Woman Discovers Bigfoot Exists


Melinda Baker had rarely been this stressed and overworked. Her job as an investment banker was forcing her to work long hours while trying out-guess the mood swings of an economy spiraling down the toilet.
It was in late April that she decided she needed a break. Her college roommate lived in Minneapolis. Melinda decided to take a couple of weeks off and drive from Seattle to spend some time with her friend. Her husband and two teenagers were more than capable of taking care of themselves. In fact, considering how busy she had been at work, they’d hardly notice that she was gone.
After a frenzied week of working to prepare things for her absence, Melinda set off on a Saturday morning. Her Lexus LX08 had just a few thousand miles on it and she had little doubt that it would be reliable for her driving trip. With a box of her favorite CDs in the passenger seat, she started her journey.
While a 22-hour one-way drive might seem insane, Melinda was cherishing the alone/down time. She planned to take her time, stop and sight see. She figured she could push it harder on the return trip and that she could still spend a week with her friend.
On Monday, her third day, she crossed into Montana. She saw a sign for a state park and decided to do a little exploring of Big Sky country. It was a glorious sunny spring day, the temperature was in the 70s.


   The idea of getting some outdoor time was alluring.
She followed the signs, exiting onto a two-lane road and then entering the park. She followed the curving paved road for a few miles, driving slowly. She saw a dirt road and decided to follow it. After a few twists and turns, she came to a widened parking area. There was a sign that said “Hiking Trail. ”
She parked and got out. She put her keys and cell phone in her fanny pack, locked her car and started to walk.
After a few hundred yards, the trail moved out of the heavy woods and revealed a large meadow with waving green grass. She walked across it until she came to a large boulder. She climbed up and leaned back on the sun-warmed rock.
The tension and pressure she had been feeling at work was being purged from her body and mind. She sighed as she soaked up the sun and looked into the crystal blue sky.
“I am soooo glad I did this,’’ she thought to herself. “Sometimes a girl just has to get away from everything.

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Melinda was so relaxed she drifted off. When she woke, she realized that the sun was starting to slide toward the horizon. She glanced at her watch. “Wow, it’s almost five,’’ she thought. “I need to get on down the road and find a hotel. ’’
She walked back through the grass, heading for the trail. If she had been “on alert” her senses might have warned her that someone was watching.
Melinda reached the trail and realized the sun had slid behind the impossibly tall trees. Dusk was falling on the forest. As she walked to her car, the light suggested more early evening than late afternoon.
A few steps from her SUV, she started to reach into her fanny pack for her keys. She heard a SNAP, a branch breaking. She immediately froze. “Who could be out here? I don’t see any other cars,” she thought, the back of her neck tingling in alarm.
Melinda thought she heard a muffled foot step behind her.

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   She turned, caught sight of a huge, looming figure. She started to scream but a giant furry hand with a leathery paw closed over her lower face, muffling the sound. She fainted.

His cave
Melinda’s mind was playing tricks. She knew she wasn’t asleep but she wasn’t awake. She couldn’t see anything. She didn’t know if her eyes were open or not. At the edges of her consciousness, she had the troubling feeling of danger and fear. Everything was fuzzy.
Slowly she felt herself regaining her senses. She felt like she was slowly climbing up from a dark well.
When her eyes fluttered open, she tried to make sense of her surroundings. Everywhere she looked there was rock. She realized she was in a cave; there was flickering light coming from a couple of crude torches and a campfire. Her nostrils flared at the smoky smell.

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Suddenly she realized that she was restrained. Her adrenaline started to flow. She glanced at her wrists and ankles and saw they were secured to a couple of columns (stalagtytes and stalagmytes). Her arms were stretched slightly up at an angle and her legs were spread so that her feet were about shoulder width apart.
Panic and fear were racing through her nervous system. She gathered a shaky breath and yelled. “Help!!!!. Help me, please!!!!” She was answered only by the sound of her voice echoing off the stone walls. She tried again, louder.
Melinda felt like her heart was going to pound through her chest. She felt as though she would hyperventilate. She closed her eyes and tried to calm herself.
She sensed movement and opened her eyes. Before her was a creature. “IIIIEAAAHHHAAAHHHH.

