The OPP 3


Topic: OPP Chapter 3 Sarah looked through the window to watch her friend. The room was filled on both sides with what looked like bushes or small trees; Emma was walking slowly across a clearing of lush green grass. Sarah was looking around to see what sort of creature this Shriivaak thing was but couldn't see anything out of the ordinary. Emma had stopped in the middle of the clearing about 15 feet from the window and turned to look at Sarah, she smiled and waved. Sarah smiled and raised her hand to wave back. She saw something shoot across the clearing and gave a shriek as it whipped around Emma’s waist.
It was long, greenish brown and was as thick as Emma’s arm, Sarah followed it back to see what creature it belonged to but it just disappeared into the foliage. Sarah pressed herself against the glass but saw that Emma was smiling, apparently in no distress. Emma raised a hand to wave; another thing shot out, a little thinner than the first and wrapped itself around her wrist, quickly followed by more. In an instant Emma’s arms and legs were held fast by these things. Sarah stared at them, what she had first taken to be some sort of vine was in fact part of an animal, the thickest one, holding her waist, undulated along its length; Sarah could now see it had suckers on the underside, rather like an octopus. All the tentacles had suckers and the ones holding Emma’s wrists and ankles, the girl was struggling but her limbs were slowly pulled apart, stretching her spread-eagled above the ground. Sarah could now see that some sort of slimy substance was being secreted by the tentacles, and her friend’s body was soon glistening from the stuff. Another tentacle shot from the bushes and wrapped itself around Emma’s throat, Emma smiled, tilted her head back and opened her mouth, the tentacle slid around her throat, the free end growing longer, it waved in the air for a moment, reminding Sarah of a snake swaying before a snake charmers pipe, and then slid into Emma’s open mouth.  
"It must be going all the way into her belly. " gasped Sarah as more of the thing slithered around her throat and slid into the girl’s mouth.

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   "Is it going to lay eggs?" asked Sarah turning to Siree.
"No mistress," answered the blue giantess, "it is inserting enzymes to prepare your friend. Do not worry they are harmless and have no lasting side effects, the eggs will be placed inside her through her cunt. "
Sarah again blushed at the blue woman’s crude use of words, she glanced at Siree and wondered if the alien was purposefully doing it to see her blush. Sarah turned back to the window, her friend was struggling weakly in the grip of the tentacles, Sarah could see the ones on her arms and legs tighten and pull harder to stretch her out. She turned back to Siree, "Are you sure they are not hurting her?"
Siree turned her beautiful eyes to Sarah, "Your friend is perfectly safe mistress, there are some rooms where pain is inflicted to those that want it,” she reached out and stroked Sarah’s arm reassuringly, “this is not one of them. "
"Oh. " said Sarah, she turned back to watch the tentacle pulsating as it pumped, whatever down Emma’s throat. "Have you ever been with any of these. . . . . . ’ Sarah couldn't think of a collective name, "of these" she finished lamely waving her hand to encompass all of the rooms.

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Siree smiled down at her, "No mistress I have only coupled with my own species. . . . . . . . so far" she added after a pause, her hand lingered on Sarah’s arm for a while longer and then she removed it, turning to look at what was happening in the room.
Sarah never noticed the pause but she looked at her arm where Siree had touched her, and looked at the tall alien before pressing her face against the window, Emma now hung limp in the grip of the tentacles. "She's passed out!" she cried.
"No mistress, the enzymes have begun to work, she is fully aware of what is happening. "
"Oh. " said Sarah, "OOOOHHH LOOK!"
From the bushes a "thing" appeared, it seemed to be a cross between a slug and a caterpillar, two huge compound eyes, rather like a fly's, sat on the top, Sarah couldn't bring herself to think of it as a head as it seemed just one big lump. It was reticulated like a caterpillar but slithered along the ground like a slug.

