Monstrous Sexy


It was a day like any other day. Leah and Kyrie were walking home from school. All the boys at school like them, because they were sluts, and guys are into that. Leah was a cute 16 year old blonde girl, who on this day was wearing a lovely pink flowered dress. Her friend Kyrie was a lovely brunette of 17 who was wearing her favorite outfit: jeans and a tight Bacon Brothers t-shirt. She loved the Bacon Brothers. Many a day she finger-frigged her fanny whilst dreaming of a hot three way between herself, Kevin, and Michael Bacon.
But that’s not what this story is about. This story is about the time they stumbled upon something quite unexpected in the bushes of the park. The park was on their way home from school. They often liked to wander off the walking path to make out in the bushes, as all teenage girls like to do. They had spread out a blanket to lay on in the wooden area of the park.
“Oh Leah, you look quite hot in that dress. Those flowers remind me of your stink flower. I’d like to put my fist inside you. ” said Kyrie.

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“Well, I suppose that’ll be alright. ” Leah responded, pulling down her panties.
Kyrie spat on her fingers to get them moistened up and wiggled them into Leah’s loose slutty puss one by one until she was wrist-deep.
“This is boring, let’s do something else. ” Kyrie said, dislodging her appendage from her friend.
“Alright. ” said Leah, and promptly removed her friend’s cool t-shirt to get her hands on the lovely knockers. “Hey Kyrie, you’ve got nice knockers. ”
“Oh thanks, Leah, I like yours as well. ”
“Aww,” said Leah “it’s nice of us to compliment each other. We’re polite. ”
So the girls sucked on each other’s meat balloons for awhile until they heard some rustling nearby.
“Hold on Leah, I hear some rustling nearby!” exclaimed Kyrie.
“Let us investigate!” Leah exclaimed, in a similar fashion.
They girls covered their chesticles and set off for the noisy bushes.


   When they got there they could scarcely believe their eyes. Before them was a creature that stood no higher than their waists. It was greeny looking and had two big hands and two little hands. It’s mouth was as large and round as a football, but the teeth it was full of were stumpy and soft-looking. It’s eyes looked in different directions, which reminded Leah of her Uncle Pete, because he had a lazy eye.
“Oh piss, it’s a monster!” screamed Kyrie.
“And it has a lazy eye!” screamed Leah.
“Hey ladies, be cool please, I’m not a scary monster, I’m a hot sex monster, alright?” said the monster.
“What the piss is a hot sex monster?” asked Kyrie.
“Well,” said the monster “I’m similar to a regular monster, but instead of scaring ladies, I roger them”
“That’s logical” said Leah and took off her dress.
Kyrie thought her friend must be mad, until she saw the monster’s huge erection. It came out of his belly like a dog or something, and it was all large. He put his great dong inside Leah’s waiting hoo-hah and thrusted like a mad man. Except he was a monster, rather than a man.
“Oh shite, Monster, you’d great at sex!” moaned Leah, as she came.

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“Well I don’t wish to be left out of this!” said Kyrie, removing her clothing. “Will you bang me too, Monster?”
“In a minute bitch, I’m not done with your friend!” replied the monster.
“Who are you calling a bitch, you twat?” yelled Kyrie.
“Aw, he didn’t mean it Kyrie, Monsters just get rude when they’re about to cum, I saw it on the
Science Channel. ” said Leah
“Leah, you’re so smart” said Kyrie “I guess I won’t hold it against the Monster. Sorry I called you a twat, Monster, will you put your big green dong in my bottom?”
“Hold on a bit, brown hair girl, I’m going to cum on your friend’s tits now” replied the monster. He withdrew his monstrous pecker and sure enough came all over Leah’s tits. The girls were surprised to see that the monster’s sex wee was just white like people jizz.
Kyrie knelt in front of her well-fucked friend and started licking the monster’s semen from Leah’s perky titties. Since her ass was in the air already, the monster went on and popped his hard on into it.
“Oh yeah, your arse is nice and tight, not like your friend’s loose vag. ” said the monster.
“You rotten pisser, my vag isn’t loose!” yelled Leah.
“Actually, it is a bit” said Kyrie. “That monster’s got you there, how’d you think I fit my whole fist in?”
“Oh piss” said Leah.

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“Don’t worry, you can do kegels if you want to be tighter, oh fuck, I’m coming!” said the monster.
With that, he pulled his business from Kyrie’s tight bum and skee skee skeed all over both ladies. Then he disappeared. Because monsters are magical and all. After that the girls walked home and didn’t even shower, the nasty slags.