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I started dating a girl a few years back who i knew was a little wild but i thought hey aren't we all at sometime in our life. My name is Bill and met this girl named Cindy at a job I used to work at. Cindy was your typical wild child, DD tits, blonde hair, very attractive and loved to party. Me I am more reserve and laid back Im around 6' tall 240 pounds a typical gym rat who neve has had a problem getting women.
One night Me and Cindy went out with a couple friends to tie one on. We went to a couple bars and at the last bar we went to we ran into Cindy's ex-boyfriend Jim, I thought to myself her we go thinking we were going to get into a fight but her came over intoduced himself and was very polite. I ask him to sit and join us Jim was a small statured fellow he was about 5'8 maybe 170 pounds. We all sat drank and talked it was getting late and our friends went home and left the three of us at the bar. I went to the bathroom and left Cindy and Jim at the table, when i came back here were Jim and Cindy making out at the table, I was pissed when I got to the table I asked " What the hell is going on". Cindy got up and pulled me of to the side and asked if I was interested in a threesome, I told her im not into that she statrted to kiss me and rub my dick through my pants. She asked again about the threesome I agreed.
The three of us left the bar and headed to Cindy's house. I decided that i would drive, Cindy and Jim got in the back seat on the way home I kept looking in the rearview mirror and watched my girlfriend and her ex making out, I knew I should be upset but instead I was turned on. We made it home and went inside. the three of us had a seat on the couch me and Cindy started make out while Jim watched I must tell you that was a turn on. I started to undress Cindy unleashing those monster tits.

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   I started to suck those mammouth nipples while Jim continued to watch, I then took Cindy's pants and panties off revealing a bald wet pussy to Jim. Jim started to lick Cindy's pink flower while she continued to kiss me, After a while Cindy started to moan and quiver and Yelling she was cumming, Jim started licking faster while started to lick her nipples, Cindy came and then collapsed on the couch.
The three of us decided to move to the bedroom Cindy and Jim were all over each other while I watched in a chair by the bed. Cindy stated to undress Jim his shirt first then his pants after she removed his pants I could see a large bulge in his pants. After Cindy removed his underwear, I saw the largest cock I have ever seen in my life, Im no slouch at 7 inches but Jim had to be at least 10 inches long and very thick all i could say was wow. Cindy then grabbed Jim's cock and stared jacking it off, Cindy then started licking Jim's monster cock head and rubbing his balls Cindy then took as much of Jim's cock as she could before she started choking.  Jim the asked me why havent I joined I told him I wasnt ready, I must admitt ,I was as turned on as i have ever been in my life but I was just to frozen with nerves to join.
Cindy continued to suck Jim's cock while I watched, after a while Cindy let Jim's cock fall out of her mouth, She asked me while are you still dressed and not joining us I told her I wasnt quite ready yet. She then asked me if Jim could fuck her, I told her yes. Cindy got on her hands and knees while Jim mounted her from behind Cindy was postioned so that she was facing me. Jim then started to enter her wet pussy after a couple of minutes he worked his big cock into Cindy's tight pussy, the look on Cindy's face was such a turn watching how much she enjoyed Jim's cock. Jim started pounding Cindy from behind while she was moaning and yelling to him fuck her faster. Her i am sitting in this chair with the nerves keeping me from joining. Cindy continued to get fucked by Jim while the whole time looking at me, I thought to myself damn this is the hottest thing I have ever seen. After about 20 minutes Cindy started to buckle and quiver she began to yell i'm cumming Jim then started to yell that he was cumming he then shot his load deep inside Cindy.

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After they both came, I guess they decided it was time for me to join. Cindy then came to chair and started kissing she then pulled me from chair to the bed where she took of my clothes and started sucking my cock she then told me she wanted me to lick her pussy, I told her no way Jim just came in you, she didnt listen she somehow mangaged to straddle my face, some cum dripped out and hit me in the face, she told me stop being scared lick her pussy so i reluctantly did. I licked a little bit she told me keep doing it don't be so close minded, after a moment of just staring at my girlfriends cum filled pussy I felt something warm and wet on my cock, I looked down and saw Jim with my cock in his mouth, I started to freak saying what are you doing Im not gay Cindy told me to relax and enjoy it, she then lowered her pussy lower on face where I had no choice but to lick, after a couple minutes I just let go and went with the flow it was hard to keep fighting when you are getting your cock sucked.
I started to really get into it I was licking Cindy's pussy like a mad man and Jim was sucking my cock like no one has never did before. I must admitt I never thought I would ever have another mans cum in my mouth or be ever have my dick in a mans mouth but i was weird i was really turned on by it. I licked Cindy's pussy clean of cum. I felt my balls tense I knew I was gonna cum Cindy jumped of my face and started sharing my cock with Jim I was cumming Cindy licked my balls while Jim swallowed all my seed. We all just collapsed for a while Cindy in the middle of me and Jim she asked me how I liked round one I told her I liked it alot, she was glad i was able to open up.
Cindy started to kiss me while Jim played with my cock before long I was rock hard, I then put Cindy on her back spread her legs and Jim guided my cock into her wet pussy I was fucking Cindy when I felt something wet on backside I look back and Jim was licking my ass-hole I must admitt it was weird but felt great. Cindy looked at me and said she wanted to see me suck Jims cock it was only fair since he sucked mine. I pulled out of Cindy she started to suck Jims cock i then took a moment then decided what the hell I took his 10 inch cock in my mouth ad must admitt it tasted pretty good I tried to take all of it but i gagged on it about half way, Cindy watched as I sucked Jim's cock she kept saying how muck it turns her on to see a cock in my mouth. Jim's hips started bucking and yelled he was cumming. I then felt warm cum hitting the back of throat, I swallowed all of his cum.
Cindy was so turned on she wanted more so I starting fucking her tight little ass as I was pumping her Jim was playing with my ass licking and fingering it, then all of a sudden sothing bigger was trying to enter my ass, I looked back and seen Jim trying to feed my ass his 10 inches, he was having trouble so he decided to ram it up there which worked but almost killed me once he got it up there he didnt pump me he just let get used to it then before long the 3 of us where in perfect rythm Cindy ask me If I like that big cock in my ass i told her yeah. I came in Cindy's ass, Jim decided he wanted to fuck Cindy's pussy as I watched After watching I decided it was time to fuck Jim I took my seven inch cock and shoved it up his ass while he yelled gooodddddd.

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   Jim came in Cindy while I filled his ass with my love juice. We all just collapsed and feel asleep.   
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