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   It was about the size of a horse and moved rather quickly considering it’s size and how it got along. Two more tentacles shot out from the thing, much thinner than the rest and almost transparent, these wrapped themselves around Emma’s breasts, which had grown considerably whilst Sarah’s attention was on the appearance of the Shriivaak. The tentacles squeezed the distended breasts and milk squirted out across the clearing, a few drops hitting the window.  
Sarah gasped, "Oh just like Becky" she whispered. She watched mesmerised as the ends of the two tentacles gripping her friends breasts opened up like funnels and attached themselves to the spurting nipples. She watched them undulating and could clearly see the milk being pushed along them. Emma was lifted higher into the air as the thing got closer to her. It seemed to gather in upon itself, getting taller, Sally could see where all the tentacles were attached in two rows to the main body of the thing. In the middle of the two rows of tentacles was a lighter patch of what looked like pairs of square plates. The plates snapped open and moved apart revealing a cavity, somewhat like a bucket seat. The cavity was oozing slime and Sarah watched as a lump at the base of the cavity grew. It was green and covered in bumps and tiny waving red tendrils. Slime oozed out from large pores and Sarah watched, suddenly envious, as her friend was lowered towards the 'cock' as Sarah assumed it was, or at least that was its function.
"The red tendrils are very sensitive and give the Shriivaak pleasure while coupling. " said Siree helpfully, "your friend has been impaled on it many times.

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 Sarah suddenly realised that her gown was open and she was rubbing her own cunt, she no longer cared who saw her and began to squeeze her own left breast, pinching and twisting on the nipple that grew hard between her fingers.
Emma was struggling weakly as Sarah watched her being lowered onto the big ugly cock. She saw her friend’s pussy lips being spread open to receive it and then the tentacles plumped her down on it hard. She was then lifted up and then down again, like the creature was using her to masturbate. Sarah gave a cry as an orgasm rushed through her body. She leaned against the window, her forehead against the cool glass, unable to take her eyes from the sight of her best friend being fucked by a nightmare for outer space. Suddenly the thing started to shudder and rammed Emma down onto its cock. Where they were joined Sarah could see the base of the cock pulsating as something was being pumped into Emma’s cunt. She stared wide eyed as her friend belly began to swell; soon she looked like she was eight months pregnant. The thing gave a final shudder and then lifted the limp body off its rapidly shrinking cock, a bluish white substance oozed from her gaping cunt and ran down her legs. Emma’s slime covered body was dumped unceremoniously onto the ground as the slug like creature withdrew it’s tentacles and slithered back into the concealing foliage.
 Emma had got to her knees and smiled weakly at Sarah, Sarah smiled back and waved, she looked at Siree and the alien pressed a switch.
 "A. . are you alright?" asked Sarah.

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 Emma smiled, "Ohh yesssss, that was fantastic, its cock feels so good inside you. " her hands were rubbing her slime coated belly as she spoke, "the bumps on it really drive you wild and. . . . . . . oohh they are moving!" 
Sarah\'s mouth dropped open as she saw lumps appearing on the swollen belly of her friend, something was moving inside her and she could clearly see them rippling through the skin.
 "You really have to watch this" gasped Emma as she cumbersomely lay on her back and pulled up her knee\'s, her thighs spread wide. She sat up as far as she could, resting on her elbows. Looking down between her own spread thighs.
Sally stared at the wet glistening pussy of her friend and then gave an involuntary cry as a small green tentacle pushed out of the glistening slit. Another followed then another, till Sarah couldn\'t tell how many were there. She watched fascinated as her friends cunt slowly started to open and a green purplish lump appeared, a loud moan came from Emma.

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   The tentacles pushed on the side of her opening and suddenly the body of the thing shot out onto the ground where it writhed and struggled to get out of a kind of membrane. It was about 8 inches long, thicker than Sarah\'s arm and probably the ugliest thing she had ever seen. She looked up at Emma’s face and saw that her friends head was thrown back.
"Did that hurt?" she asked anxiously.
"Oooohhhh nooo," murmered Emma, raising hr head to look at her friend, " quite the opposite it was. . . . aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
Sally watched more tentacles emerge from the still gaping hole as the next little monster started its struggle out into the light. This one emerged quicker as the way was obviously easier after the first had "blazed" the trail. "H. . . how many will be in her?" Sarah asked Siree, unable to take her eyes off the next one slithering out.
"There will be probably 8 or 9, that is the usual, although there have been as many as 20 in some.

