A weekend away


During my first year of college, over our fall break, I had a friend of the family offer to let me stay at his cabin in the woods for my time off from school. Since I lived a distance away from home and wouldn't be able to make it there, I jumped at the offer. Our family friend lived close to my university, and dropped off the keys to me along with directions to the cabin about a week beforehand -- he even told me to feel free to invite a few friends, as there were several bedrooms and plenty of amenities.

I told my roommate about the trip and he jumped at the offer to come along. We were pretty close already after only a couple of months of living together. We were both majoring in History and came from similar backgrounds. In fact -- just a couple of weeks after school had started, we went to a party and got wasted, and ended up masturbating together in our room, frustrated that we hadn't met any girls and horny -- as all eighteen year olds are, I presume. We had gone further since then, but it always happened after a late night of drinking. I think that we both looked at it as a sexual release, and not really anything more. That said, I think that when I invited him, I looked at it as what could be a weekend of good fucking!

So, I was halfway disappointed and halfway excited when he told me that he had talked to a couple of girls downstairs who might want to tag along on our little trip. They were cool girls, a lot like us, and I had my eye on one of them for awhile, Abby. She was a little bit heavier set, which I was into because I think it gives a woman just the right proportions. Wide hips, huge tits, and a fat ass to grab onto. Hey, I like what I like!The other girl, Ashley, was really nice too, and not bad looking. Either way, I figured I'd be getting some, so it was a good thing.

On the Friday that break started, we all piled into my car and made the hour car trip to the cabin.

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  We had an older friend pick us up a couple cases of beer and some liquor before we left, so we were all set on that front. We stopped at the grocery in town before we left and picked up some food for the long weekend. When we got to the cabin, I think we were all a little surprised at the amenities -- it was more like a private ski lodge than a cabin!There were a slew of bedrooms, a huge living room and dining room, great kitchen, a small pond, and a hot tub.

My roommate Jonathan smiled when we arrived at the cabin and saw all of this -- I could see the wheels turning when he saw that hot tub. We all got settled after the ride and decided to go for a dip in the hot tub while we had a few drinks. When we got into the hot tub, Jonathan suggested we start up a game of truth or dare, and I think we all knew what that meant!Before long, we were all naked in the hot tub, and feeling pretty well lubricated with the drinks in us.

Eventually, the dares got around to Ashley, and she looked at Abby, and then Jonathan and I, and said, "I dare you to jerk off Jonathan. "

I looked over at him to gauge his reaction. While we had certainly done that before and more, I didn't know how he'd feel about doing it in front of a couple of chicks that we were both interested in fucking. He looked over at me, and then back at them, and said, "I'll let him do it, but only if you finger Abby's pussy, Ashley. "

There was a moment of silence while we all decided what to do, and Abby was the one to break it when she rose up out of the hot tub and sat down on the edge and said, "Well, what are you waiting for Ash?"She started to stroke Abby's pussy, and Jonathan rose up out of the hot tub at the same time and I started jerking his 7 inch uncut cock slowly, just how I knew he liked it. We were all staring all around, not knowing what to look at. I stared lustily at Abby's body while I eagerly pulled on Jonathan's cock. Jonathan, in the moment, said, "Come on Jeff, suck on it," which took me off guard. I had sucked on it before, but that was a dead giveaway to the girls that we were .

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  . . . perhaps more experienced than they thought. Having had a few drinks though, and being horny as hell and wanting to get that cock in my mouth, I put it in and started to feel up his balls while I pumped his shaft in and out of my mouth.

Abby and Ashley were in pretty much the same place as us by now, with Abby's thick thighs wrapped around Ashley's head while Ashley ate her pussy. Jonathan warned he was about to come, and I went down completely on him, swirling my tongue around his cock and sliding a finger in his ass. Abby looked down and said, "God that is so hot, suck that cock!" and she came as well. As Abby and Jonathan came down from their orgasms, we all stared at each other, notreally knowing what to say.

Ashley broke the ice and said, "Well, that was fun!" and we all laughed. Ashley and I needed taking care of at that point, so Jonathan started stroking my cock, and Abby started to eat Ashley's pussy. I hadn't really slept with many girls before, and couldn't believe I was naked with two of them, but hooking up with a guy, as I had never hooked up with a guy before Jonathan. It didn't take long for Ashley and I to come, given the circumstances, and we were all panting and laughing in the hot tub. Jonathan gave me a kiss and a final rub, and I stared longingly at those four tits across the tub from me.

By that time, we were all tired of being in the hot tub and dried off and headed inside, where we stood naked in the kitchen recounting what had just happened, and also where I started to edge closer to Abby.

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  I playfully wrapped my hands around her hips and rubbed my hard uncut cock against her ass. She pushed back against me, and we kissed, and I noticed that Ashley and Jonathan were in much the same position. I bent Abby over and rubbed my cock against her wet pussy, and she looked back at me and said, "Well, how about it?"I didn't need any more encouragement and started to go in and out of her at a rapid pace. Sweat rolled from both our bodies, and when I told her I was about to come, she got down on her knees and sucked me off until I came in her mouth.

At that point, it was time for us to swap one last time, and we headed to the large rug in the living room to fuck our last partner -- me with Ashley and Jonathan with Abby. Ashley laid me down and got on top of me, and I was surprised when she started to lower her asshole on my cock. At the same time, she worked a finger around into my ass, and I was having the fuck of a lifetime!I couldn't believe her experience, and how open I felt in front of these two girls. I came again in no time, and filled up her ass with come. She slid forward and dripped the come from her ass into my mouth, which I lapped up and licked from her wet hole like a champion.

Afterward, we all laid on the living room floor, and Jonathan and I revealed that we'd been fucking for the first couple of months of the semester. Abby and Ashley said that they didn't know that, and we believed them -- there was really no reason to think otherwise. In fact, Ashley said that she'd just been joking when she had put out that dare!Abby revealed that she'd been hooking up with girls for a long time, and had wanted to hook up with Ashley, but didn't know how to breach the subject -- meanwhile, it turned out that Ashley had done all the heavy lifting for her. Ashley had a thing for seeing guys hook up, but she didn't think she'd actually get to see it in her wildest dreams -- the things we have alcohol to thank for!

We spent the rest of the weekend fooling around as a foursome in every possible combination, as well as just having a general good time. When we got back to school, we continued from time to time as a foursome or twosome in some way, shape, or form. I had never felt attracted to another guy besides Jonathan, and was very attracted to Ashley and Abby as well.


  We ended up living in a house together our next year of college, and while we eventually went our separate ways in relationships, we always had that relationship to thank for exposing our tastes in sexuality -- the four bisexual people found each other and found a way to make it work for a little while.

I still think about that weekend though and what happened, and don't think I'll ever have an experience as hot as that again!.

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