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  ” Her piercing scream echoed and reverberated off the stone walls.
An objective observer would say that he was evidence that Big Foot exists. He was well over 7-feet tall, with broad shoulders and a bulky torso. His face resembled Chewbacca from Star Wars. He was covered in dark brown and black fur.
Melinda was about 5-foot-3; she craned her head back to look at the creature who had kidnapped her. Her mind flashed a cinematic equivalent to her predicament _ she was King Kong’s prize, the sacrifice the natives had tied to please the beast.
Her desperate screams and cries continued until she was hoarse. Melinda was on the verge of tears. There was bile rising in her throat and she started to gag and cough.
The Creature moved away, behind her, then returned. In his hand was a gourd that to him was a simple drinking utensil. To Melinda, it was more like a large mixing bowl.

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He placed the gourd against her lips and tilted it. Cool water. She opened her mouth and drank. It calmed her somewhat.
The Creature kept tilting the gourd. It was too wide for her mouth and the water started to spill. He emptied the gourd and the overflow spilled down her front, soaking her blue work shirt blouse.
The cave was cold and damp; along with the cool water, her nipples hardened and poked against the wet fabric.
The Creature tossed aside the gourd. Melinda followed where his eyes were gazing. She looked down at her wet blouse that was plastered against her full breasts. She felt a chill run up her spine. Had she been looking at his face, she would have noticed the corners of his mouth curling upward in a slight smile.

He kneeled down in front of her. Now they were almost the same height.

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Melinda was looking at his face again but there was no hint of emotion or intent.
“Please, let me go,’’ she said in a quiet, calmer voice. If he understood _ and that was doubtful _ her words had no impact.
Melinda noticed a movement. His right hand/paw was moving up toward her chest. His index finger, which had a pointed half-inch nail/claw, extended toward the tip of her breast. She caught her breath as the nail poked at her hard nipple.
“NOOOOOOooooo. Don’t. Don’t touch me. ’’
He lightly traced around the nub, which hardened even more. His hand moved to her other breast and repeated its light probing of that pleasure bud.
Melinda again felt like she would faint. She shook her head, trying to retain a grip on reality. “No, I can’t faint.

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   Who knows what he might do to me,’’ she thought.
Both of his large paws cupped her breasts, lifting them. His thick thumbs rubbed over the hard nipples, flicking them through the cloth. He flattened both of her mounds with his palms, rubbing them against her chest.
“AAAhhhhaaammm,” she gasped. Melinda realized he was handling her breasts in a gentle yet commanding manner.
While one hand moved back and forth between her breasts, the other moved up and his finger pad traced over her full lips, feeling their softness. Then he moved his hand up and ran his fingers through her dark hair.
The Creature then stopped his fondling and reached for something on the stone floor. He held it in his left and rubbed the claw/nail of his right forefinger back and forth over the rough stone. Melinda could hear a rasping noise.
Like any good craftsman, he was preparing a tool for the job.
Satisfied that the nail had been sharpened sufficiently, he plucked at the left sleeve of Melinda’s blouse. Holding it away from her arm, he poked the nail through the cloth and sawed it back and forth, slowly increasing the size of the hole it had made.
Melinda watched, eyes wide.

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   “What are you doing?’’ she rasped, her strained voice not much above a whisper. “God, no, please, don’t. ’’
When the hole was large enough, he slipped a finger from each hand into the space and pulled in opposite directions. The sound of the tearing cloth shattered the cave’s silence as he split the sleeve from cuff to collar.
“GGNNAANNNGAAAooooo,’’ she moaned, the full realization of her fate beginning to descend upon her.
Patiently, he applied the same method to the other sleeve. And again, there was a loud RRRRIPPPPPP as the sleeve became two tattered pieces of cloth. Her arms were exposed from the shoulders down, the remnants of the sleeves hanging uselessly.
He then set to work on the buttons of her blouse. The nail worked its way under the top button. This time he applied his thumb and gave a yank. Melinda felt her blouse pulled against her back and then the button popped free. One by one, he plucked the buttons off her blouse. As it hung open, it revealed the white camisole she wore underneath.
His hands moved to the collar of her blouse on the right side of her neck.