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Sarah watched as the first thing to emerge was now slithering up the rounded belly of her friend. As it got to her swollen tits a small tentacle emerged to cover the nipple of one of the still leaking breasts, Sally could see milk being sucked down the tube into the slimy creature. Emma was crooning at it and stroking it as it suckled; another was making its way up to the spare tit. Emma's crooning was interrupted by moans of pleasure as one after the other the things slid out of her belly.
Sarah counted 9 of the things slithering and writhing around and all over their "mother", two of the beasts were suckling on Emma’s large milk filled tits, the others were crawling all over her body, seemingly awaiting their tuen. Sarah shuddered trying to imagine what it must feel like. Emma's belly had visibly gone down, and seemed like it would be back to normal very soon. She wondered why there were no stretch marks if Emma had done this many times, and asked Siree.  
“Have you not seen any of the medications that have been introduced to your planet from the peoples of the Universe?” asked Siree seeming to be a little astonished at Sarah’s ignorance.
Sarah blushed a, little embarrassed, “Well not really, I ha………”
Suddenly a bright blue streak appeared from the opposite side of the clearing and a tentacle grabbed one of the creatures, which gave a loud squeal as it was whisked off into the bushes. Two more tentacles appeared and two more of the “babies” were grabbed, the remaining creatures slid off rapidly in the opposite direction squealing loudly.
Sarah turned to Siree in panic, "WHAT'S HAPPENING??" 
Siree put a comforting hand on her shoulder, "Don't worry mistress, watch. "
Sarah turned back to the window and saw her friend struggling to get to her feet, she didn't notice as Siree slid the robe from her body leaving her standing naked.
Emma was almost standing as the first tentacle wrapped around her leg, very quickly two more wrapped around her waist and another around her wrist, Emma pulled against them but was held fast. Another creature slithered from the bushes.

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   It more closely resembled a slug and was, if anything, more hideous than its predecessor. Four eyes on stalks bobbed up and down as it slithered into view, the stalks they were on grew until they were regarding Emma from all sides.  
“What’s that?”
“There are many species of Shriivaak, but they all share a common origin. ” 
Sarah hardly noticed that Siree’s hand stayed on her shoulder; she was a little worried by the things mouth, which seemed to take up half of the body of the thing, and was filled with large pointed teeth. Emma was now held fast about 5 feet from the ground, as before her arms and legs were spread wide and a tentacle slid down her throat pumping more stuff into her belly. Her tits grew even bigger and milk was squirting out everywhere before two tentacles wrapped around them and started to suckle. Two very thin tentacles appeared and Sarah saw that they had tiny pincers at the end. These moved to Emma’s crotch and took hold of her pussy lips, pulling them apart, spreading her wide. Sarah looked at the creature expecting another cavity to open, but instead a thick slimy tentacle slowly emerged, slithering across the grass for a while before rearing up and plunging straight into Emma’s cunt.
Emma's body jerked as the thick cock-like appendage drove inside her; it pumped in and out as Emma thrashed around as much as the restraining tentacles would allow her. Sarah gasped as she could see four large lumps travelling along the slimy length that was fucking her friend. They were the size of grapefruit and were obviously the eggs of the creature. The first reached the stretched hole of Emma and for a moment was stuck at the entrance. Sarah wondered how it was going to get inside when she saw her friends cunt slowly stretch around it and the first one disappeared. The other three followed quickly now that her hole was so stretched, Sarah expected the thing to withdraw as the other had, but it still continued to fuck her.

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   Another tentacle appeared and this one pushed its way into the ass hole of Emma. Emma was speared on two stalks, both fucking her like crazy.
Sarah turned to Siree, "Aren\'t the eggs going to hatch now?"  
"Not yet," tinkled Siree, "this Shriivaak now fucks her cunt to fertilise the eggs inside the host, it is fucking her ass merely for its own pleasure. "
"Oh. " Sarah felt her face burn again at Siree's crude language; still she did find it stimulating. She was interrupted in her musings by a loud undulating howl.  
"What's that?"
Siree gave her tinkling laugh, "It is merely the Shriivaak cumming. "
Sarah looked at the scene before her, the beast was waving it's unused tentacles in the air as it came, she thought that Emma may be coming too the way her body was thrashing around. A thick milky blue fluid was squirting out of Emma’s cunt around the thick obstacle that blocked it.
Suddenly it withdrew and a stream of the blue stuff gushed out of Emma as she was dumped on the ground as before and the beast, now satisfied, slithered back into the bushes.
Emma lay on her back her legs splayed wide as Sarah saw her huge belly begin to move. She began to moan as tentacles began to appear out of her slime covered hole, these things were at least twice as big as the previous ones and took longer to force their way out, and, as if it were possible Sarah thought, they were even uglier than their predecessors. But soon there were four of the little monsters slithering over Emma and fighting to suckle on her tit's. As before a tentacle came out of nowhere to grab a wriggling thing.
“ANOTHER??” cried Sarah.

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