7th Heaven


Ruthie walked out into the hall guessing Cecilia had gone with her mom and felt it was finally safe to go downstairs. Before she could though she heard noises coming from her parent’s room. Ruthie crept to the door and cracked it slightly peeking in. Ruthie looked in to see Cecilia standing at her mother’s wooden dresser slowly opening one of the drawers. Seeing Cecilia like this made Ruthie realize why her brother had liked her so much Ruthie couldn‘t help but think she was gorgeous. She was wearing a white tank top and tight blue jeans that made her legs look longer than Ruthie thought hers would ever be, and her brown eyes shown brightly from under her long blonde hair. Ruthie’s eyes widened a little as it dawned on her what drawer she had opened it was her mother’s underwear drawer. Ruthie watched as Cecilia ran her hands slowly over the lacey underwear inside, until she seemed to find what she was looking for. Ruthie instantly felt her knees weaken as she realized what Cecilia had found. Ruthie felt a funny knot growing in her stomach as she looked at the pale white vibrator that must be her mom’s. Cecilia felt its weight carefully and brought it up to her nose seeming to enjoy its aroma. Gently Cecilia clicked the vibrator on and felt it buzzing against her cheek for a moment. Ruthie traced the inside of her own legs as she watched Cecilia running the toy up and down her body. Ruthie felt her knees weaken even more as Cecilia traced its tip up her stomach pulling up her shirt slowly up until she exposed a white bra, which began to trace with her toy. Ruthie felt the knot in her stomach jump as her knees gave out and her shoulder went colliding into the door. It happened fast, but the moment afterward seemed to last for an eternity.

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   Both girls stood frozen until finally Cecilia managed to find thoughts long enough to let her shirt fall and turn off the vibrator throwing it back in the drawer. Ruthie finally stood using the bed to help her up and looked at Cecilia who was now looking at the ground with a pale face. “Uh…how long were you out there?” Cecilia finally managed to stammer. Ruthie’s words caught in her throat for a moment, “a while…” she said softly. “I…I don’t know why I was doing it…its just lately I’ve been having all these confusing feelings, especially around your Mom…”, this struck a cord with Ruthie. “Are…are you going to tell anyone?” Cecilia’s voice shook as she said this. “I-I don’t know,” Ruthie said finally. Cecilia looked up at Ruthie for the first time noticing that her nipples were hard enough to notice through the material of shirt, at this Cecilia got an idea, Cecilia had been having some strange feelings lately just like she told Ruthie, and she though just maybe that she might be able to see what it actually felt like to be with another girl. She timidly walked closer to Ruthie noticing that there was at least 4 inches of height difference, “Ruthie do you ever get confusing feelings, like about other girls?”Ruthie felt her self nod and Cecilia drew closer to her, “Do you ever get really hot between your legs when you around another girl?” Ruthie nodded again and she looked up at Cecilia. “Are you sure there is nothing I can do to keep you from telling anyone?” Cecilia slowly bent down and kissed Ruthie on lips letting her tongue slide out and meet the young girls lips. She held herself there for a moment and then pulled back, “Do you want me to stop?” Ruthie’s brown eyes looked backed into hers intently as she shook her head no. Cecilia leaned in and kissed Ruthie again this time Ruthie opened her own mouth allowing Cecilia’s tongue to explore her mouth. Their lips fell into perfect unison as Ruthie’s own tongue slowly entered Cecilia’s mouth and tasted the sweetness of her lips. Cecilia finally broke the kiss and step back, Ruthie’s disappointment turned into excitement as Cecilia slowly pulled her shirt over her head. Her white satin bra and perky breast sent chills running across Ruthie’s body.

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   Cecilia unbuttoned the top button of her jeans and slowly slid them down her body as she watched Ruthie’s eyes growing wider. Cecilia straightened herself allowed Ruthie to take in her white thong. She turned slightly letting Ruthie’s eyes wander down her backside over her round tight bum. Cecilia smiled at how much Ruthie seemed to be enjoying herself. Cecilia felt herself getting excited as her own eyes wandered down Ruthie’s body. Everyone treated her much younger than she really was, To Cecilia she seemed to be very mature. Cecilia found her self looking at her breast They were about an A cup, but Cecilia felt her self wanting them; Cecilia knew the best part was her short skirt and her smooth legs underneath it. Ruthie felt the heat between her legs growing as Cecilia came and stood in front of her. Ruthie noticed the top of her head came to Cecilia’s chin, and Cecilia’s perfect looking breast were right in front of her. Ruthie’s excitement, confusion, and nervousness were all melting into one intense emotion. Ruthie looked into Cecilia’s face and she smiled back at Ruthie gently picking up her hand and placing it on her breast. Ruthie’s heart race as she felt Cecilia’s breast in her hand. . She gently cupped her hand over Cecilia’s bra squeezing her breast gently. She ran her fingers along the edge of her bra making Cecilia shiver and making both girls giggle.

