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It all started out so innocent enough; I was a lonely teenager who until the first week of college never had a date.   Most boys had made fun of me all my life and called me stick or bones.   I had crushes on guys in high school but no one would ever return my affection.
That all changed the first week I moved into the co-ed dorm.   I was just a little over 18 and 5’7” 85 pounds wet.   I had sort of a bush red hair do and green eyes that matched.   My nose was a little long and full and I had a distinctive chin, but the worst was that I was 32-24-32 and a very tiny A Cup at that.   I had a nice even tan, even if the freckles showed up worse and my legs while smooth looked sort of boney hence my nickname.
Well about the time I got settled in to the routine, a boy from down the hall and I bumped into each other one late evening going to the laundry mat downstairs.   He was a gentleman to me then and helped to pick up my mess and even offered to carry it along with his own.   His name was Wally, and he was just a bit shorter than me, weighed just about forty pound more and had two very bright gray eyes that I fell for right then and there.
We talked and washed and dried our clothes and then right then and there he asked me to go out with him.   I quickly said yes and the next night, we went to see a movie in town.   The date was somewhat eventful, as I got my first kiss halfway through the movie.   We held hands and he walked me back to our dorm and he kissed me goodnight.   It was quite romantic and very easily my best night ever.


Then next morning he asked me to a party down stairs on the 2nd floor.   So I agreed and at seven the next night he knocked and we walked down to the party.   We danced which made me feel so silly and then we sat down and started to kiss a few times before some other boy came over and handed us a couple of drinks, not beers but something else.  
I took one gulp and exclaimed, “What is this stuff?”
Wally looked at me and said, “Fire water.   Makes men brave and women pregnant if they don’t use protection. ”
I laughed as he was trying to joke but after we had finished the glass, it began to effect us both.   I started to relax and a little too much and when another round came our way we gulped it all down.   Then I asked Wally something totally stupid, “Do you like what you see?”
He smiled and said, “Yeah but I would like to see more of you than that kilt and knit top. ”
We were right there on the sofa in the corner as I let him unbutton my top and push it off my shoulders.   Then he unlatched my skirt and yanked it to the floor as I leaned back on the soft padded arm of the sofa.   He sat there peering at my one piece sports bra and cotton panties, both white and for a second I wondered why, then it happened.
My bra was hoisted up and though they didn’t jiggle like some other women’s out popped my breast.   His mouth took aim and lowered on my right nipple and I sat there and let him do it. His hands were busy to; one pierced inside my underwear and began to tease my semi hairy wet pussy.   The other cupped my other breast and as he fondled it I began to groan for more.

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He nibbled on my tit until I tingled and as I felt my panties fall so did my will to stop him.   The second drink had me wasted and his touch had me paralyzed and that made me easy.   When he slipped off his pants and his five inch cock popped up and quickly in me, a couple of other guys and a few girls started cheering us on and one was taking pictures of us fucking.   His cock went in me and as it did I moaned loudly prompting one young girl to fondle her own big boobs while another girl fondled her pussy as I watched.   I closed my eyes in response to his now pleasuring of my inner folds with his pounding assault and when I opened them two guys were naked waiting in line for me.  
Wally fucked me all the way and when he was exhausted of his cum, one the bigger boys yanked him off and into the floor.   Then this dark headed Latin boy mounted me and drove his slightly fatter cock inside me making whop and howl as the other moved to my mouth with his now hard cock which was purple at the tip and seven inches long.   I opened my mouth and in it slid I gagged a bit at first but with his hand holding my head I had no choice but suck or die.   He fucked my mouth as I lay there boozed and horny and easily taken by them.
A few minutes more and the one screwing came in me making me shiver and as I did I looked for Wally who was on the floor.   His naked ass was being screwed by a black boy who had way too much to drink and Wally no hopelessly enjoying it looked up and smiled at me.   I was so fried I laughed and said, “Go for it Wally.   Get you some baby doll. ”
I was about to try and get up when a blonde girl and brunette joined me on the sofa.   They started sucking my nipples and got me off the couch and into the floor quickly where they along with another guy began to triple team me.

