Well enjoyed family fun


it all started one evening when i was out with my brother in law paul. we were close buddies and spent quite a bit of time together and he looked at me as an older brother. i was 34 and he was 26 at the time.
we arrived home to find that my wife wasnt home so we sat and watched tv then i got up to make coffee and while i was doing this paul came into the kitchen to make a sandwich. while i was making the drinks i droped the milk on the work surface and it spilt all over me soaking my trousers. with this i just took my trousers off as it was only paul with me and i knew he wouldnt mind after all we had seen each other befor when we had changed in the same room.
as i was stood there without my trousers and pants on paul jokingly said you got a small one there mate so i replied i bet its bigger than yours with this he removed his from his trousers and and with shock as i looked he was fully erect. i just said to him mine aint hard so it is smaller and with this he took hold of my cock and started to rub it and very soon i was rock hard and had also took hold of his and was wanking him vigoursly. we stopped for a second to look at each other as to what we were doing as nothing like this had happened before and we just smiled at each other and said wot  the hell and carried on.
next thing i new paul had dropped to his knees and was sucking me deep into his mouth which was wonderful and he seemed very expert too but i had no reason to believe he was gay. i could feel myself starting to twitch violently in his mouth when all of a sudden i exploded with gush after gush of hot thick cum filled his mouth and he gullped eagerly to swallow every last drop then stood up to gently kiss me on the lips and let me taste the last remaining drops of my own cum around his lips. this was a first for me and i counldnt believe how good it tasted and wanted more so i quickly took his 6 inch and quite thick cock hungrily into my mouth and sucked on it as if i had sucked cocks many times before and i soon had him bucking to my sucking then without warning he spurted jet after jet into my mouth and i just held it there to taste it before i swallowed it all in one big gulp.
after this we made fresh drinks and returned to the loung to eat and have a drink but we were still both naked and hadnt realised the time and we heard the front door open, shit i sait its laura i forgot about her but it was too late for us to recover our clothes from the kitchen and in she walked soaked through to the skin. we were unaware that it was rain very hard outside since we returned home. she looked at us and with a puzzeled look asked why we were naked and we just said our clothes were soaked from the rain and this she accepted her brother by now had covered himself with a cushion. she went to go to the kitchen and i said go up stairs love i get u a warm drink with that off she went up stairs and i quickly put our clothes in the washing machine when paul came into the kitchen to get dressed and was not impressed because his clothes had gone in there aswell.

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   with this i just had to have some more cock and knelt down infront of him and took his soft cock in my mouth which very quickly hardened and i started sucking him again but quickly had to stop as laura was coming down the stairs. she joined us in the kitchen in just a flimsy dressing gown and looked at both of us and said why dont you get some clothes on then she took another look at her brother and noticed his hard on and promtly said where has that come from and walked to the lounge.
he never lost his hard on but said to me now me sister has seen me and i feel so embarressed now i must go home and i said dont worry im sure she wont metion it any more. with this i got some towells for myself and paul and we returned to the lounge with laura.
we sat chatting and as i went to get up to go to the toilet my towel fell from me and there i was again totally naked infront of my wife and her brother but i left the towel where it was and just went to the toilet. whilst in the toilet i coundlt help wanking myself from the though of the earlier experience and soon i was hard and out of breath  but soon stopped but i couldnt lose my hard on so i thought wot the hell and just returned to the lounge to which laura looked at me and said wot the fuck and i just sat down next to her. while we chatted my hard on receeded and i could see my wife felt much more comfortable now with me sat there naked so i took my arm and lifted it infront of her and rubbed her small breasts to which they responded instantly with huge errrect nipples which paul noticed straight away and i could see he was now feeling uncomfortable infront of his sister again so i slowly turned the conversation round to sex and started by asking questions like would anyone ever consider a same sex relationship and to my suprise my wife said she had often fantasised about having a lesbian relationship to this i replied that i had had a gay relationship and not very long ago either. she responded by saying she would like to see 2 men having sex to which my eyes lit up and i looked at paul who was now looking at me and shaking his head. i turned to laura and said if you want to see 2 men have sex watch this as i got up and walked accross the room and went straight to my knees and started sucking pauls cock again. he tried to resist but was soon overwhelmed by his hard on. laura looked and said in amazement how long has this been going on to which i stopped and replied today is the first time.
i was now in full swing of sucking pauls cock now and i could feel him start to twitch inside my mouth and laura was just watching in amazement as he unloaded his second load of cum in my mouth but what i couldnt believe was as soon as i moved my mouth from his cock laura was at my mouth kissing me and sharing his cum.
i myself was now rock hard and paul had started wanking me and i removed lauras gown to reveal her naked body to her brother who soon had her tits in his hand then i moved around her and  started to push my way past her lips into her by now sopping wet cunt as i pushed the final bit home she bent forward and took her brother cock in her mouth and sucked greadily whilst i fucked from behind i was soon very near coming and just let myself go deep inside her and at the same time paul unloaded his cum in her face and we fell in a heap on the lounge floor and then slwpt till morning when we were woken by the door bell.
laura grabed her gown and went to answer the door and we just sat there thinking no one would be coming in only to be shocked when mandy who is paul and lauras sister walked in the lounge. she stood and looked at us both and could clearly see what had been happening and walked out screaming at laura.

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   they went to the kitchen and the shouting continued so i went in there too to try and calm htings down but it wasnt working to good as i was still naked and the anger on mandys face for some reason just got me more and more arroused to the point that i was now stood there with a monster hard on infront of her. i just said to her just shut up if you can for a second and she did to my amazement i then said look if its jealousy here have some of this and walked over to her with my hard in my hand and put her hand to it. she tried to pull away but i kept a tight hold of her and slowly she stared to wank me then that was it in walked paul and went striaght to laura his elder sister and started fingering herwithe this we were all back in the lounge ifucker mandy while paul fucked laura then we swapped over and this was enjoyed for nearly an hour before mandy said she had to go. but i said to her we had somthing else for her to see before she went and then paul and i proceeded with our show of gay sex which she watched with great delight until we were both spent all over each others face.
we claened up and carried on with our normal everyday chores after this and agreed that this would never happen agian but it was so exciting im affraid to say it happens nearly every weekend but mandy does not get involved but i have fucked her once since but laura dosent know this.