Boarding House Chapter 4


Sabrina opened the door to Libby’s room and let herself in. The brunette was too busy to turn around and see who was entering, but she could certainly hear them.
“Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s rude to enter someone’s room without knocking?” She asked, disapproval in her voice. Still she didn’t turn around, she was far too busy arranging things. “What if I had been undressing? Do you really think I’d want you to see my boobs, geek?”
“Funny, I thought I saw you in all your glory already,” Sabrina said, smiling broadly at seeing Libby jump.
“Sabrina!” Libby turned to face her intruder, a mixture of shock and relief on her face. “I thought you were that geek, Greg Flengen. The way he was looking at me before you came into the kitchen it’s pretty clear he’s not only a geek but a perv. Why’d you even rent a room to someone like him?”
“Believe me, I didn’t have a choice in the matter,” Sabrina replied, taking a seat at the foot of Libby’s bed. She looked at the poster Libby had been putting up before going on. “Roxie and I wanted to interview folks. You know, decide if they were the kind of folks we wanted to rent rooms to. Morgan just rented to the first three people to call. I’m sure he’s pretty harmless though. ”
“That is unless you’re a witch or some other Other Realm being,” she thought to herself, though she kept an unconcerned look on her face. It wouldn’t do for Libby to know he worried her too.

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“Harmless!” Libby raised her voice in disgust. “He wasn’t checking you out with that lecherous stare. He knows I’ve got huge boobs and wants to see them. It’s always been the curse of the beautiful to have geeks, nerds, really old guys, and fatsos staring at us and undressing us with their eyes. But I’ve found an even worse curse. To be beautiful and have these freakishly huge boobs. Now their not only undressing me with their eyes, the pervs are imagining putting their dicks between my boobs and having me suck them off.
“You’re lucky they don’t look at you the same way they used to look at me. Cute girls like you are just there for them to look at and not undress with their eyes. ”
“Cute, huh?” Sabrina asked, smiling to herself at Libby’s choice of words. She could remember a time when Libby wouldn’t have called her cute. Plain, certainly since cute would have been a compliment. Certainly she had been cute, pretty even. She’d dare to have said she was beautiful in her own way. But Libby would never have willingly admitted to any of those about her.

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   At least not during high school.
“I’m sorry, I meant sexy. ”
Sabrina lifted an eyebrow at that comment, causing Libby to blush. Perhaps she had been right about her after all. Perhaps Libby was bi. Although one encounter with another woman didn’t make one bi, did it? She’d heard plenty of straight women experimented with lesbian sex once or twice in their lives and were never actually attracted to women. It was just experimentation, that’s all. She’d experimented with Morgan and Roxie after all, though she did find she was attracted to women as much as men because of it.
She stared at Libby with the same kind of lust Libby found so disgusting in geeks, nerds, old geezers, and fat guys. Although she certainly didn’t have a cock with which to titty fuck Libby with. But Libby could suck on her clit for her. She smiled inwardly at the thought of Libby sucking her clit before lapping her pussy to orgasm for her. Then she shook her head to clear it of those thoughts. Libby might or might not be bi, she didn’t know for sure yet. But after introducing her to her first masturbation session, not to mention the first time she’d been with another woman in any way, Sabrina wasn’t too sure how she’d respond if she sat on her face right then.

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But as these thoughts ran through her mind Sabrina began to feel herself getting wetter than she’d ever gotten just by thinking casual sexual thoughts before. No, she’d only gotten this wet from dreams or, and this was usually the case, playing with herself or having sex. And to her shock and dismay, she wasn’t only getting wet between her legs. She could feel two spots of wetness forming on her shirt. Right where her nipples were.
“Uh, Sabrina, what’s happening to you?” Libby asked, eyes glued to her breast.
“Oh no,” Sabrina thought, horrified. “The lactation spell, I completely forgot it lasts at least four hours and that it increases how horny I feel. Funny, I thought the nursing bra would help a little. ”
“Gross, you’ve got something coming out of your boobs. It’s some kind of liquid. ” Libby’s draw dropped when what she said finally hit home. “Wait a minute, some kind of liquid? And it’s only over your boobs. Are you. .

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  . . ”
Libby couldn’t explain why she did it. To her surprise and Sabrina’s she crossed over to the witch and pulled her shirt up over her head, exposing her leaking breasts. Libby let out a shock at seeing Sabrina’s bare breasts, not knowing what to have expected.
Sabrina was even more shocked. She knew she’d been wearing a nursing bra when she came in. Hell, she taken off her shirt right outside Libby’s door before opening it so she could see whether the bra opened in the front or back. Just incase she ended up giving Libby lesson number two in girl-girl sex. But to have it completely gone now, that didn’t make any sense
Libby squeezed Sabrina’s nipples, causing milk to squirt out
“It’s milk,” Libby said, stunned. “You are. You’re lactating. But that’s impossible, isn’t it. I mean women only do that after they’ve had a baby, right?”
“I’m gonna have to check the book,” Sabrina thought. “I know I came in here with a bra on.

