A Clockwork Orange Girlfriend chapter 3


A clockwork orange girlfriend
Part 3
By Korey Flad
Aka clockwork orange

We drove all threw the night until we reached my house; we had fell asleep in my bed in the few hours of the night. The next morning I awoke to see Demi sleeping next to me her head rests among my chest as she had curled her legs up and placed her hands under her cheeks as she slept. I removed her hat with my hand as I started to brush her hair. I looked at the mirror in my bedroom, where it showed me and Demi both looking so perfect together in my bed and in our lives. I stopped brushing her hair and placed her hat back on her head as I leaned in and kissed her forehead as she whimpered as she still was asleep. I looked back forward at the mirror and stared at myself as I tried to figure out what I was feeling. I fell back asleep as I did I dreamed about me and her doing some naughty and exciting things together as I dreamed this I could sense all the feelings and smell and colors in my dreams. The blood from the noses dripped so bright red as they stained the bright white shirts and pants. The green grass was soft as we both had are ways on a helpless girl. The visions of me as a vampire with fangs and the blood dripping down the tips of them made me smile in my sleep. As the bride placed the noose around her neck and the hangman pulled the lever and the bride dropped down the hole in the floor and hung there swinging side to side like a cat’s tail. Screams and moans from the girls we fucked and killed. All these images filled my head as I dreamed. Demi was naked as she let me fuck her on the ice cold snowy ground as viewers watched us both toss and turn back and forth in the snow moaning and gasping they cheered for the both of us. All these images made me feel so warm and good inside. I woke up to the sweet voice of Demi Lovato.

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“Wake up, wake up”. She said as I opened my eyes and looked at her as she was on her knees and looking at me.
“Morning to you also”.
I said as she smiled and kissed me. I stood up as I stretched my arms into the air and yawned. Demi brushed her hair away from her face, as I stopped yawning and stretching.
“What were you dreaming about”? Demi said in her soft tender voice of hers.
“Oh nothing much just some lovely images of you and me”. I replied as I got up from my bed and walked over to my mirror and looked at my reflection. Demi sat on my bed as she crossed her leg over her other one and looked at me as I saw her in the corner in my eye. She looked so hot in her droog outfit and I was really turned on by it as I smiled in the mirror which she saw and smiled back. Demi stood up and left my room and went out for a drink in my kitchen. I finished fiddling in the mirror and rejoined her. I placed my walking cane behind my neck and held with my hands as I walked into my kitchen whistling.
“So my dear, what are you in the mood for”?I said as she finished her drink and looked over at me as she grinned.

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“Oh I have something in mind”. Demi replied as she placed her glass in the sink and walked over to me and gave me a hug.
I let her hug me as I looked behind and checked her fine ass out in the white pants of hers.
“Shall we my dear”? I said as I pointed to the door. She nodded and headed out the door as I whistled and exited the door going outside with her.
We walked along the sidewalk near the pond, I could sense that Demi wanted to take over and make her own droog gang like me and knock me out as the leader. I could not let that happen. I took my cane as Demi walked next to the left side of me I jabbedmy cane into her chest as she tried to stop the blow, I came across her as I kicked her in the stomach as she fell to her side and , into the pond. I watched her as she fell into the water. While she tired to get out I jumped up as I came down landing near the edge of the pond I bent down and held cane behind my back as I pulled the handle out there was a mini knife blade hidden in the handle as I reached out my hand for her, while I smiled at her she looked so cold and terrified as took my hand. I was now grinning so evil and nasty as I cut her hand with the blade and watched her cover her hand and fall back into the water as her blood poured out. We sat in the bar as we drank I looked over at her.
“So are we now on my terms”. I said as I took a sip of my beer.
“Yes, yes I am”.

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   Demi replied as she held her cut hand tight.
“Good now what was your plan for today my dear”?I said as Demi looked at me with pain her eyes she closed her eyes and looked again at me this time she had a twisted smile on her face as she started to tell me about her plan.
We left the bar and headed off to the house where her plan was about.
We stood outside the big house where she showed me the window we both saw a hot teenaged girl inside she was the house she was working out in tight aerobics attire as looked back at Demi.
“So you are going to wait her and keep clear for police and stuff”?
I said and l looked stern at Demi who nodded and smiled at me.
I nodded as I kissed her on the lips; little did I know this was the last time I would.
As I crept inside the house and looked back at Demi as I slipped inside the house and headed to the girl. Demi had walked around to the backyard where she found some milk glasses as she picked up one and held it in her hand as she walked back to the front door and waited for me. I sneaked into the room with girl working out.
She saw me standing in the doorway as she screams and yelled at me.
“How the hell did you get in here”?
The girl said as I saw there were lots of driftnets pieces of artwork inside the room. One piece caught my eye it was a giant cock. The girl yelled again. I placed my hand on the tip of the artwork and pressed down as she told me not to touch that as I removed my hand it rocked up and down as I walked into the room.
“Naughty, naughty my dear you been very naughty”.

