bi-sexual Husband & wife part 2


Topic: Bi-sexual husband & wife part 2I learned John has always fantasized being with another man, however I knew very little of this, with my sticking a finger up his ass about as close as he have got. John is 6’ 3”. I am Cheryl and 5’ 3” with firm boobs. One day we got home from work and had eaten dinner before settling in front of TV. I changed into my mini skirt that hardly covers my ass and a tight fitting top that with no bra John could see the outline of my hot nipples. The doorbell rang. I jumped to answer the door. It was a student, Brent from school who I had invited to lend him a book, or so I told John. Brent is shorter than John, around 6’ tall. John has heard stories about how Brent, who is 17 years old, is sexy looking and has a way with the ladies. John could tell Brent was excited to see my nipples protruding from my top. Just as we were starting to talk John’s phone rang and he was called away. It was a job so he left Brent and me in the house. He was return in an hour. It was annoying being on call but an hour’s work was too good to turn down. He knew I appreciated the money.

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   When John returned all was quiet, with the living room empty. I appeared behind him, now in a pink sexy shirt. I had a reward for John. He thought Brent must have his book and left. I led him to the bedroom. I asked. “How much do you want a blow job John? John will you please me first?” He smiled as I kissed him passionately on the lips, before putting my finger on his mouth and opening the bedroom door. He wasn't expecting what came next! On our bed was young Brent, handcuffed, blindfolded with an erection that had to be at least 7" long. I found out John wanted to masturbate him for me. I didn’t know he fantasized sex with a guy. I looked at Brent, smiled and said, “You have waited patiently, now for the blow-job I promised you. ” Brent's prick bounced in anticipation. His prick glistened with pre-cum. I said, “You said you’d do anything, go-ahead John please me to earn your reward. ” With this I took John’s hand and placed it on Brent’s prick, and started to slowly move it up and down his hard young prick, now pointing straight upwards.

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   After 30 seconds or so I left John masturbating Brent’s prick and put my hands on the back on John’s neck and pushed him down towards his erect young prick. I sucked John’s prick into my mouth, with the taste of his pre-cum spreading around my mouth. I often had John taste his pre-cum by licking the tip of his prick and then sticking my tongue into his mouth. He sometimes tasted it after a blowjob or sucked it out of my cunt. John has never tasted another man’s sperm. I liked it. I didn’t have to force John to suck Brent’s prick. I sat next to the bed, smiling at John as he sucked this young prick. John’s prick stiffened in his pants. My robe was parted and I had 2 fingers inside my cunt as John licked up and down Brent's young erect prick. John obviously enjoyed the taste of Brent’s prick. His hips rose as he thrust his prick into John’s mouth. I knew he was close to ejaculating. John took Brent’s prick out of his mouth and went down to his balls, taking each one into his mouth and sucking his testicles that is one of my favorites things to do to John. Brent moaned, his pleasure mounting.

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   John got both balls into his mouth, which I could see tightening. I had my dildo out plunging in into my cunt. I tried to be as quiet as possible, biting my lip to stop the moans. This was too much for John. He took Brent's prick back into his mouth and sucked harder. John seemed to enjoy the taste of pre-cum from Brent’s prick. I want John to taste Brent’s sperm. John sucked Brent’s young prick back into his mouth. Suddenly Brent’s hips rose. He moaned and ejaculated in John’s mouth. His sperm hit the back of John’s throat and kept spewing as he tried to swallow all he could of Brent’s hot sperm. Sperm started to overflow and flow down his prick and Johns chin, there was no way he could swallow this torrent of warm sperm. John took Brent’s prick out of his mouth and started to clean his soft prick. I had an intense orgasm, silencing myself on a cushion as my body quivered. My toy penetrated my cunt.

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   With Brent's prick now limp, I stood and motioned for John to wait in the other bedroom. I got rid of Brent so John could get his reward. John left the room, catching a last glimpse of Brent's young prick. John had his prick hard for my return to fulfill my duty. I returned, minus the robe, and gave John my best blowjob ever. I milked his prick dry. As John drifted off, I whispered in his ear, “Next time Brent will want sex with you. Will you please me John?” We kissed tasting John’s sperm. We couldn’t wait for Brent’s return. My surprise making John blow my student, I decided it was time John slept with a man. I’ve often thought about this. I never imagined I’d be the one to encourage him. I love seeing John suck Brent's young prick and sperm. I had huge orgasms thinking about John sucking another man’s prick, drinking his sperm and loving it. We talked about John getting fucked by Brent.