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  Ruthie leaned her head forward slightly then looked up at Cecilia. Cecilia smiled and nodded and Ruthie’s soft lips met Cecilia’s skin. Cecilia shivered a second time at the feeling of having a girls lips kissing her chest so softly. Ruthie’s hair tickled Cecilia pleasantly as the two lips began to grow more bold suckling softly on her skin. Ruthie’s tongue began to dance gently across her skin as well causing a breath of air to escape suddenly from Cecilia’s mouth. Ruthie’s hand came to the edge of Cecilia’s bra and tugged slightly. Ruthie looked into Cecilia’s face again and Cecilia more than willing reached behind her own back and unclasp her bra letting it slide down her arms and hit the floor. Ruthie’s face lit up at the sight and Cecilia smiled as Ruthie placed her fingertips on her naked breast. Ruthie’s fingers massaged Cecilia’s breast gently for a moment before Ruthie’s anxious lips fell upon her nipple. Cecilia gasped as she felt her lips enclose around her nipple and begin sucking. The sweet taste of Cecilia’s nipple filled Ruthie’s mouth as she sucked gently on it. Her hand played with Cecilia’s other breast as her tongue fluttered across Cecilia’s nipple. Ruthie’s fingers pulled playfully on Cecilia’s nipple as she nibbled softly on the one in her mouth. Ruthie pulled her head away long enough to bring it to Cecilia’s other nipple while her hands traced along Cecilia’s sides and down to her thong. Cecilia’s hand moved to Ruthie’s head pushing her lips even more so onto her breast, as her other hand ran down Ruthie’s back and felt her tight bum.

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  Cecilia bathed in the pleasure of having Ruthie’s lips and tongue caressing her nipple as her hands ran along her thong tickling her cheeks. Cecilia gasped as Ruthie softly nibbled again on her nipple and Ruthie’s hands moved around to Cecilia’s inner thighs. Ruthie looked up into Cecilia’s face, but instead of receiving a nod Cecilia bent and kissed Ruthie’s lips. Ruthie’s fingers wandered up her inner thighs until they reached her pussy. Ruthie rubbed softly on her pussy lips as her other hand cupped one of her ass cheeks. Her fingers pressed harder into her pussy as they rubbed and Cecilia let out a soft moan into Ruthie’s lips as they kissed. After a moment more Cecilia broke the kiss and stepped back separating her pussy and Ruthie’s hand lastly. Cecilia looked at Ruthie and smiled, “You know, I thought I was supposed to be doing something for you. But you’ve been the one giving all the pleasure to me,” Cecilia smiled seductively and moved back in front of Ruthie. Slowly Cecilia pulled Ruthie’s shirt up above her head revealing Ruthie’s white bra. Cecilia smiled at how sexy she looked, her breast were smaller than Cecilia’s, but were perky and managed to be very sexy. Cecilia kissed Ruthie softly as her hands crept gently across her back and unclasped her bra. Ruthie let her bra fall to the floor as Cecilia stepped back and admired Ruthie’s breast. Ruthie blushed as Cecilia’s eyes widened just as hers had so many times tonight. Cecilia moved past Ruthie and lied down on her parent’s bed.

