What happened when it snowed


Marcia married me when we were just out of high school.   She was 19 and I was 17 then, and we had been in love since puberty.   She was feisty and sexy and all the things you want, at 5’7” 110 pounds, 36D-24-34 she was also blonde and she had one added bonus, she was always horny.   Now I was the same height but built muscular and had about 55 pounds on her, I also had blonde hair that she made my parents allow to grow long and past m shoulders.   She also refused to let any fuzz grown on my body.   Most knew we had been having sex since very early, but only a couple of people knew she shaved us both every week.    She said I was big enough at five inches for her, or least it was near that long, but I always wondered.
Then about the time we began to settle down a bit, our fourth year of marriage.   I took a job at a new factory and she took one in the office working the books.   We were kept busy from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm Monday through Friday every week, and half a day on Saturday for the first six months before we met our goals and gained our full weekend and an extra hour a day.   Then came the winter that year and along with it came the snow which mounted day after day, finally forcing the plant to close for a week.   That’s when it started.
Marcia was horny like always the first day and we made love in the bathroom floor, the bedroom closet, the kitchen pantry, on the hearth and on the deck in ten inches of snow which was brutal but wild.   By the time the first day ended, she was soaking in the bath tub warming her frozen assets while rested on our bed.
“Timmy, time to shave you darling!  Come to mommy and let her shave that stubble off that sexy ass of yours,” Marcia called out with a very hot tone.
I moaned and wobbled from the bed naked and headed into the bathroom and climbed in with her standing upright as she shaved me.

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    Then she made me dunk down and rinse and rise and repeat the process until I was smooth all over even my legs.   Slowly looking into her eyes I asked, “You warmed up yet?”
“Ha, ha, ha baby, I was warmed up before this, but you can’t do what I want you to…sad to say…you just can’t do it,” she said in a way that made me crazy.
“Do what honey?  What do you want me to do?  You know all you have to do is ask me,” I replied honestly wanting to please her as I watched her caress her large breast and tug slowly on her taunt nipples.
Now her breasts were perfect but her nipples were something else.   They were miniature peaks that rose almost a full inch above the mound, firm and round at half the height they begged for attention.   She could almost dial a phone with them.   As she played with her nipples she coolly said, “Dear, I need something different from you…something wonderful…something hot…something I think you might come to like. ”
I sank slowly down between her legs and pushed warm waves of water towards her boobs with my hands as I asked, “What is your wish my queen?”
“Now my little slave, I require something…something of you…something you may have secretly wished for…something wonderful,” she said as her hands slowly moved from her chest to mine and she slid her nails forwards and backwards over my nipples as she seductively called out, “I require your full obedience.   You must obey my every command dear…not once but all. ”
I was getting hard and she could see it peak above the water as I slid my legs beside her arms and pulled her legs up around me and replied, “Yes my queen, how may I serve your needs tonight?”
“I wish you to allow me to fuck your asshole my slave,” she said devilishly smiling and with a little twinkle in her eyes she added, “In any way and with whatever I wish and when I wish my dominated little boy. ”
I smiled thinking she was referring to fingering me which she loved to do sometimes, I like it too but this wasn’t it.   I was so ignorant to think it was its funny now.   So I calmly replied, “May I turn and bend for your pleasure my queen?”
“Not now darling, but soon.   First I wish to enjoy you dry, remove me and towel me until I am no longer wet except for my soaking pussy.   Then kiss me from foot to head and I will tell you more,” she said presenting her hand for me to extract her by.


Soon after that I had her naked wet body cloaked in a large body towel and I was kneeling while I slowly dabbed her dry.   Then as commanded I kissed from her perfect little toes to her head and back and forth until I kissed every square inch of her body.   Then as I rose to look in her eyes I said, “Now my queen would you have me kiss you more often?”
“Yes slave, but first, I demand satisfaction,” she said walking sexily out of the bathroom and down the stairs toward our living room and the brilliant fire still burning in the fireplace.   Seating her long silky smooth legs along the barren five foot cherry coffee table she lowered herself on her side and right elbow as she demanded, “turn out the lights and devour me more. ”
I went and turned off the hall light and the two small night lights in the foyer, and then when only the fire lit her body I returned and began to kiss her from her toes upward.   I slid my mouth on her skin so easily and her scented and soft fragrance made my task a true pleasure.   When I allowed my mouth to rest upon her shaven soaking wet pussy I began to eat her with a furry.
Her moans were pleasing me as much as her, and with each lap my mouth and tongue made inside her, she began to flex her hips and legs.   Her wet snatch was oozing cream that was thick and tasty and ever so inviting me to continue.   When she began to groan and shiver, I forced my mouth deeper and was rewarded with a flood of heavy juices.   She continued flooding me for several minutes and until I felt her back arch and I could barely she her hands tugging on her firm nipples as she screamed out, “Yes slave that’s it, eat you queen more…more…. eat my pussy slave!”
The summer like breeze from the fire swept across her face and down her body, but it was as cold as the snow still falling compared to her.   She was now grinding her creamy pussy on my mouth and with her left hand now gripping my hair she was fucking my face the way she loved to and the way I wanted her to.   By the time she went into overdrive I felt her rushing liquids bathe me and the table for several very erotic moments.   Her collapse on the table and then lifting and parting of her pussy meant one thing.