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   I said as she told me leave.
I nodded no as she walked over and grabbed something off the desk and protect her self as I touched the giant cock again. The girl yelled at me again as I looked over at her and smiled.
She came running after me with the object in her hands as she tired to hit me I grabbed the giant cock and chased her with it as she spun around and I fooled around with the cock I laughed as she kept trying to get a swing on me as I tripped her off her feet as I held the giant cock over my head and looked down at the girl, she screamed and tired to block her face as I smashed the cock into her face and killed her the blood covered the tip of the giant cock as I dropped it and sneaked out of the room and headed to the front door as I opened the door and walked outside I saw Demi smiling at me as she screamed.

“This is new way boyfriend” Demi said
As she smashed the glass bottle of milk over my face and laughed, while it crashed over my face, I screamed and covered my eyes as the glass broke and the milk cover my face and ground, I fell to my knees screaming and crying as Demi ran off and left me there to rot.
As I wiped my eyes, I saw the police had arrived and they arrested me and took me to the station for questioning.
There I was in a white room I sat on the ground my nose broken and bleeding as the cops questioned me. They told me I was guilty for killing a teenaged girl, I nodded no and fought my case but I was not found right.
This part in the story is where my life as a droog was taken away.
I was stripped down and tossed a uniform as a guard yelled a number at me
“Your number is 1889756, remember that number”. The guard yelled as I nodded and finished getting dressed and answered the guard’s other questions. As I finished answering the guards questions and dressed,
I was sent to a special place where sick people learn their ways by changing them. I
Sat in the library as I read the holy bible. The stories of the Romans of were whipping and abusing a man which was carrying a cross over his back and a torn halo over his head. I sat their in the chair and imagined myself as the roman whipping the man and killing many people for my country as I was filled with these lovely images I felt a hand on my shoulder as I opened my eyes and looked up at the old man who spoke to me.

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“My son, you are reading a good book keep your head up and you will soon be out of here”. He said as I looked at him and smiled.

‘Thank you father, I am not a bad person I want to leave here and go home”.
I said as I closed the book and stood up and walked with the father and we talked about some new experiments of curing bad people.
I told him I wanted to get the experiment done; he nodded and patted my shoulder as he left me in the hallway. Me and the other inmates walked around in a circle in the yard we all had are heads down as we followed one and another in the circle. We were told to line up by a guard as we all did I stood up straight as I saw four guards and a man in a white doctor suite walking pass us all as he was talking about inmates,I yelled out.
“I AGREE “! I said as the guard yelled back.
“Who said that”? The guard waited for an answer.
“I did sir, I did”. I said as the group of them walked over to me and checked me out.
“What did he do”? The doctor asked one of the guards.
“Oh he had killed a teenaged girl and many others”. The guard said as they looked at me.
“He will do, have them send me his papers and I will take him as our test subject”.

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  The doctor said as I smiled at them all.
The next day was taken to a different prison where they treated their patients and cured them from their diseases in crime and mischief. I was handcuffed to another guards hand as we stood in the room as they settled my paperwork until handing me over to them for testing and treatment. I was shown my room and what a nice perfect sized room it was as I looked around and got myself nice and comfortable inside my new room. I fell onto the bed and looked up at the ceiling as I thought of Demi, I could only imaged what she was now doing with me in here. I sighed as I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I dreamed about me and Demi and how we had sex in my bedroom. I could still smell the perfume she was wearing and her cute laugh and giggle she had when I would make her scream with pleasure. I was awoken by a nurse at my door. She came inside wearing a uniform as she was wheeling a table tray of some kind. I stood up as she smiled at me.
“Morning I have to give you some medicine before being our tests today. I nodded as she picked up a needle and walked over to my bedside and stuck the needle into my arm as I felt the sharp poke, I thought nothing of it as she smiled and placed the empty needle back on the tray and walked out.
I was taken to a room where they strapped me into a straightjacket and placed a helmet with lights and wires on my head as they held my eyelids open with two clips, so I could not close them and placed drops into both of my eyes every few seconds. I sat there in the chair as they showed me movies.