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    The blonde was gorgeous and stacked and fed me her 36D breast like candy while the skinny brunette devoured my small tits very well.   The boy would I couldn’t see that good had a nice thick cock but short like Wally and as it drove in me I loved it.   The three of them fucked me silly like that or least the two of them and a couple of other guys had their way with me until I passed out.
I have no ideal what happened next, but I know I woke up the next morning in the bed of a black girl named Serena.   She was big burly and jet black.   Her monstrous tits hung to her belly at 58G and her belly was bigger than her ass.   She had me all loved up like a teddy bear as reality struck.  
I got free of her grip and naked I staggered back to my room.   The door was open and no one was there as my roommate also went to the party, I slumped across my bed still naked and with the door now wide open.   About four that afternoon I woke up to a young boy from the frat house next door.   He was snapping pictures of my ass and making weird sounds as I caught him.   I recognized his pin and his face as one the neighbor’s.   He excused himself quickly and fled.   Then I struggled up from my hangover induced coma and showered and got dressed.   About twenty minutes after the warm water woke me up for good I realized what I had done.

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    Well at least all that I could remember being awake for and then waking up to.  
I got out dried off and walked down to Wally’s room and knocked.   A sorry looking creature with his eyes rolled back in his head answered it and invited me in.   He was naked and smelled like everything under the sun.   It took me a little while and some coffee to bring him around.   Then I put him in the shower and washed him.   I had to get in naked of course to do it and after the warm water woke him, I was quickly lifted off the ground and pinned into the corner and fucked like a rag doll by him.   Even his hangover couldn’t stop his sex drive right then and there.
I was hunched, humped, thumped and bumped until I was yelling out for more.   Then we kissed in the steamy water until he made me cum from his orgasm in me.   I slowly was set back in the shower and then hand washed by him and after we dried off, I knelt in his bathroom floor and began to suck his semi soft cock back to a hard state.   He just stood there for the next twenty minutes swaying and sighing and telling me more.   When I brought his head to a climax his cum followed suit.   It was tasty even more so than the night before.
“What happened to you last night after they tore you off me?” I asked Wally as I placed my arms around his hips and fondled his still bare ass.

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“I was…” Wally was about to say when a knock came at the door to the bathroom and in came the black boy from the night before.   His name was Mo and he was 6’2” 220 pounds of black bald headed muscle and brawn.   He was also a very bisexual person.
“Hey there sexy boy, you need some meat today or are you like into tuna?  I like tuna too why not share your woman and then yourself with me,” he brazenly said.
I started to protest as Wally said, “Libby meet my new boyfriend. ”
With that my mouth dropped open and I replied, “What about us?”
He smiled sheepishly and said, “Well he sort took me a few times last night. ”
“And this morning Wally, and Libby you should see this white boy suck my cock, he loves ten inches of meat in his mouth.   What about you girl, you want some?” he asked.
Well how could I refuse after all I was still horny and I said, “Sure fuck me. ”
He picked me up and held me while I put my legs around him and in it went and was it a monster cock.   I yelled out in sure agony for at least the first twenty thrust and then I sort got to like it.   All the while he was fucking me Wally was teasing twisting and squeezing my nipples.   At one point he started biting them and when Mo came Wally begged to clean me out.   I then was placed in the floor and eaten until I came in his mouth and then I watched my boyfriend suck that big black dick ever so wonderfully.   I went back to my room after that and left them to fuck once Wally got Mo going.