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    It was time to fuck her again.
I mounted her and began to ride her like a cowboy on a bronco.   She was wilder than even I was use to as she made me fuck her harder and deeper moment after moment.   When I began to swell some time later and my cock began to pulse she went mad screaming, “Cum in my box and clean me afterwards slave. ”
Now I had eaten the cum from her twice before, once was the second time we made love many years ago.   I was so excited I couldn’t think of which would feel better, eating or fucking her and did both in the wrong order.   The second was when she got me drunk before graduation and ride me then rode my mouth and had I been sober I would probably have passed a little later as she managed to fuck herself that night on my feet hands, dick and face, and then she used my nose somehow.   All I know is that she was hot then and she was even hotter now, so I muffed dived as ordered this time by choice.
Marcia watched my mouth engulf her and then she used her legs to lock it in place.   Then using her hands she face fucked me in her cream and mine until I had eaten it hers and anything else falling from her wet pussy.   My cream was salty her was not.   My cream was hot hers was even hotter and heavier in flavor.   When I finished eating her pussy she released me from leg hold and demanded, “Now my slave march naked into our bedroom and seat your sexy body at my table.   Wait for me there and do not move. ”
I did as commanded and in the darkness it’s a bit tricky.

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    I managed to find her padded bench at her make up table and seated myself and waited.   It was just a few minutes then she came in with her hands behind her bare body.   Walking slowly and gracefully she flicked on the lights on the mirror and the two on her table and she smiled and sexily said, “Now my little slave boy, I must fix you for my next fantasy. ”
I knew what that meant.   She had done it before a couple of times, she was going to put her make up on me and then have me dress in her sexy clothes and make love to her again.   Now being that it was nearly midnight and I was somewhat weary I wondered if this shouldn’t wait for another time, as I replied, “My queen, what if I were to fall asleep on you, would you be angry?”
“Well now is my slave tired?” she asked watching me nod yes and then responded with, “Well if you can not please me I may need to hire more help. ”
I smiled thinking it was her way of telling me to stay awake, so I struggled to brighten up a bit and replied, “Forgive me my queen, I am a worthless worm. ”
“A worm yes, worthless no, you will be worthy of me soon.   Indeed you will be worthy of many things soon,” she said as she began to apply her wares to me.
I sat dreamily on the bench as she fixed my hair and then applied her light blue eye shadow and tones to my face and lips.   Tired as I was I managed to stay awake as she painted my finger nails bright red and my toes to match.   Then as she powdered my body she used a body massager on my dick while the puffy pad dabbed over my chest and belly.   Then finally satisfied she had me just right, she led me by my hand to her wardrobe and handed me a silky red gown that tied in front.   When she led me towards the bed, and seated me on the cedar chest at the base, I wondered what was next.  
She went back into her walk in closet and fumbled around for a few minutes before returning with our new digital camera and tripod.

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    Then she set it up and began to adjust it as she schooled me with, “Now I was thinking that I should record my new slave’s appearance and maybe even display it for others to enjoy. ”
She snapped several with me setting normal, then a couple with legs parted and my cock exposed fully.   Then she had me stand open the gown fully and fondled myself and get my cock to a semi hardness as she clicked more and more.   Then she had me remove the gown and bend over with my ass facing the camera as she slid behind me and cooed, “Now earlier you promised to obey me.   I keep you good to your word slave. ”
She moved her hands slowly over my ass and then as her long fingers glided past my asshole her thumb wet from her sucking it before slowly coated around my ass just as the camera clicked on auto.   Then she let her thumb probe inside me a bit as it repeated the exposure and when she started using her thumb as a dildo in my ass the motions got me hot.   My dick was now hard and ready.   Thinking this is what she wanted I asked, “May I make love to my queen?”
Coolly intending to seduce me into a new realm she replied, “Oh but yes my slave, after I am finished. ”
I peaked over my shoulder as she removed her toy dildo from box near our bed.   She then licked it and smoothed the outer surface of it with a warming jelly and slowly inserted it up my ass.   When she had it fully in me she retracted it slowly then inserted it fully again and again in a way that was making me hotter by the second.   Then she stopped long enough to reset the camera and began to fuck me with as she did I moaned from it.   Hearing me coo, she asked, “Would my slave enjoy a real cock in his ass sometime?”
Being very excited by all this I yelped back, “Oh but yes my queen.   Oh I would love my ass fucked if it amuses you.