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   He ripped apart what little material was remaining, then did the same on the other side. Her blouse, what was left of it, floated to the stone floor.
Melinda was breathing hard, her breasts rising and falling. Her camisole was wet from the spilled water and it clung to her mounds. Her dark, hard nipples and her areolas were prominent against the thin material.
The Creature used his claw on the right spaghetti strap of her camisole. It seemed to take forever but he eventually sawed through it. He repeated the procedure on the other strap.
All that was keeping her top on her breasts was the clinging of the wet cloth. She looked down, staring in fascination, as he hooked his nail on the cloth between her breasts and slowly dragged it down and off.
She heard a slight guttural growl, the first sound that had come from her captor/tormentor.
Her naked breasts were glistening in the firelight from the water and from the sweat of arousal that Melinda had no way of controlling.
She watched as his fingernail repeated its earlier explorations; this time there was no cloth to diffuse the contact. The point of his nail poked her right nipple and Melinda gasped. He proceeded to lightly trace around the rock-hard nub with his nail, the stimulus causing the areola to goose bump.


“Good gawd,’’ she thought, “I’m being raped but I feel like I’m being seduced. ’’
His sharp claw/nail proceded to her left nipple and repeated its teasing exploration. Then he took each protrusion between his thumbs and forefingers and rolled the nubs. He pulled them upward, lifting her breasts. He let go and her firm mounds bounced and jiggled as they returned to their normal positions.
The Creature continued to play with her mounds, using his huge hands to mold and fondle.
Then he leaned his head toward her left breast. As he got closer, she got a whiff of his scent _ an animal, musky, damp dog type of smell. Then her eyes widened as his long tongue snaked out of his mouth and made contact with her hard nipple.
Melinda gasped at the electric-like sensation that shot from her nipple to her pussy. His tongue was powerful and limber and he proceeded to lick and lap her nub in ways she had never experienced.
Then he lapped the flat part of his tongue up and down over the tip of her breast. It felt like wet sand paper.
As his tongue busied itself, he brought his large hand up to cup her right breast. The leathery palm of his hand rubbed back and forth over that erect nub.


   The two sensations were different but maddeningly stimulating .
After he had satisfied his desire for breast play, The Creature’s hands made their way down over her torso to her hips.
Her shorts were beltless under her fanny pack. His fingers traced over the fanny pack belt as if he was testing its strength. He grabbed it in both hands near the buckle and yanked. The plastic was no match for his strength and it broke. He flung the fanny pack into a far corner of the cave.
Melinda’s arousal was interrupted by the reality that her fanny pack contained her car keys and cell phone. She made a mental note of the general direction the pack flew.
While removing her blouse and camisole had been a patient procedure, The Creature was ready to see all of his captive. He yanked at her shorts; the button gave way and then the zipper was pulled apart with another large ripping sound. He yanked them as far down her spread legs as they would go then he grabbed them at the apex of the zipper and simply ripped them in two.
Melinda heard another throaty growl as The Creature looked at her white panties. His finger traced up and down over her mound, pushing between her lips.
“AAAGHhhhHH,’’ she gasped.

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   “Nooooo. PLEASE, don’t touch me there. ’’
She felt the pointy nail prodding just above her mound. Then his hairy knuckle, which was twice the size of any man’s, started to rub up and down her slit, pushing at her pussy lips through the soft material of her panties.
Melinda knew she was wet. The thought of being aroused by this creature was insane but the way he had slowly stripped and fondled her had put her body on auto pilot.
After rubbing his knuckle back and forth a few times, he brought it to his nose and sniffed. Another growl, one that could have been interpreted as a sound of satisfaction.
He hooked his fingers in the waist band of her panties, at her hips. With a quick yank, the seams on both sides gave way. Other than the ruined camisole that was bunched just above her waist, Melinda naked but for her tennis shoes and socks.
The Creature again used his thick knuckle to rub up and down her slit. Melinda trembled as it rubbed over her erect clit, then down between her sweet lips. Each passage of his knuckle was different _ soft and teasing; slightly harder, then rough and demanding. When that method rubbed near the top of her slit and crushed her clit, Melinda moaned.

