you little slut, cum with me”  “Ohhhhhh, fuck. ” yes was all she could say.   As her ass tightened around his stiff rod, she started Cumming like she’d never cum before.   Her pussy squirting out her warm female juices. He grabbed her hair, and pulled her head back.

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    Pumping in her tight ass once more.   Releasing his hot load inside of her.   “OHHHHHHHH, GOD”.   Feeling each spasm of her ass around his cock.   As if to try and get every last drop of his jizz out of him.   Slumping over her now limp body.   Both spent from the hot sex.   Standing up slowly, she looked over to grab his cloths.   She watched him pull up his boxers, and then his tan khakis.   Next his work shirt, buttoning each button slowly.   Picking up his clipboard.   “Really ma’am, all I needed was you to sign for your package” Laughing, and walking back to him.   She signed the sheet of paper.   And grabbing the abandon box now lying on the floor.   “You have a nice day sir” Shutting the door after him.

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    She went to go see what nice little surprise was next to come.
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