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   So why is it. . . . ”
Sabrina’s thought’s were suddenly interrupted when she felt Libby’s lips engulf her left breast. Sabrina moaned in delight as the former cheerleader suckled at her tit, drinking deeply her rich milk. Libby pulled away, licking her lips and giving Sabrina a rather lustful look.
“Well, well, it looks as if teacher’s got a yummy reward for her little student. ”
“Excuse me?”
“I must say, Sabrina, had I known how good your milk would taste I’d have ripped your nightshirt off and started nursing the minute I came in the house. I’d have let you do anything just for a sip of what you have in those titties of yours.
The husky tone in Libby’s voice wasn’t lost on Sabrina, nor was the look in her eyes. There wasn’t any hunger there. Instead they were vacant and far away while at the same time seeming to be looking right at Sabrina with pure lust, pleading with her to screw her senseless. It was as if Libby wasn’t even home yet all too present all at once
“I really do have to check that book,” Sabrina thought, before pulling Libby to her right tit. “Suck it slut.

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There was no need really for her to be so demanding. As soon as she felt herself being pulled to Sabrina’s other boob she more than willingly leaned in to suckle her. As she sucked on Sabrina’s boob a hand slid down her pants so she could play with her own pussy. Sabrina sensed where Libby had stuck her hand and smiled proudly. She was right, she had become Libby teacher. Her sex teacher. And what teacher wouldn’t be proud when they learned their pupil was putting what they’d learned to good Libby hummed around Sabrina’s breast. The vibrations nearly drove the young which wild.
“Dear sweet Libby, I need you to do something for me.
“I want you to take your hand out of your pants and slide it into mine. I need you to play with my pussy for me. ”
Libby stopped sucking on Sabrina’s boob and gave her a desperate look. “But that will mean I have to stop playing with mine, mistress. ”
“Mistress? Where did that come from?” Sabrina wondered. “Yes, it will, sweetie.

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   But don’t you want to please me?”
In a flash Libby withdrew her hand from her pants. But she didn’t do as Sabrina asked. Instead, she stood Sabrina up and then took off her pants. It was something the young witch hadn’t expected, but she found it highly delightful. Libby, who earlier had to be forced into revealing her own body, was now willingly stripping Sabrina. She took a step back and got out of her shirt and pants. But when she went to remove her bra, Sabrina stopped her.
“No, not just yet. I have something in mind before you can remove those. ”
The brunette nodded and turned her attention to Sabrina’s pussy. “What do I do?”
“The same thing you do to yourself,” Sabrina told her as she pulled her back to her chest.
As Libby started to suckle again she lightly ran the tip of her finger over Sabrina’s puffy outer lips. This elicited a gasp for the blonde, not having realized how sensitive she suddenly was. The ex-cheerleader slowly traced her fingers over the other girls lips as if she were trying to memorize the very feel of her. Sabrina was shocked to feel herself already working up to an orgasm just from what little Libby had done.

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Unable to stand it any longer, and not really stopping to think whether it was still to soon to do it, Sabrina shoved Libby away and forced her to kneel in front of her as if in worship. She spread her legs and pulled Libby to her crotch.
“Suck my clit, slut. Make me cum. ”
Libby scrunched up her face, repulsed by the idea of putting another woman’s pussy anywhere near her face. But then she saw Sabrina’s clit. It seemed abnormally large to her, almost like a little cock. She’d given a few blowjobs before, all she’d actually do with most guys really. But this wasn’t some cock. It was another woman’s clit. It was Sabrina’s clit
Sabrina’s clit. Somewhere way back in her mind was a voice screaming `No, don’t do it! You’re not some fucking lesbian!” But then it was drowned out by many other voices, all her own, telling her to go ahead. Some said it was just experimentation, other’s that Sabrina was her teacher. Others of course said that it would make Sabrina happy and if she didn’t then Sabrina would kick her out on her ass just as she’d threatened earlier. But then there was the loudest voice, the one that had suddenly appeared in her mind when her sense had first told her Sabrina was leaking from both her breasts and her pussy.

