A pack of girls


I met a guy in a bar once. He told me stories about his pack of girls, which he kept in a shed in his backyard. I did not believe him that time, I figured it was just the alcohol talking. But his story did intrigue me.. what if it was true? He told me he owned 4 beautiful girls: 2 blondes and 2 brunettes. The brunettes were sisters.Whenever he entered the shed all the girls crowded around him, enthousiastic to see him again. All trying to touch and kiss him! When he commanded them to get down, they all obeyed immediately, waiting for his next command. He had trained them well. However when he exposed his cock, they all went nuts! They all started licking it, pushing each other away from it, treating it like it was the most delicious thing on earth! Every single one of them tried to get a taste of his