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   I watched the first film it was a normal movie with three droogs having their way on a girl performing the old in and out on her. As I smiled I was really enjoying this picture. The next film was again the same three droogs, but this time they were beating the crap out of some random person as the blood dripped form his nose and face it was very bright red and the music was sort of strange as I felt a sickness in my stomach as I keep watching the film, I tried to fight the sickness as the picture ended, and I was let go back to my room for the day. I was in my room as I slept, I dreamed of Demi again as me and her were having a drink and making out like we did all the other times. I awoke to the sound of her voice I wiped my eyes as I saw her standing in my room naked her body was so fine as she walked over to my bedside I was shocked at the way her breasts jiggled ever so as she crawled on top of my bed I was getting hard as she crawled closer to me her body was over mine as she pressed her hands across my chest and whispered into my ear.
“Fuck me, fuck me nice and hard”.
Demi softly said into my ear as I kissed her and she kissed me back. We made love on my bed in my room as I was about to place my member into her she looked over at me and nodded as she vanished into thin air like a ghost. I awoke to the darkness of my room and sighed as I fell back to sleep.
The next morning I was giving more medicine and shown more movies.
The films showed me world war two scenes of Hitler and Germans killing Jews and other people. The strange music was playing again as I felt the sickness again. I begun to cough and scream.
“Please, please, stop it, I can’t take it anymore”. I cried as they kept showing more and more.

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   The music was ringing in my head as I could not take it.
“Please again I beg you please stop the music”! I yelled and screamed as the doctors looked at me and saw I was in pain.
They stopped the music as I felt normal again and not sick. I was released afterwards and sent to a stage where they proved to people I had changed and become a good person and not an evil murder anymore. I stood on the stage as a man walked up on the stage and talked to me.
“Hello, good day we are having aren’t we”?
The man said as I nodded and looked at him then the audience and then back at him.
The man ran up and punched my in the stomach as I fell to my knees and coughed.
“Why…. cough…. why did you do that sir”?
I said as the man laughed and kicked me in the face. I fell back on my back and covered my nose as I felt it was maybe broken. The man walked over and placed his shoe near my mouth and looked at me with a stern look in his eyes.
“Lick it”.
The man said as I looked up at him.
“Lick it”.

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   Again he told me, this time I felt sick again as I removed my hands from my face and opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out and licked the man’s shoe bottom as I did my sickness aside and I felt good again. He left me there on the floor as he walked off the stage and into the crowd.
I got to my knees as I looked up and to my surprise saw a lovely girl walking towards me all nude. Her breasts were perfect as he body was fine shaped. I knelt there as she stood in front of me looking down at me as I reached up and tried to touch her breasts, I felt sick again. I coughed and choked as I let my hands go to my side and try to recover from the sickness. The girl walked off the stage as I felt better. I could not figure out why but I knew I was going to be free today to see my sweet dearest Demi again.
I got to my feet as while the doctor walked up on stage and told everyone I was cured and now free.
The guards walked me to the door, down the hallway to the personally belonging and gave me my clothes and stuff that I was wearing when I was arrested and was told to walk up the ramp to the door and go home. I carried my belongings as I walked up the ramp and out the door. The fresh air smelt great as I looked up at the sun and sighed.
“I am free”. I said as I walked back to my house. I headed down the sidewalk near town as I knew where I was now I saw a bridge as I stood there and looked down at the water.

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   I saw in the reflection a person in a police uniform behind me I turned around to see it was Demi. She had become a cop while I was away. Speechless and shocked I looked at her as she grinned and pulled out her nightstick and whacked me on the head as I the blow knocked me out. I blacked out as I was tossed into a truck and driven around. I came to my senses and finally opened my eyes to a forest where I saw a dirt trail. I was being dragged, as I looked up I saw two cops pulling me to a water tray for horses. I looked up at the cop to the left of me was Demi. I looked over to the cop on my right as it was a girl. I could not figure out her as they both dropped me near the tray and Demi knelt down in front of me.
“So you are free, and now you are alone”. Demi giggled as she looked at me and then at her partner then back at me.
“Please Demi listen I am better now I am cured”.
I begged her as she grabbed my neck and placed my head into the tray of water as I could not breathe. Demi tried to drown me as I waved my arms and gurgled under the water to stop. Demi pulled me out as I tried to catch my breath.


“Cough, please cough stop”. I said as Demi looked at me and smiled.
“Well I guess that is enough for you, I guess you want to go home with me”?
I looked up at Demi as I was puzzled and confused.
“Yes, I want to go home with you and her”?
“Her…cough”. I replied as Demi looked up at her friend.
“Selena here is a newcomer and we need to make her right at home with me and you”.
Demi said as she looked at me and got me to my feet.
I stood there as Demi stripped down out of her uniform and was wearing her droog uniform underneath. I looked over at selena as she did the same and I was shocked at how hot they really were in their droog uniforms.
I ripped open my bag of belongings and got dressed into my droog uniform as I placed my hat on my head and looked up at the two girls who had their hats on. I smiled and walked over to them both and held them as the three of us walked to the truck.
Yes my friends I was cured, oh yes I was………
The end?


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