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   “Come here,” Cecilia said sweetly as she patted the spot on the bed next to her. Ruthie starred momentarily at Cecilia, not believing how she had gotten in this situation or even how much she was enjoying it. Ruthie kicked off her shoes and laid down next to Cecilia on the bed. Cecilia ran her fingers along Ruthie’s stomach for a moment then spoke softly, “What can I do for you?” She asked, “Hmm. ” Cecilia moved her lips over Ruthie’s exposed breast and then looked back up at Ruthie and winking before placing her lips on Ruthie’s hard nipple. Ruthie let out a moan in surprise. Cecilia giggled and continued sucking on Ruthie’s nipples. Ruthie looked down at Cecilia’s sexy form laying on top of her. Her breast pressed into Ruthie’s stomach and her butt swayed softly in the air as her lips and tongue danced across Ruthie’s chest. Goosebumps rippled through her body as Cecilia’s blonde hair tickled her chest. Cecilia ran one set of finger along Ruthie’s body as the other set of fingers played with her other nipple. She felt Ruthie’s hard nipple gently with her tongue as she tasted it. Cecilia felt Ruthie’s hand on the back of her head pressing her lips harder onto Ruthie’s nipple, while Ruthie’s other hand caressed the skin of her back gently. Cecilia looked up a Ruthie and smiled, “I think I know what I can do for you. ” Slowly Cecilia began to plant kisses down Ruthie’s body.

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   She continued past her skirt placing her head underneath it she could see Ruthie’s white cotton panties. Cecilia felt her heart racing as she planted kisses all the way across Ruthie’s panties, and over her already moist mound. Cecilia had always wanted to do this and she was finally about to get her chance. Carefully she laid down between Ruthie’s legs and pulled Ruthie’s panties down until they were off, and threw them to their pile of clothes. Next she reached up to the top of Ruthie’s skirt and unbuttoned it. She pulled apart Ruthie’s skirt and revealed her pussy. Cecilia ran her fingertips over the soft light brown pubic hairs which covered only a small area at the top. Cecilia heard Ruthie gasp almost as soon as she touched her sensitive lips. She looked up to see Ruthie watching excitedly, not wanting to disappoint her young friend Cecilia continued. She gently pushed Ruthie’s legs apart and brought her face close enough to smell the sweet fragrance coming from her pussy. She took a deep breath through her nostrils immensely enjoying the aroma. Slowly she traced one finger along the of Ruthie’s pussy. Ruthie gasped loudly and followed with a moan when Cecilia traced a line down the middle of her pussy lips. Ruthie never knew that her body could feel this good as Cecilia lay between her legs fingering her pussy gently. Ruthie let out a moan nearly every other breath or so before she was able to accustom herself to such pleasure.

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   Ruthie felt her finger dashing along the sides of her pussy lips, and it finally reached a point at the top where Ruthie was forced to let out a especially loud moan. Cecilia looked up and giggled, “That’s called your clitoris. ” She rubbed it between to of her fingers again. After another loud moan Ruthie finally managed, “Ooh yeah, I like that. ”Cecilia laughed and rubbed it again causing another moan to escape from Ruthie. Cecilia smiled and finally started to do what she had wanted to do. Cecilia moved her face closer to Ruthie’s pussy and opened her mouth allowing her tongue to slide across Ruthie’s tiny clitoris. Cecilia brought her tongue back to her mouth slowly, tasting her sweet juices and loving her moaning. She returned her mouth to Ruthie’s pussy and slowly began to kiss and suck her clitoris as well as her pussy lips. Cecilia place Ruthie’s leg over her shoulder and wrapped her arm around it caressing her thigh softly and allowing her more room to eat her pussy. Cecilia’s other hand began to wander down and finger her own pussy. Her tongue slid up and down the length of her pussy stopping only to allow Ruthie time to breath. Cecilia felt Ruthie place her hand on the back of her head pressing harder into her pussy. Cecilia licked her juices gently with her tongue savoring its flavor, while Ruthie bucked slightly under her mouth. She continued carefully on Ruthie’s pussy afraid if she went any faster that Ruthie might pass out.

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  Ruthie felt Cecilia’s tongue move gently across her clitoris then her lips bringing it gently into her mouth sucking and nibbling on it until Ruthie thought she was going to die from pleasure. After nearly a minute of sucking her clitoris Ruthie felt it rising inside. She knew what it must be, and finally she screamed as it crashed down over her. Her whole body shook with it and she felt it exploding from her pussy. She felt Cecilia’s gentle hand caressing her, and Cecilia’s mouth continuing to savor her juices as she came. Cecilia felt Ruthie collapse when she was finally done, and gently as not to cause to much more stimulation she cleaned the rest of her pussy then crawled up next to her on the bed. Ruthie looked at her and smiled. Cecilia caressed Ruthie’s chest and stomach gently as she rested. Ruthie laid not moving under Cecilia’s touch as she ran her fingers over her. She couldn’t believe this had happened, but she knew she was glade it did. End Part 1.