And The Heart Wanrts More (Part 3)


At 8:30 in the morning, the alarm went off. As Cat awoke, she felt the warmth at her left side and smiled. Today was going to be a good day. She turned the alarm off and then rolled back over, propping her head on her hand as she looked down at her husband.
Jeff yawned and stretched. “Why are you getting up so early?”
“I’m going to an early dance class. ”
“Too early for dancing,” he moaned as he threw his arm over his eyes.
“Well, I’m sorry you feel that way. However, I set aside a little extra time this morning,” she slid her hand under the covers, slowly inching down his stomach towards his boxers, “for some fun with you. ” Cat watched as a smile started forming on Jeff’s face.  Ther was also a bulge starting to form in his boxers. Just as her hand was about to slip under his waistband, she said, “But it’s probably too early for that. ” She tossed the covers of herself, revealing her total nakedness, and started to get out of bed, knowing full well she would never make it.
Jeff grabbed her arm and hauled her back on to the bed and under the covers. He half covered her body with his as he started kissing her neck. “You are such a tease.

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Cat only giggled at the comment. She wrapped her arms around him, her hands roaming up to his thick dark hair. His kisses were lighting a fire within her.
Moving lower, Jeff took one of Cat’s nipples in to his mouth and began suckling.
Cat arched her back beneath him as she let out a gasp. His mouth and tongue seemed intensely hot. She loved the feeling. The wetness of her pussy was proof.
However, she remember time was of the essence and didn’t want him to expend too much of his sexual energy on her. Cat decided to move matters along. Pushing against his chest, she managed to get Jeff to back up enough to realize he should lay back. Once he was down, she climbed on top of him.
“It’s been so long since I’ve had you inside me. Forget foreplay. I want to fuck you silly!”
Jeff let out a lusty laugh.

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   “Miss me did you?”
Cat smiled and then lowered herself on to Jeff’s very hard seven inch cock. The thickness was the best part. , close to two inches. She sighed as she sank all the way down, feeling completely full. She looked down at Jeff, half-smiling up at her.
“Ride ’em, cowgirl. ”
She needed no other prodding. Cat rose back up Jeff’s dick until only the head was still between her slick pussy lips. Then she slid back down, hard, impaling herself upon him. She loved riding Jeff. Feeling that cock fill up her tight cunt each time she slid down drove her crazy. She repeated the movement over and over and started building up speed. Her moans filled the room.
“Oooooh! Oh, god, Jeff! Yeah! Yeah!” She was bouncing up and down his cock like she was riding a bull.
The feel of her tight pussy sliding on his member was amazing.

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   It was Jeff’s first time having sex since he had slept with Kitty, nearly three weeks ago. His wife certainly knew how to treat him right, but he couldn’t wait to get his hands on Kitty again. He had become quite attached to her and was surprised by how much he had missed her. The feel of her soft skin, the taste of her young pussy. The thoughts alone were going to make him come. He grabbed Cat by the hips and started bucking up into her, the whole time imagining it was his supple young protégé that he was pumping his fat dick into. The sensations were too much.
“Oh, god! Yeah! I’m gonna cum!”
Cat was meeting his every thrust. “Oh, yeah! Cum in me, baby! Fill me up! Yeah, yeah! Unnn! Yes, yes, right there! Oh, yeah!”
Her orgasm hit her right as Jeff started shooting his load deep into her pussy. His warmth filled her to overflowing. As she pulled off him, some of his seed spilled out back onto his cock. Cat leaned over and started licking up the spilled cum and she sucked his cock clean. She couldn’t wait to tell Kitty about that move. The cum was mixed with her own pussy juice. The taste reminded her of how amazing Kitty tasted and how much Cat loved eating her young pussy.