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Word spread about me fast.   The word was that I was easy and bisexual and all it took was to ask for it.   My roommate and her twenty eight year old lover were the first to take me.   I had not been back in my room two hours that evening when she came in followed by her female lover.   Selby the boyfriend/girlfriend was 5’5” 275 pounds, 40D-42-42 and looked like a wobbly bowl of jelly with blonde hair and gothic makeup.   Her demon tattoos on her back and legs made it easy to see she was a bit butch.   Julie my roommate was my age and looked like a little ballerina with two whopping big tits.   She was 48-F-24-36 and all boob, guys were crazy about her but she was full blooded lesbian and no man even got her attention.   How those two wound up together is beyond me.
The two of them sat down beside me and told me,”We wanted to welcome you to school properly.   We know how women like it and if you would let us, we could make you cream for us and never want a dick again. ”
I sat back wearing only my house coat that was tied at the waist and as I reclined Selby removed her shawl and see trough shirt and dropped them on the floor as she said, “I may be big but honey you are going to eat me up. ”  With that she stripped off her leather slacks and revealed her shaven pussy with the sign of a witches coven tattooed over the top of her clit.   She stood there taking her bra off as she held her leg up and spread herself wide open.
Julie guided me to her and as my robe came off my mouth was placed at her clit and then Julie began to munch on me.

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    It was Julie’s tongue that even made me think of tasting Selby and after I did I wasn’t sold on her until he started to flood my face almost from the first kiss.   Her squirting juices soaked me completely face, chest and down my belly and back.   It was erotic how she did it almost as if she were commanding it to happen.   A few minutes passed after her first flood and I began to like her tasty cream and then as she predicted I wanted to eat her madly.   I was lapping her as Julie got her mouth in high gear behind me and slid her fingers to tease my nipples.   Between the two of them I came three times almost in a row.
The night ended with them kissing me madly and fondling me into a corner.   I didn’t want to be forced into submitting to them so I quickly dressed in a smock and shorts and raced out the door.   I came back that night well after midnight and found Julie drunk, tied up naked and blindfolded in her closet.   Selby had left her like that for me.   Well I couldn’t resist and ate my roommate’s pussy out until she was singing as she came over and over.   I untied her and put her to bed with me and we slept together the first night.
Pretty much after that night the three of us had sex in all manner of places but what turned me into a wild woman happened two months later, just before homecoming.   Selby had the ideal we should go to a gothic playhouse and have some fun with other kittens.   By this time they had me wearing punk and gothic clothes and make up.

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    I had my hair cut short died blood red and streaked with jet black and they got me a few tattoos one of them was of a naked whore on a bed with the words that read, “Better fuck me before my bitch fucks you!” covering the banner above it, worst of all they had the guy put it on my belly above my navel.   On my right arm they had a heart tattooed that simply said, “Lizzie. ”  On my right butt cheek they had a bat engraved with tits like a woman.   I was pretty much hot for all kinds of sex and if they decided some guy was worthy they sold me for the night to him or them.  
Then came the party and we were drunk and having a great time playing around when Selby saw this guy she wanted badly.   He was her first love and had spurned her so many times she turned to women; she wanted him not for sex but revenge.   So she set me up with him.   He was almost 24 and much younger than her, but older than me, and when he danced with me his fingers found my now bald soft inner folds too easy to resist.   I let him finger fuck me on the dance floor while anyone who wanted to watched us.
His name was Derrick, 6’3” 245 pounds, fat and sort of marked with scars from who knows what.   He had two passions, his music and sex with anyone and anything.   When he was hot nothing or nobody could stop him.   The fact he had an eleven inch dick helped him pick up most any girl.   When I felt his package I had to have it.   So I went down on him on the dance floor and sucked his cock off.

