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    Naughtily I asked david (Thats his name) if he has friends like him that was willing to do it with me. Cause I always had a fantasy for two men sucking each other hard cocks and fucking me later. And he told me he had this friend who was 18 too and 8incher. . . So we arranged one day at my rented apartment which i live alone. . David and Chris came over that day and we had normal conversations and food and drinks. . Chris was an athelete tall dark and handsome. . . I already started imagining how huge his cock must be. . .

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  I started the ball rolling by getting my 2 18year olds to watch some gay porn, while i took a shower. . I washed myself clean and stepped out in a bathing robe, When I got out I could see the boys kiss each other passionately, the gay porn must have aroused them severely. this aroused me too. . . my clit was twitching and my pussy was dripping,,,I asked the boys to get into the bedroom. . . I stripped them both and sucked both of their massive red cocks hungrily. . . as the two cocks would have been too big for my mouth, i took davids cock and rubbed it on my tits , and sucked chris dick. they were groaning and licking each others tongues while i sucked them off. .

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   Suddenly I ordered them to suck each other while I watched,,,and Chris lay on the bed and David 69 on him. . . i was so horny and excited from seeing that i thought i could cum. . I asked chris if he would let me fuck him with my strap on cock which was a good 7inches. . . he looked up at me and gave that lusted look which says Come fuck me,Chris went in doggy, and i lubed him with KY, and i slowly inserted and pumped in the strap on dildo, and i was getting the rhythm of it. . . i began pumping his ass, he was groaning, David in return bent down and sucked Chris Cock,,,,he was like a cock crazy fool, he was sucking Chris so wildly. . suddenly Chris screamed that the anal and oral penetration was making him cum, I stopped pumping him and ordered him to Lick my cunt, I layed on the bed with my legs spread wide apart, my juices already dripping, but my pussy was waxed and pink in colour, my clit was big, Chris sucked and licked my clit and inserting a finger in and out of my wet hole, i was moaning in delight, I saw David jerking off and stroking his cock, I beckoned david over and asked him to put his cock in my mouth and let me suck him, This was sheer ectasty, one was licking me till I almost exploded and my mouth was filled cock. .

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  later on I couldnt take it, I asked david to fuck me, and I asked Chris to fuck Davids ass. . . . . As Davids cock went into me it hit me right at the end, he had to do slow as Chris Engorged Cock was in his ass,David also rubbed my clit as he fucked me, i was really cumming, I played with my nipples and moaned loudly as i came, soon later david shot my pussy with his cum,and chris pumped davids ass hardy and shot his cum in. . . when david got up i could see the cum streaming out of his ass. I was wild and happy that day. . now I see more of Chris and David, infact he would prabably bring another bisexual girl and guy for our orgy. . . i have never had my pussy licked by a girl neither have i licked one.

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  . . i will soon try it. . . .

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