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Cat’s cleaning had left Jeff hard as a rock again. Normally, he would try to talk her into to staying to continue their sexcapades, but he was dieing to get to Kitty. As Cat got ready for her class, he stayed in bed, allowing himself to day dream about the many things he wanted to do to his very pretty Kitty.
Kitty slowly crept back to her bedroom. At 8:30, her alarm had went off, as well. She had waited a couple minutes then quietly made her way down the hall to the other end of the house were Jeff and Cat’s bedroom was. Sitting outside the shut door, she listened intently to the moans and words of the couple. Hearing Jeff had sent her heart aflutter. She tried to ignore it, the sudden feeling of elation, of longing to be with him. Attachment was inevitable, but emotions needed to be controlled. Having become aroused beyond words, she headed back to her bed to await her chance to be with Jeff again.
About thirty minutes later, there was a light rapping on the door followed by Cat entering. Seeing Kitty on the bed, she smiled, and stepped in, re-closing the door behind her. She hurried over and climbed on top of Kitty and pressed her mouth to hers.
Kitty wrapped her arms tight around Cat and started caressing her back.

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   Breaking the kiss, Cat sat up. “I rode him. And when I got off, some of his cum and my juice dripped back onto his dick. So I licked and sucked every bit of it off his big fat cock. It got him ready to go again and made me want to eat your hot little pussy right then and there. ”
Kitty smiled and rolled quick, catching Cat off guard. Cat fell onto the bed and quickly found herself under the younger girl. Kitty started grinding her pussy against Cat’s. “God, Cat! You make me so horny! Sixty-nine me! Come on!”
Cat grinned and sat back up. “I don’t have time. I have to go so you can make sweet love to my husband. I left the door open just a crack. ” She gave Kitty a tap on the cheek and a quick kiss before getting up to leave the room. “Have fun, sweetie!”
“You know it!” Kitty giggled.
Cat left the room and Kitty plopped back on the bed, letting her head rest on her fluffy pillows.

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   For the past two weeks only one man had ever entered her thoughts, starred in her fantasies. Now all she had to do was walk down the hall and her fantasies would be realized. Kitty heard the front door shut and a smile lit her face. Jumping out a bed, she threw on her new robe made of an almost-see-thru white gauze. After a quick look in the mirror, Kitty decided it was time.
She tip-toed quietly down the hall to Jeff and Cat’s room. The door was slightly open just as Cat had said. Peeking in, she saw only the empty bed. Her shoulders dropped in disappointment. Where had he gone?
Suddenly the door flew open all the way and there was Jeff in his own robe of red wine colored terry cloth. It so surprised Kitty that she yelped and jump backed. Jeff also took a step back, not expecting her to be there. Then both just stood, staring at the other, drinking in the sight, not daring to look away lest the image disappear.
Jeff felt like he was looking at an angel as she stood there in her white robe, her long blonde hair all tousled. Everything in him longed to reach out, to hold her, to possess her, to have her for his very own.

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   It didn’t take much thought to realize from what emotion such feelings came.
Hearing her sweet voice say his name was music to his ears. He closed the distance between them in one step and pulled her into his arms.
Kitty nearly sobbed as joy and relief washed over her. Peace and heaven was being in Jeff’s arms and she was finally there again. She pulled back a bit and looked up at him, lightly holding his face in her hands. Jeff cupped one of her hands in his, pressing it harder against his cheek before placing soft kisses along her palm.
“Oh my god! I have missed you so much. ”
Jeff bent down and picked Kitty up in his arms and carried her to the bed. He laid her down gently. “You could never have missed me as much as I missed you. ” Laying down next to her, he softly stroked her cheek. “You are so gorgeous. ”
Kitty closed her eyes, luxuriating in the tenderness of the moment, of the sweet emotion she could feel pulsing along that invisible connection between them. She wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of the day as close to Jeff as she could be.