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   We couldn't see this happening so I made excuses to Brent and he didn't return, or he wouldn't until John wanted to suck his prick again! We searched online and found Brad, who was 5’ 8” and 17 years old, although his prick is not as big as Brent's, but at 51/2” it wasn't too small either. We agreed to meet Thursday, and being Tuesday this didn't leave us time to prepare. I could tell by the look on John’s face I wouldn't get rest tonight! I took John to the bedroom and he stripped me, his prick starting to stiffen. I pushed him on the bed and told John to close his eyes while I changed. John didn't see why but he didn’t argue. He couldn’t wait to see what I planned for him to do with another boy. I told him to keep his eyes closed. “Open your mouth John,” I ordered. When he opened his eyes and what a sight showed up for him! There were my exposed perfect pert breasts, completely naked on top of him with a strap-on around my waist, and the other end in his mouth. “You enjoyed sucking prick so much I thought I'd better get one for myself for you to suck,” I exclaimed as I thrust more of my prick into his mouth. This wasn't as big as Brent's prick. I took the prick out of his mouth and moved to his waist. I sucked John’s prick. I slowly licked my way down him, drooling slightly. I moved my hand up and started rubbing his balls.

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   Boy did this feel hot. He jerked but the pleasure of my mouth around his prick kept me hot. I felt him stiffen. Before John knew what was happening, my hips neared his. “Lets get you some practice for next week,” I instructed as I pushed the tip of my dildo into John’s asshole. It hurt and he yelled out for me to stop, but I was determined. “John get used to this because you will be fucked with a real prick later,” I screamed, and pushed my fake prick deep into his asshole. The pain sub-sided as his prick grew harder. I felt me push into me. I took this as a sign and picked up the pace, ramming all 7” into John’s ass. After what felt like forever I pulled out, lifting John’s legs I entered him again. I had access to his prick. John supported me by massaging my breasts. I began masturbating him. Deeper and deeper I kept going, before I felt him stiffen and explode all over himself.

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   The first spurt of sperm hit John in his face. Streams of sperm covered him as I continued to fuck him. I pulled my fake prick out of him and started rubbing my fake prick all over him. I gathered John’s sperm on it before straddling his face and making him clean my toy. He sucked my toy clean, again having a prick and sperm in his mouth. He held me. “Tomorrow,” I said, “will be for real. ” Work passed quickly. When John got home I was already home, and had changed into my white robe. The excitement on my face is clear. I bounced at the idea of seeing John fucked by another guy. He went to the bedroom and I followed him. As he entered the bedroom there was Brad, naked on our bed. “John I hope you don't mind but I arranged for Brad to come early so I could warm him up. ” I took off my robe and revealed my cunt.

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   I had been fucked and sperm dripped. I wasted no time undoing John’s pants releasing his prick. Brad looked on in anticipation. John was erect in seconds, at which point I got up and took him to the bed, laying him down next to a naked young Brad. John’s hand reached over and rubbed his prick. It may have been shorter than Brent's but it was thicker and felt like a brick. It was so hard. Brad’s sucked my breast and I moaned, approaching an orgasm as my mind was in overtime. John moved to get a closer look at Brad's prick. He took the tip into his mouth, tasting my juices on it. “That’s not what we are here for,” I said as I motioned for Brad to get into position. John could feel Brad’s prick pushing in him. He pushed forward and John had his first prick inside him. His ass was stretched but my cunt distracted this pain. More of Brad's prick entered John before he felt the whole length of his prick in him.

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   Then Brad started to pick up a rhythm and was fucking John’s ass. John’s prick bounced against the sheets as I moaned and released a torrent of my cum into his mouth. I begged for a prick to fill me. John moved me underneath him and put his prick into me, with Brad still fucking him from behind. It was difficult but we managed to get the hang of it. All 3 of us were as one, Brad fucking John, John fucking me. The pleasure was immense and after no time at all I felt John ejaculating in me. He filled my cunt while I moaned harder than before, shaking in ecstasy. John and I finished, but Brad was still as hard as a rock in John’s ass. Brad turned John over and lifted his legs, raising his ass for his pleasure, before moving me over John’s mouth. John sucked his sperm out of me. Brad continued to fuck John’s ass like a machine. I could feel John’s prick begin to stiffen again as sperm trickled out of my cunt into his mouth. Brad's motion changed. A torrent of sperm rushed up inside John, load after load of sperm filling his ass, as Brad slowed and collapsed on top of John.

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   Now it was John’s turn, so he rolled Brad onto his back and fucked him hard until he ejaculated into his young tight ass while I collapsed from exhaustion. I promised John that we would find other boys for us to have sex with. I will write about our adventures in another segment of our bi-sexual times. .