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She had not given much thought how this foreplay was effecting The Creature. She found out when he stopped diddling her pussy and stood up.
Pointed directly at her face was his rock hard cock. It was a 12-incher, brownish in color, like a tree branch. The swollen round head was a darker brown. His cock curved upward.
He gripped the base of his cock and moved closer to her.
She turned her face away but his other hand reached behind her head and gripped her hair. Melinda realized that with his strength and power plus her helplessness, resisting his assault was a losing proposition.
He forced her face back to his cock. He used his other hand to lower its angle so that the bloated head touched her lips. He rubbed his cock head back and forth over her lips. His pre cum was copious and it coated her lips.

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The Creature continued to bump his cock against her lips while pulling her head forward with his other hand. Melinda finally gave in and opened her mouth wide. The head of his cock filled her mouth. Her tongue washed over the invader and a slight spurt of pre cum gave her a taste. It was salty with a vaguely nutty flavor.
He began to slowly stroke his cock in and out of her wet mouth. Both hands were on her head now, keeping it in place and helping guide his face fucking motions. Melinda could only handle about half his length and her tongue had little room to maneuver as she tried to swath his swollen cock head.
Without warning, The Creature started to shoot his wad. The first spurt battered the back of Melinda’s throat. The first load of jizz was amazingly large and she was afraid she might choke.
But The Creature had other plans. He pulled his hips back, slipping his cock out of her mouth. The second spurt, as large as the first, shot upward; Melinda could feel it splat in her hair.
He fisted his cock and leaned back on his haunches.

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   The next shot hit her chin. He lowered his aim as his cock continued to spurt copious amounts of Creature cream. He coated her breasts with the jizz, which was thick like icing. Drops clung to her hard nipples.
When his cock stopped spurting, his hands moved to her cum-coated breasts. He rubbed them, massaging and spreading his seed over her mounds.
The Creature stood up and Melinda was stunned to see that his cock was still fully erect. He reached up and untied one of her wrists and then the other. He pushed her back, supporting her with one hand. Melinda felt her ass make contact with something. He kept leaning her backward until she was supine on a large flat rock. He retied her hands above her head.
The Creature kneeled between her splayed legs. His tongue moved over her thighs and then up to her pussy.
“AAAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHH” she screamed when that powerful tongue cleaved its way through her slit.

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   The tip of his tongue probed and teased her clit as it had teased her nipples. It swirled around her most sensitive bud, the broad surface rough and wet, the tip smooth and probing. He brought his knuckle up and rubbed between her quivering pussy lips, pushing in as far as it would go.
Melinda let out a piercing shriek as her pussy’s nerve endings fully ignited and she was overtaken by a powerful orgasm.
Her body was trembling and she was gasping for breath but The Creature had no intention of allowing her recovery time.
His tongue then traveled up over her stomach to her heaving breasts. He licked her cum covered breasts the way a mama cat cleans a kitten. Melinda’s head lolled back and her eyes closed at the sensation of the warm wet tongue bathing her mounds. Her nipples were hard bullets, poking straight up as his tongue licked and lapped at her tits. Her back instinctively arched, forcing her breasts against his tongue and mouth. What was left of her rational thinking told her that her body was simply responding to being overly stimulated.

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Satisfied with his oral work on her mounds and rock-hard nipples, The Creature stood up. His cock had remained erect, curving upward at its end. He moved closer between his legs, fisted the base and rubbed the swollen head between her breasts, then over her nipples. He used the swollen head to flatten and flick her nipples.

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   It was a sensation Melinda had never felt and she felt her pussy spasming. He slowly trailed his cock down over her belly.
When Melinda realized her intentions, she raised her head and looked down between the valley formed by her heaving breasts. She saw his cock moving toward her pussy, which was still tingling from her orgasm.
“NOOOOOO, PLEEEEAAAASSEEE, DON’T,’’ she pleaded. “Don’t stick that inside. God, please, it won’t fit. ”
His cock head moved through the patch of trimmed pussy hair above her slit and then made contact with her clit. He used his cock to rub her sensitive nub like he had used it on her nipples, the smooth swollen head spreading his pre (post?) cum over and around her love button, slicking it down. She could hear the squishing sounds. She was trembling, her lungs gasping for air.
The Creature slipped his cock lower until the bulbous head rested between her splayed and slippery pussy lips. Again, he rubbed his cock head up and down her slit, pushing and teasing against the opening of her cunt tunnel.
His cock’s angle changed slightly and Melinda felt his impossibly large cock head pushing against the opening of her pussy. She grunted as she felt the invader slowly stretching and slipping its way inside her.

