After the disco


Hi. My name is Mike and I am 26 years old bi guy. My girlfriend Amanda is 23 and she likes fucking more than everything.  
We were in disco last Saturday night and we met a friend of Amanda. His name was Joe and he was a nice guy, good humored, well builded and nice-looking. We chatted, laughed, danced, and drunk together all the night.  
After two hours we left the disco together and I invited him to our apartment for drink something. We were little drunk after two beers. While Amanda went to change her clothes, we have started to talk about sex with Joe.  
Amanda came with very shirt and sexy cloth back and I offered Joe to ask her, if she wants to fuck with him. She said that she is very horny tonight and ordered us to get naked. We looked each other and we did it in about two seconds.  
After she got undressed in front of us, she gets down and starts sucking Joe. I get up behind her and start licking her pussy. But she said that she want to see me suck this big cock, and asked if I could take his 8. 5 incher down my throat and I said "Absolutely".

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I get on my knees in front of Joe and I start sucking and licking slowly. She encourages me to continue sucking and I keep licking his balls. After several minutes he gets into it and starts face fucking me. It isn't long before he is Cumming in my mouth and I swallow every drop.  
Amanda started to suck my cock until leaking massive amounts of cum. A few minutes later he gets hard again and he has his 8 inch cock sliding into Amanda. While he was fucking her hard, she ran her hands up the back of my legs to my ass. As she grabbed my cheeks, her fingers slipped between them and parted them, at the same time pulling me to her. She parted her lips and my thick cock head slid into her mouth.  
Joe moved behind me as I positioned my ass in the air still on my knees. Amanda rubbed some baby oil on his cock and he immediately put it to my ass. He kept pushing it until my asshole opened and relaxed for the entire cock to stretch me wide open and just started fucking my ass. The guy fucking my ass was certainly not a stranger to fucking a hot fag like me. The cock in my ass was also swelling and heated up and the friction in my ass was so exciting. The guy behind me grabbed my ass as he held onto to build up a second cum shot for me to take and he indeed shot cum up into my hot tight ass as my cheeks squeezed him to hold up in there as long as he kept coming! It was awesome! He shot a big load and I cold feel it warm my insides and it excited me so.

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   He filled my ass with cum. It dripped out as he took his cock away, I was left feeling empty.  
He fucked Amanda’s asshole before we sleep together. We all were happy for this night.  
We are planning some more fun in the near future. .

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