Slaves Nite Out (Chapter 2)


Bill whispered to me how he was just making sure I learned right and to never tell anyone what we were doing. Especially not your friends because you will called a fag. Fag! I had heard this word before and knew it wasn"t good but I dont think at that time I comprehended the true meaning. Not wanting him to think I was a stupid kid I just nodded and enjoyed the pleasure he was giving me. Keep rubbing me, just like that ,Bill said. Do it even faster if you want, so I moved my hand to a better position to give more attention to that big rod of his. With that he reached out with his left hand and started to play with my nipples. Now I have spent at least the last year jerking in every way I could imagine but I had never thought about touching my nipples. Bill could see this was giving me great pleasure. Why didn"t I think of this before. A little gasp came out of my mouth and I knew this would make me cum real soon. Bill, I said, it"s going to happen soon. What will happen he asked. It"s going to come out, that white stuff. He corrected me and said, you mean your gonna cum. YESSS! It did! All over his hand and up to my chin.

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   It was the best cum. I could barely breath and the feeling was all the way to my toes! I told him that and he laughed. See I told you it was better when someone did it with you and how right he was. By now I hadn"t been concentrating on his dick much. My pleasure, briefly, didn"t allow me to think of anything else. Bill saw to it that his pleasure was important too. Now Tim, reach out and grab my balls and rub them around while you rub my cock. I knew that would feel good as I had done that to myself many times. There were times I had a raging hard on and would just play with my balls and delay the feeling to my cock. There I was with a fist full of hairy balls and a fistful of cock with Bill laying next to me with his eyes closed. I thought he would cum very soon. Wrong!Hey wait, I want to show you something else you can do when you have someone to help, he said. Now Bill had just given me the best orgasm a boy could have so I really wanted to see what could be better. He had me get on my hands and knees with my butt in the air. This scared me.

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   What are you going to do, I asked? Don"t worry it will be fun. With that he placed his dick right on my skinny little ass cheeks and started rubbing up and down my crack. Now I had seen, in my uncles porno mags, how a man would stick his dick up a girls ass but was Bill ging to do this to me? Don"t ,I said. Don't what, he asked as I could tell he was feeling good rubbing his precum into my crack. Don't put it in there my scared voice trailed. I'm not gonna do that, you think I'm some kinda fag. Only queers do that. That thought had never even entered my mind. Am I queer? No I couldn't be, I mean he wasn't gonna try to put it inside my hole. Still it did feel oddly strange but nice as the slushy sounds and rubbing was causing me to get hard again. So I stayed in that position giving pleasure to my cousin. All of a sudden I felt the warm wet splashes of his cum going up my back. Some even got into my hair as he was gasping in the great feeling his orgasm was giving him. Oh fuck, oh fuck, he yelled! Oh fuck yea! He was slapping his cock on my back and ass and kept saying fuck over and over. Bill reached around my skinny body and hugged me close.

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   That felt real nice. I had given him pleasure and he was hugging me close. Warm wet and satisfied. Then, suddenly, he got off and layed down on the bed with a big smile on his face. I got up real close to him and as I did this my new hardon was rubbing up his leg. So I see my little cousin liked that too. He was right I really did. But even more that that I wanted try exactly what he had done. Now with the confidence I had gotten from his feeling good because of me, I wanted to put my cock in his ass crack and I told him so. TIm, go ahead, I'm gald it felt good for you to want to try it. Looking back on the situation he was really damn lucky I did like it and didn't tell what we did because he would have been labeled a child molester. Then it didn't feel like molesting to me, only a new way to jerk off. Chapter 3 will begin my sexual exploration with girls and my fantasies about other boys. Soon, I hope, as this is my coming out party. I hope you all have a drink with me!victorlil.

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