Seduction pt 2


I'd racked my brain on how to get closer to my step-dad in a nonchalant sort of way. - I had it,I'd play the fear factor. But how?

I pondered this for sometime until I realised mum had a night off so to speak,not regularly you understand,but irregularly - I don't mean 'night off from work' I mean from going to bed with my step-dad. She'd have a night out with her mate and to avoid disturbing us,she'd come home rather drunk usually and use the granny room. This being off at the side and fully contained. It meant that after we'd put the heat on,she'd come to the side entrance,while we'd locked up the main house and gone to bed.

Being of the aforesaid mind,I reckoned she'd done it from the beginning so my step-dad wouldn't feel the other blokes cum still up inside her. . . My friend reckoned it was my dirty mind and she was justsmashed. mmm! I told her,she always said she's a lot like me and that would be why I would use the granny room. "OOO You! You're a dirty cat,yeah when you're all married,I bet you will be like that too"

So,this was what I'd decided,I'd plan to sleep on the settee,saying to him after mum was gone and he'd as usual tell me to go to bed before I fell asleep. - "Just a little longer,I had a horrible dream last night and I'm not sure I want another tonight" I was sure he'd give in to me,I planned to make sure it was a pleasant view he could enjoy. Then after awhile I'd coax him in to sitting in with me on the settee. - Well,I'd better tell you like it was - Well,it happened as I planned and we'd got to me laying in my PJs while he sat over across from me,I knew he was watching my every move and after a while,having fidgeted,making sure my top rose enough to suggest my tits may be without bra and helping the bottoms legs rise up somewhere near the knees,to which I turned on my back and grizzled, - "Oh these damn legs,they always do that.

Exaggerating my movements of opening my legs to let my petite torso go between my knees to reach down then push the legs of the PJs down.

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   This in turn, made the crotch press against my pussy and also I made a great deal of then pulling the crotch away from my pussy saying, - "Damn things,I aught to take them off" - "Not down here you don't missy,why not go off to bed,then you could" - I gave him a filthy look as though I was really pissy with his comment, - "Alright! Alright! I know,you're scared of dreaming" - "I aught to have got that car blanket,then I'd be covered" - Of course I had no intention of taking the bottoms off,it was just to get him thinking in the right direction. . . WELL!!!

"Hold on,I'll go and get it if it'll make you happier" He was gone. In no time he was back and tucked it around me. I fidgeted a bit just to make him wonder if I'd taken the bottoms off. He was watching out the corner of his eye,but could see nothing. Then I settled. . . my timing was everything. Now as tho' I had dozed off,I turned on to my back from my curled up position. He was watching me. As tho' still sleeping I mumbled as in a dream and brought my knees up. - By this action,I knew my legs had raised the blanket's bottom edge just about enough to let him try to see if I had in fact taken my PJ bottoms off.

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He took the bait,. I watched thro' closed lids as he slowly slid down in his seat trying to look under the blanket to see what there was to see. I could also see, his mind was running amok as I noticed a certain bulge appear in his pants. I had him! I had him just as I planned. - Letting my feet drop back to a flat stance,I half opened my eyes and said, -"That was horrible,I'm glad I woke back up. . . Will you sit over here by me,I'd feel all safe then" - He seemed reluctant but nevertheless moved on to the end of the settee. - "There,that better?" - "Better if you were under the blanket!" - He pulled it clear, - I knew this was done to see if I'd taken my PJ bottom off,because I seen his eyes peer under and the disappointed look he failed to hide.

Soon it became warmer than before and I pushed the top down some. - His eyes studied my little hard nipples quite blatantly. - "Hot are you?" - "Yeah" - "But its confi' don't you think,just you and me all wrapped up together" - A tingle ran down my back,I wanted to say,play with me,but I just thought about him doing it. - "I still feel scared,I wont get to sleep now!" - I turned my back towards him. Now my legs was over his and he had his hand on my hip,it was just lying there. - I stayed like that for a while then I turned over even more and I knew I had my pussy somewhere near to his crotch.

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I settled until he said,- "That better,you gone asleep now" - I flinched my hips and dreamily said, - "No,not yet" - He started patting my bum cheek,I felt it and did in fact start to drift dreamily,then I was awake again as I felt his hand go under my PJ waist band and go on patting and now smoothing my bum. - I lay enjoying the feeling and I knew it was making my pussy damp. Then I marvelled as I felt his hand while smoothing me begin to change position until I felt his fingers going under the tighter waistband of my panties.

His fingers were exploring the smoothness of my bum cheeks skin and I knew my pussy was now wet rather than damp. I also felt some pressure at my crotch,his dick was near it and rising in a bulge I suspected. That must be uncomfortable I thought but just lay still as his hand smoothed and patted me on my naked ass. You asleep,I never responded,but I knew he thought I was and waited for what he would do next. - SHIT! There was a noise outside,just as his finger tips touched the crease of my ass,something had crashed over,- Fuck mum was back and obviously pissed as she clicked the door and I could here her saying to herself I assumed, - "Bugger,Oh yes into the granny room!"

In that moment,my step-dad had removed himself from the settee and bending in close,kissed me on the forehead, - "Goodnight sleeping beauty,next time eh!" - Did he know I was still awake or not? - I took a look,yes I'd given him a hardon,that was plainly obvious. As he left the room,I felt myself, fuck was I wet? Bloody soaking. . . its going to have to be. . . pt 3.

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