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She was thrusting it faster and faster as she replied, “I would be so amused to see you fucked by some men, many men…men who would make you suck them also.   Would my slave be up to suck a big dick for his queen?”
“Hell yes!” I yelled out as she slid her free hand to my cock and started toying with my balls.   Then I feverishly said, “I would suck a dick for my queen anytime. ”
She spanked me slowly across my balls and then as she did it she said, “Would you feel it necessary to dress yourself as my maiden slave?”
“Yes my queen I would be glad to be your slave girl as well,” I said as my excitement got the best of me.
A flashing red light came from the camera and as it did she managed to slip her fingers in under my balls and twist them in a way I loved as she replied; “Now soon my slave girl you will get your wish. ”
With that she removed the dildo and then twisted me on my back and seated her wet pussy on my hard cock and rode me until I came.   We almost broke her cedar chest doing it like it was our stage.   When she felt me cum, she lifted her hot box up and on my mouth so fast all I could do was lick it out again.
After that we melded into the bed and slept well past sunrise.    I awoke sometime before nine to hear her soft voice whispering, “Rest my love.   Rest now and I will wake you when breakfast is ready. ”
It was noon when she came back and woke me and led me down to breakfast.   We ate naked many times and always wound up in each others arms playing with the left over food.   Then as her perky sweet nipples were at my mouth I covered them with grape jelly from biscuits and devoured them while she used her fingers to arouse her own self.   The escapade ended with the warm gravy coating her hot pussy and me eating from her and then me fucking her on the table while she nibbled on my tits.

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    When I came she made me eat her again this time by force, as she flipped me over and inverted her pussy to my mouth while she sucked me clean.
I was getting use to the taste of my hot cum by now and she could sense it.   So later on around two when she got me hot and had me fuck her on the deck in the snow again, she made me eat her while we lay freezing in the icy cold snow.   We both were frigid when came in and warmed slowly by the fire before bathing together to finish our thawing.
Then Marcia surprised me greatly by demanding, “Timmy I want to sell your ass on the internet to men.   Oh baby do I mean it. ”
“Where did that come from baby? Are you tired of me?” I asked.
“Now honey you know I wanted to see you done this way for a long time.   I think it would be so sexy to see you fucked while I watch, maybe then I might just let you watch me get fucked by two women.   Misty and Nancy want me so badly they can’t stand it any more, I could let them fuck me, but only after I get to watch you get screwed,” she said as she crawled into my lap and licked on my nipples and caressed my neck.
Misty and Nancy were her friends from work.   They weren’t ugly women by any means; on the contrary they were very pretty and very much older.   They both had nice bodies for middle aged women and I admit I had fantasized about seeing them rape her a few times.   As she worked my chest over I replied, “So if I bend and take it up the ass, you will spread at let those two eat you silly?”
Jumping a bit as she hugged me she said, “I will let them eat me until I cum and then I will eat them out while you video it.   If you like I will even let you choose which one of them goes first?”
“Well that sounds good, but what guy did you have in mind for me?” I asked in a way meant to end the fantasy instead of what it really did.

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She sat up looked in my eyes and said, “About two weeks ago I conceived this notion and set up a web page on a gay dating site.   I used some old photographs of you we took at the beach and sent them in. ”
“You did what?” I asked amazed at her for the first time in years.
Smiling at me she added, “I sent the ones in your bright red trunks and the guys went nuts for you.   I have had over thirty-nine men demand to fuck you silly.   One guy even wants to pay you for it. ”
“What did you say?” I asked in a sort of stunned manner.
“Well sweetheart…after I sent a picture from last night…and the video of you screaming for it, he offered me fifty dollars an hour for you per man,” she said slowly but in an excited way.
“Fifty dollars well now, per hour,” I sort repeated in a questioning manner as I sighed and said, “Well how many hours does he expect to do it?  How mean how long do you think he can go?”
She smiled and replied, “I don’t know maybe one or two at most.   You can find out tonight if you like?”
“How is that?” I asked quickly.
“He wants to come over at six…and he wants to do it tonight honey,” she said not even hinting that she had an alternative reason behind all of this.
“That’s a little sudden isn’t it?  I mean what does he look like?  Who is he?  How do you know he’s even going to be someone you would want to do it with me?” I asked in a manner that showed my concern and reluctance.
“Now Timmy, it will be okay.   He sent some pictures, come on and I will show you,” she said as she tugged me along behind her until we reach our computer desk.
The photo she had saved in the email was of a man in his mid to late forties.

