A Guy In The Restroom In New Mexico


I have had a few MM, MFM, FMF, FFM times, well, you get the idea. I am not adverse to a little fun however it cums. I was traveiling and was in New Mexico. I will nto give away too much of the context but will say, I had three days to kill in a large city for a business trip and knew no one. After meetings I drove to the near by mall and browsed around. I was Penny's and had eaten supper and so had to go use the rest rooms. That was all I had in mind. I went in and sat down and had just about finished and a guy came in and with all the empety stalls, picked the one next to mine. He seemed to be tall by his feet under the wall and he sat there. I was ready to get up and go and the fot tapping began. I almost got up anyway but said "what the hell. " and I tapped my left foot. His feet turned towards me under the wall and his hand came under the wall. He did the "come hither" motion and I dropped to my knees and he dropped to his and this huge cock was in my view. He had thin red hair around his cock and balls and it was swelled with a litle pre cum leaking out. I had not had any pussy (or cock) for a few days and had a load.

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   His hand wrapped around mine and moved up and down as mine almost could not get around his cock. He stroked mine and I unloaded all over his hand and wrist and some on mis leg. I had one knee between his legs and he had a knee between mine. I still had my hand wrapped around this beautiful rod of pleasure and as I knew he was licking my cum from his hand I went down on his cock and maganed to get it into my mouth and down my throat . He moaned and let me work on it and I was surprised that no one else came into the rest rooms. Soon he was throbbing and he moaned and shot his load into my mouth and I swallowed it down. "Damn, that was hot. " he said and got up. After he did and I did then someone came in. We stayed there and they left and he said, "Do you have a place to go?" and I said "Hell yes. " and so I got up and he did and stepped out of the stalls and he was 6'3" or more and built like a swimmer. He had light red hair cut short and I squeezed his crotch and it was still half hard.

I walked out a little ahead of him and he began to turn another way. I gave him my room number and hotel and he said "I will be there really soon. " I got in the car and went to my room and stripped.


   I did not want anything betwen us when he got there. About 10 min later a knock was on the dor and I looked out the peep hole and it was him. I stood behind the door and opened it and he came in. He looked at me closing the door and said, Nive. " and I began undressing him and soon he stood there naked and a huge cock standing straingt up with balls that looked like they were still full hanging low. He knded towards the bed and I got in and he got in next to me and laid me on my back and began kissing me deep long tongue kisses. I had never kissed a guy like that before and was surprised at the effect on me. His hands carressed my chest and pinched my nipples. "Are you ready to be my slut?" he said and I said "Yes. " and he kept sucking my nipples and biting them and then he looked at me and got on his knees. between my legs and put them on his shoulders. His fingers went to his mouth and he sucked them and got them soaking wet and then first one, then two went into my ass. He grabbed his pole and put the head at the entrance of my ass and then moved into me. It streached me out making it hurt some then he moved backand then in again. About the fourth time the head popped in and he smiled, "Now we have that baby where we want it.

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  " and I moaned that I did want it in there. He slowly began working in and out and each time sank it deeper until his balls rested on my ass. He held it there with his eyes closed and moved his hips around some. I filled my ass and made me hotter.

Soon he began working in and out slowly all the time, never hard even though he was deep in my ass. "Oh this is a sweet manpussy. " he moaned and kept his nice in and out going. I do not know how long but I felt his cock swell and he went a little faster and definitely went deeper somehow. "Ready?" he asked me and I moaned that I was ready. His load filled my ass and it seemed like he was cumming for a long time. He was still not realy soft and he moved off of me leaving my ass gaping open. His cock was soaked with his cum and my mouth went to it cleaning him off and sucking his balls. I moved him so he was leaning against the headboard and sitting up some. I began sucking him and licking his balls and sucking his nipples. He was hard soon again and I looked at him and straddled his cock and guided it to my ass and slowly slipped down on it.

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   He closed his eyes and felt every inch sink into my ass. I sank it all in and began riding it slowly as I could. I sucked his nipples and kissed him the way he had done me and after a long time I felt him swelling again and his load was in my ass again. I collapsed and he moved me off letting a load of cum plop onto the bed. He got up and went to the rest room and pissed and came back a hard cock in his hand again. "Get on the edge of the bed and bend over. " he said and I did and he sank into me this time hard and rough and deep. He was slapping my ass making it sting and turn red and I felt like I was going crazy. He grabbed my hips and sank into my ass again and again and filled me again. We laid there a while and he got up to go. "Thought you were staying the night. " I sadi. "I would but I still have to go home and fuck my wife tonight. " he smiled. "If you are here for a few days I will be back.

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  " he said and I looked at him, "You have my room number. " and he left.

Hecame back again. .