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    I made him cum all over me and doused my see through net top with it and my face as well.   Then I offered myself to him for a fuck fest anywhere he wanted.  
Selby new his favorite places and went to set him up.   She new where he was taking me and I had no ideal what was going on.   All I knew was that I had to feel his dick in me.   We drove out to the old cemetery way outside of town and just before midnight we walked into the old run down Mausoleum.   There were at east fifty dead people in there and when he led me to the middle of the chamber to a flat stone that served for a holding place for those who were to be sealed, he stripped me and tied me down with chains that had been placed there.   They were new and had leather cuffs and I could see he knew this.   My legs were spread wide and my wrist as well as his cock hardened and he began to drive it in me.  
God was horny then, I yelled, “Fuck me cock sucker.   Fuck me like the whore I am.   Fuck me so hard and so long I beg to be your slave. ”
He rode me wildly and fucked me for at least a half an hour then I saw him remove his cock ring and place it on my lips.   He looked in my eyes and said, “Now bitch I am going to give it all to you. ”  With that his hard hot cock went in me and I was blasted uncontrollably for another ten minutes before he came in me.

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I was panting as he stood up and pulled up his leather pants and grabbed his shirt from the floor.   Just as he was about to walk away, I yelled out, “Hey man don’t fuck me and go, ride me again baby. ”
He laughed and yelped back, “No way you ugly whore, I just fuck them and leave the here for the dead to party with. ” With that he walked off and I heard a sound like something clanking and in the dim fading light of the moon I was horny, naked and easy for anything else who wanted me.
I was left alone and by myself and as a storm came up the room grew completely dark.   The only light I had was the faint flashes of lightening.   I was so horny I wanted to play with myself or have someone play with me.   I started yelling out, “Hey someone, anyone come fuck me.   I need to be fucked.   I want to be fucked.   Help me I need it badly. ”
A very long time passed before the storm arrived and when it did I felt something was with me, I looked as a flash of lightening came streaking across the sky light above me and I saw the outline of a man.   He was black and handsome and very mysterious looking and when he came closer my heart raced and I felt my pussy tingle madly.   I felt like he was going to ravage me from the start and I cam from that feeling.   Then seeing his muscular build unfold as he undid his tattered pants and plopped his seven inch fat cock out I yelped out, “Oh please fuck me.


    Fuck me like you want me. ”
He did just that and he rode me with an expression on his worn face of true lust.   He looked like he hadn’t fucked a pussy for a long time.   His cock entered me with a force as his hot breath flowed over my naked chest and neck.   He humped me from the start in a way that made me go wild. I would have let him fuck me forever if he wanted too.   His thrust and his hips pounded me and when his mouth sank to gnaw and suck my nipples I rang out with a climax and my first truly deep squirting orgasm.  
When he finished he unleashed me and pulled me up and told me, “I am Norman.   I live here in this place since I was left homeless a few years ago.   Only time I have to hide is when you kids come here and fuck.   Now I finally got me some of one of you. ”
“Wait please don’t go,” I yelled at him.   Then I moved my naked body to him and wrapped my arms around him.   I looked up into his big sad eyes and gently kissed his lips and said, “I wanted to thank you for that.   I came so easily and so completely when you came over and took me.


    I just wanted to ask if you would do that again and often. ”
He looked at me with his sort of hateful expression and asked me, “Why on earth would some young girl like you want an old man like me to fuck you.   Can’t you get a younger man girl?  Are these boys today stupid or gay?”
“I don’t want a boy I want a man.   I want a man like you who can take me right here every night at this same time.   I want that thing between your legs in me and not some young creep like the one who fucked me and left me,” I said as I slid my hand over his crotch and caressed it easily.
He undid his shirt and pulled it off and then his pants fell again.   As I took his cock in my hands I moved back to the stone platform and placed myself on it.   Then I begged him, “Bind me again and blindfold me for your pleasures.   Take me and use me as you wish. ’
He did just that and his cock was covered in my juices within seconds of entering me.   He made me so hot and horny that after that night I was his.   We kept up our grave meeting for several months then I got us an apartment and moved him in with me.   I gave him anything he wanted, as I have a very large inheritance and he used it and me.
The best fuck I have experienced is back there in that dark scary place.   I let him take me and do to me whatever he wishes one or twice a week there.

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    He and I have many stories about others we caught fucking in our place.
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