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   Tall distinguished and sort of in shape.   He was not very hairy and looked like a business man wand seemed normal, until I saw his naked shots.   One had his seven inch cock that was sort of bent up a bit at the top, the other was of him naked spread eagle letting some young guy suck his dick.   The young guy was in another photo as well being fucked by him and as I starred at them I pictured myself in that place for the first time.   Then after reading a few of his heated emails I said, “Okay Marcia but you owe me big time for this.   Before the week ends you have to let me watch you get it on with those women. ”
Then it was off to bathroom and a shower, and a shave and a body work over and finally into Marcia’s realm for a facial and a makeover.   My nails on my feet and hands were still painted and needed little if any touching up, but she coated me with a sealer then had me let her give me an enema.   Before five thirty had arrived I was dressed in her silk red gown, my eyes and face painted well.   My powdered body scented with her perfume and my asshole was pre lubed with her cherry warming jelly very liberally.
Then I was led down to the den where it had been redone as well.   She had done it before she even asked me, as the cushions were in the floor and arranged in a sexual lair setting.   Four black candles lit the corners of the room and the video camera was mounted just out of sight ready for what was to happen.
At six the doorbell rang and as I had been placed in the padded rocker in the den, Marcia went and opened the door and gasped so loudly I heard her as she said, “Well come in. ”
I heard a soft deep voice ask, “I am looking for Timmy, is he ready?”
“Uh, yes and waiting in the sex lounge for you,” Marcia replied.

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“Here is the money, there’s enough there for five,” he said which sent shivers through my body thinking five hours wasn’t possible.
As my heart raced suddenly she appeared and ushered him in as I stood with my now rock hard cock popping out of the gown to greet him and to my surprise four other very younger men.   As Marcia moved out of the way he approached me with, “I am Britt, I have wanted to see you since I first saw your face at the plant six months ago, and if Marcia hadn’t put your face on the net I would never have known you were the one. ”
My heart stopped as I finally recognized him a couple of the others as the night shift.   He moved to me so quickly that I couldn’t run away.   Frozen in my tracks I allowed him to kiss me on the mouth as he slid his hands along my sides under the gown and on my ass.   I felt my body tremble in fear and excitement as he squeezed my ass tightly and when another boy removed the gown completely from me and started to paw my nipples from behind me I sighed mightily.   They lowered my naked flesh upon the soft cushions and as Britt parted my legs he exposed his perfect cock to me and inside me I felt his soft head push quickly.   Then as the black headed boy behind me stripped off his clothes his six inch rock hard dick fell to my cheek and I greeted it gently with my lips.   Britt was pushing deeper with each thrust as I gasped and accepted the cock of the stranger.   I may not have known how exactly to suck a dick then, but as Brit was striking me in the right place I learned.   Two other descended on me and began to suck tickle and lick my nipples while one of them toyed with my cock and soon I had so many on me that I wanted more.   Britt rode me with a steady pumping motion for such a long wonderful time that I sucked off the boy whose cock was my first and then started a younger almost teenage boy who was huge, almost nine inches and his Latin skin and manners were enticing me to enjoy him all the way.  
Britt began to pick up his pace just as I began to drain sperm from Julio the boy I was sucking.   When his warm salty flavor peeked in my pallet Britt flooded my ass with a hot gush of cream.


    Then as they moved off the other two took control of me.   It was so wild and sexually charged that before it was over, I sucked each one of them and allowed four to fuck me.   Then it ended.   I remained in the floor covered in cum and a bit dazed.   Britt was really sweet and whispered to me, “Your secret is safe with me, but if you would wish to work the night shift, I think we can make it worth it. ”
Marcia came in and cleaned me off with her mouth.   Then as I lay there she mounted me and rode me until I came which didn’t take long for either of us.   Then she pulled me into her arms and asked me, “Did you enjoy yourself darling?”
All I could whisper out was, “Yes more than ever. ”
She smiled and softly told me, “Now tomorrow night I will reward you as you have me.   I will let you watch me done this way exactly like this. ”
I replied, “What else may I do to please you my queen?”
She smiled and said, “I will let you know later. ”

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