Sweet 16 (Reprint)


I always found this story to be one of my favorites, but the person that wrote it did a rather subpar job, so I cleaned it up and retyped it. Enjoy.

Sweet 16

Hi. I'm Romana, 17 years old, two sexual experiences in my life, and I already know that THIS is my favorite.
Last year, I was young and innocent, never had a boyfriend in my life, I mean come on, how sad is that?But anyway back to the story. One day, I'm out in the corridor and who do I bump into -literally, headfirst reading a book- but the school “pimp” Jeff Travers. The look he gave me, like he'd never seen me before in his life, it was kind of creepy. I smiled cautiously, like innocent girls do, and tried to step around, but now he wasn't letting me go. He grabbed my arm and turned me back around, smiling “sweetly”. I couldn't help but wonder what this boy was up to, looking at me like that with his reputation. But I couldn't help but think it was good for me. So when he asked to meet up at lunch, I hesitated but agreed.

Lunch came and I stood hovering at the door to the cafeteria, blocking entrance and getting a few curses from passers by as I watched him. Eventually he caught my eye and I couldn’t put it off and sat at the table with him. He smiled at me again and took a sip of his drink then leaned across the table at me, elbows on the surface.

“I have a proposition to make you.

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   You come back to my house with me tonight, and I'll make you the happiest you've ever been. ” He said, the look on his face made him look like a begging puppy, and I couldn't refuse it.

“Ok, meet me by the main gate at the end of school. ”I simply nodded, smiled and got up and left, tingling all over, wondering what was going on.

Waiting for the end of the day was torture, and when I saw him come out, walking towards me, I felt my whole body twinge, every cell guessing what he was going to do to me. I know I'd become attached if I did this, but I needed it and him, so there was no question of me turning back. I had already checked myself, and my pussy had soaked through my panties. The look on his face again was amazing, as though he was shocked that I was waiting, and that he was going get exactly wanted that night.

We went back to his place in his car, my foot moving to his radio as we sat in silence, though the air didn't feel at all tense. I was actually quite calm and I loved it. His house was normal, he wasn't rich or anything, just tall dark and utterly handsome. He pulled smoothly into his driveway and came around, opening the door for me. I took his hand and pulled myself up, my body pressed against his as he looked at me and slammed the door shut, pressing the button to lock it. Oh god, here came the butterflies.

“Come with me.

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  ” His voice was deep and seductive so I just followed him into the house and straight up the stairs to his room. It was the darkest, most secret room that any guy ever had, lights turned down low, curtains black and velvet to break all sunlight, and when the door shut behind me, the outside light was blocked from the bottom of the door by the thick plush carpet. This was definitely made for love and we both knew it. I could feel heat rush through me and see the lust in his eyes as I stared at him.

We each made no move for maybe a minute, when we both walked to each other and pressed our lips to each other with hunger that I'd built up inside me for 5 years, from when I started puberty and him for the two nights maybe that he’d gone without a woman crying his name. Tongues clashed as I pulled off his shirt, smoothing my hands over his chest, moving my lips from his to lick his nipples, loving the taste of his flesh on my lips as he pulled my shirt over my head and slipped the bra clasp, the silk sliding over my arms as I pressed my lips to his again, his hands stroking over my breasts, my nipples hardening and causing me to moan.
This moan was obviously an indication to go harder on me, as he grabbed my breasts and held them up to his face, so when he bent his head, my nipples slipped easily into his mouth, willing and eager to receive the biting, sucking and licking of their lives. Half a minute of this and my legs had turned to jelly and my only support was him as I held onto is shoulders, then moved down to unbutton his jeans and slide them over his hips before doing the same with his boxers.

He was magnificent, his 10 inch 17 year old cock, rock hard as it stuck out from his body. I couldn’t help but drop to my knees and take the head into my mouth. This seemed to make him worse then I was and he put his hands on my shoulders. I bet he thought he would have to ask me, I thought he would have, but I couldn't help myself, his cock was just waiting to be eaten and used by me. But then he grabbed my shoulders and dragged me back up, staring at me when I reached my normal level.

“You carry on like that baby and I won’t get in your ass like I want to. ”At the sound of my ass I whimpered, then felt his hands push down my skirt and demure white panties.

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  I felt his soft palms brush the bare skin on my ass before grabbing a cheek each and crushing my lips beneath his again. I moaned his name into his mouth as I felt his finger circle around my tiny hole, the feeling more when it was dry than when he squirted lube on his finger and slid it into my ass hole, rubbing around.

At that point I did collapse. He grabbed me and put me on the bed then rolled me over, pulling me up onto all fours. I knew exactly what was coming and put my head on the bed, reaching behind me to pull my lubed up ass open for him. Then I felt his cock head on my asshole and I almost screamed, I was going to lose my asshole virginity before my pussy one. It just wasn’t right, but right now I didn’t care. And I especially didn't care when I felt his cock head enter my tight hole. The pressure was enormous and when the whole head popped in, it released with pain and pleasure, all at once. I couldn't help but moan out with the sensation which led him on again, and then I regretted my moaning out loud, because suddenly, with one hard thrust he just shoved the whole of his 10 inch meat into my tight virgin asshole, you should have heard me scream. He stayed there for maybe a minute before he pulled out then shoved back in again, building up a rhythm as he moved faster. My moans grew, the pain subsiding as the pleasure increased, and I started rocking back against him, shoving back against his thrusts. I could hear him moan quietly under his breath and this just turned me on more, and I couldn't help myself, and I don’t know why for the life of me, but I started talking dirty to this guy, sex god and knower of how to make women feel alive.

“Fuck me Baby! Oh Jeff, fuck my ass like the bitch I am Jeff! Jeff! Jeff! Fuck my ass harder!” Of course, like the good sex god he was he obeyed which made me scream out these words all the more, so eventually we were going like a pair of dogs, his cock slamming into my ass so fast it felt like a jack hammer. Soon the pressure became too much on my aching clit and I reached down, stroking the sensitive bud, each touch sending me bucking against him.

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   After about 6 strokes, I came, loud and hard, screaming out at the release on my body, contracting my ass and pulling him deeper and tighter, so after two seconds he moaned loud and shot his cum deep into my ass. I couldn’t believe it. I'd made my first guy cum, in my ass and all. I knew nothing could be as good, but I still pulled off and begged him to fuck me properly, stroking and teasing his cock back to life with my finger tips and pulling his hard again cock deep into my waiting, wet depths for another trip into paradise.

Throughout the weeks, we went back to Jeff's house, having a meeting in his love nest every three days, and eventually, he started bringing guys home. I managed to get two guys in my ass by the 22nd ass fuck, and one in my pussy at the same time by the 36th. I always knew that I would be having fun with my ass for the rest of my life. No way was I giving that up when I was married.

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