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   However, time was short and she had a job to do. Feelings would have to be set aside for the moment.
“My sweet, sweet, beautiful little kitten. ” He started planting soft kisses on her face. When he came to her lips, he halted, his lips nearly against hers and whispered, “I love you. ”
Kitty’s eyes flew open as Jeff pressed his mouth against hers. All thoughts left her as she just let herself drift into the pleasure he was creating. She felt one of his hands trailing down her neck and chest then gently squeezing her breast. She moaned softly into Jeff’s mouth.
Jeff pulled back and started sliding down her body.
“Jeff,” Kitty called, trying to sit up.
Jeff pushed her back down softly. “Shush, shush, shush. It’s okay. ”
Laying back, she closed her eyes, turning herself over to the feelings.

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   His long fingers slid her robe up her legs and then off to the sides. They trailed down her legs to her feet, leaving a hot tingling feeling where ever they touched. A warm wetness was felt at her ankle. It was a soft kiss. She felt his mouth rise higher as his kisses became harder. His breath along her thigh was like fire. Kitty was breathing heavily when Jeff finally slipped his tongue between her wet lips. She cried out from the sexual jolt.
The taste of her pussy and the sound of her cry ignited Jeff’s senses. He wanted so badly for this to be a sweet, tender moment, but everything about Kitty called to his innate primal feelings, to take and to have. Control was useless. Spreading her lips, Jeff started lapping at her pussy. Finding her hole, he inserted a finger and started pumping it in and out of her.
Kitty was panting heavily as her orgasm began building. “Oh, god, Jeff! Yes, yes, yes! Oh, yeah! OH, god, yes! Yes! Oh! I’m cumming! Yes! Unnnh!” Her pussy contracted around Jeff’s finger as he licked up her juices.

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   When he was done cleaning her up, he slid back up her body and kissed her softly.
Kitty could taste her pussy on his lips and tongue. She smiled at him.
“Jeff, I love you, too. ” She thought she saw tears well in his eyes before he bent his head and started planting hard kisses on her neck. “Jeff?”
“Hmmm?” Jeff looked up at her.
“Make love to me. ”
“Your wish is my command, kitten. ”
Kitty smiled as he rose above her, positioning himself at her entrance. She never let anyone call her “kitten”, but she loved the word from his lips, so full of affection.
At her opening, Jeff placed the head of his cock and started pushing in. Kitty gasped as he filled her up with his fat dick. Even though she had been with him before, he still felt huge. Once fully in, Jeff pulled back out and started a rhythm with his thrusts. Kitty raised her hips to meet him every time.


Within moments, Kitty was nearing her second orgasm and Jeff was ready to come.
“God! Kitty, you are so hot! Yeah! I’m gonna cum! Unnngh! Ung!” Jeff’s cock erupted into her pussy. Kitty reveled in the feeling of the hot seed spilling into her as her second orgasm rippled through her.
As their orgasms faded, the two just laid in each other’s arms. When Kitty opened her eyes, she saw the alarm clock next to the bed. Cat had left at 9:45 and said she would be back between 10:45 and 11:00. The clock said 10:38.
“Oh my gosh!” Kitty jumped out of the bed and grabbed her robe. “I have to get ready! I’m supposed to meet Jared, Maria, and Travis at Chiodo’s in like an hour. ”
Jeff sighed. “Okay. But hurry back. I want to stare at you longingly as you walk around the house. ”
Kitty laughed and gave him a good hard kiss before heading back to her bedroom to shower and change.
Kitty was about to go out the door around eleven when Cat walked in.

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“Sorry I’m late!” Cat said. “I lost track of time at the mall. How did it go? Did you fuck him?”
Kitty giggled. “Yeah. It went well. ” She decided to keep the “in love” part to herself. “Didn’t take much. ”
“Wonderful! How many more times do you think he can go?’
“He can handle another round, but I’m not sure about after that. ”
“All right. I will go do my work. ”
“Okay. Love ya! Bye!”
The girls shared a quick kiss and went their separate ways, Cat to the bedroom, Kitty to indeed go have lunch with some friends.

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