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He took his time. With each centimeter gained, he pulled back, leaving just his cock head lodged inside her clenching pussy mouth. The next thrust would gain more entry, followed by a retreat. He was slowly stretching her pussy walls to accommodate his thick rod.
Despite her arousal, Melinda did not thrust her hips in response. She kept her ass plastered to the rock and let him do the work. It felt like the business end of a baseball bat was making its way inside her.
As more of his cock slipped inside her, his thrusts became deeper and his cock started to lift her hips off the rock. His hands wrapped around her thighs and he lifted her even more, giving him a driving position that was even more controlling.
Melinda lifted her head and watched as the thick, wide dick stick slipped in and out of her stretched pussy. She was amazed that her cunt walls were stretching to accept his cock.
With her hips lifted, only her shoulders were in contact with the rock. The Creature was slowly stroking his rod in and out. As the fucking continued, her stretched walls became slicker with her juices and the enjoyment increased for both.
Melinda gasped when his hairy ball sack came in contact with her ass cheeks.

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   He was getting close to full insertion.
The Creature increased his pace as her pussy was now stretched to fit his hot, hard rod. His hips thrust faster and he used his hands to pull her crotch against his pumping.
She felt another orgasm building, this one far deeper in her loins. She felt as though she was coming apart, that the arousal of having her pussy stuffed by this huge cock was beyond any sexual feeling she had ever had.
“MMMMAAAAAAAAAOHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH. ” His thrusting had pushed her over the top and her long, deep moan of pleasure and satisfaction seemed to last for minutes.
Melinda had become his fuck toy and he was playing like a kid on Christmas morning.
She heard a low guttural growl. Her pussy walls were contracting, milking his cock. Then she felt a powerful spurt of his jizz deep inside her cunt tunnel. He held still as his cock began to spurt.
After a few more squirts inside her, he pulled his cock out. It was like a plug being removed from an upside down bottle. His jizz started to spill out of her overflowing cunt, dribbling down to her ass bud and over her cheeks.

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But he was far from finished. Fisting his cock, he again anointed her body with his seed. There was even more than his first orgasm. As he squeezed and stroked his rod, a spurt landed far down range over her head, splatting on the rock.
She watched as another pearly stream arched from the slit of his cock head. It landed just on her hair line. Another stream landed on her neck. Still more found its way to her breasts, spilling over them like syrup on a scoop of ice cream.
Some of his cum dribbled down her torso and pooled in her navel.
After his cock stopped its spurting, he rubbed the still swollen head down over her pussy and clit. The squishing sounds were like a sponge being purged of water.
Melinda could barely lift her head. She looked down at her cum-splattered torso. Her nipples were a deep pink _ at least the parts not covered by his jizz. She gazed down over her stomach, noted the bunched camisole and saw him still diddling her ravaged pussy with the head of his cock, which finally appeared to be diminishing in length and girth.



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He backed away from between her legs and stretched like a cat. He untied her hands. Melinda realized she didn’t have the strength to push herself off the rock.
He put one hand under her knees and the other slipped under her back. He effortlessly lifted her and slung her over his left shoulder. His right hand rested on her firm ass. He began to walk away from the scene of their tryst, deeper into the cave.
In her position, Melinda could only look down at the stone floor. The dim light that illuminated the part of the cave where she had been tied began to fade as The Creature carried her.
It was almost pitch black when he stopped. Melinda thought she could hear the faint gurgling of water.
His hands grasped her about the waist and lifted her off his shoulder. Suddenly she was flying through the air, screaming at the thought of being dashed against a rock hard wall or floor.
Her brief flight ended with a splash into a pool of cold water. She felt the water rush from her lungs, she went under and her body bumped against the smooth rock bottom before she bobbed to the surface, sputtering.


The Creature stepped in; the water came up to about his waist. When Melinda stood up, the water was just about at breast level.
She was shivering but after being doused with two loads of cum, it did feel good to feel her skin washed of his jizz. The water also helped soothe her reamed-out pussy. She reached down and rubbed her hand over her mound, stroking it. She shivered, but it was not entirely from the cold water.
TO BE CONTINUED? (Email any suggestions to hotwriter@earthlink. net)


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