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   `Do it, do as your mistress commands!’
Without another word, Libby wrapped her lips around Sabrina’s clit. Sabrina clamped her legs to the side of Libby’s head as she felt her first orgasm hit her. Sabrina screamed in ecstasy as waves of pleasure swept through her. But she had to keep it from over coming her completely. The moment was just right.
Before her orgasm could overtake her, she pointed to Libby’s bed and zapped in a breast pump. Then, with a shaky finger she pointed to the brunette’s chest.
““I know theeeeseeee breasts would like to reeeesssstttt, but I neeeeeed milk so make it quick!”
The very last part was screamed out as Sabrina could no longer resist her orgasm any more. She grabbed the back of Libby’s head and held her there as she came hard. Her juices dribbled down her chin and onto her freakishly huge breasts. Libby felt a strange pressure building in her breasts but ignored it so she could continue pleasuring Sabrina. She continued sucking the witches clit, oblivious to the world around her.
Sabrina’s legs finally let out as her orgasm subsided. Letting go of the brunette’s head she collapsed into a heap onto her bed, just barely missing the breast pump. Panting she ran her hands weakly over her own breasts before squeezing them to get a little milk out.

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   Then she remembered the spell she’d cast and looked over to see Libby clawing at her bra. She smiled proudly when Libby finally got it off and milk started squirting out.
“Here, this should take some of the pressure off,” she said, putting the pump over Libby’s tits and starting it siphoning off some of her new found breast milk.
“Where, did that come from, it wasn’t here a few minutes ago?”
“Just a little something I zapped in,” Sabrina explained. “Don’t worry, you won’t remember I even said that. ”
With that Sabrina zapped Libby with a memory charm the book recommended be used on all subjects the lactation spell was used on.
Sabrina finally returned to her room after a little fuck session with Libby. As she had pumped Libby’s tits she had also worked the woman’s pussy into a lather, surprised at the copious amount of juices she got to come out of her. She’d grabbed a tea cup Libby had on the night stand beside her bed and used it to catch as much of Libby’s come as she could.
Once the cup was a quarter full and the bottles on the breast pump completely full, she set both cup and pump aside and proceeded to 69 the other girl. She managed to bring Libby to three orgasms before the brunette finally passed out. She’d used that as her chance to zap herself back to her own room. Sabrina was just finishing labeling bottles as Libby’s milk and her cum when Salem finally appeared.
“So, did you ruin Fluffy?” Sabrina asked, disapproval in her voice. “You know Mrs.


   Anderson was hoping to breed her. ”
“Oh, she’s been bred alright,” Salem said, proudly. “I think I was raped, Sabrina. That Persian was all over me before I could even sneak in through the window. I’m tell you she’s hot for my form. ”
“Salem, that’s just plain disgusting. ”
“You’re telling me. She did things I thought no normal cat could do. Why she…. ”
“Salem!” Sabrina screamed, not wanting to her the sordid details of cat sex.
“Sorry, Sabrina, but it ain’t like you humans are the only ones who enjoy sex you know. ”
“And it ain’t like you’re a mere cat,” she retorted, reminding him of what he really was. “I don’t need to hear about your little kitty sexual conquests. ”
“Oh, well why didn’t you say that in the first place?” Salem asked, sounding more than a little hurt that he couldn’t share. Then he noticed Sabrina’s collection.

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   “Hmmm, it would seem I got to miss all the fun here. ”
“Yeah you did,” Sabrina said, absently, as she read the Appendix spell book. “Not that Libby and I really needed a cat voyeur. ”
“So did you and her do the old horizontal mambo?”
“That’s none of your business. Hmmm, Salem do you think it was a bad idea for me to cast this lactation spell on myself first?”
“No, why?”
“Because it says here that any half witch-half mortal who uses the spell on herself also essentially gains a bit of control over any woman or girl who is currently suffering from the effects of a spell. Though the only spell they can suffer the effects from and not be affected by me is the lactation spell. It says that the smell of my pussy has subtly changed so as to cause women to become subservient to me, but only if they sallow my breast milk before I cum. But it only happens if I get sexually excited. That would explain why Libby called me mistress and got that strange look in her eyes. She was under my spell. ”
“As far as I can see, that may not be a bad thing,” Salem told her. “Always nice to have a willing sex slave. ”
“Hmmm, you probably should have looked more heavily for side effects, Salem. ” Sabrina never even noticed he’d said anything about sex slaves. “It says right here that any bra summoned by magic will instantly vanish the moment a woman under the lactation spell starts lactating into it.

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“Oh that,” Salem chuckled. “I thought that was just a joke. ”
“No you didn’t,” Sabrina said, suddenly realizing he’d deliberately left that out. “You wanted to see me braless if I zapped one in. ”
“Can you blame me?” Salem asked. “Face it Sabrina, you’ve got great tits. And you’re milk tastes great. ”
She wanted to give him some kind of snappy comment, but she couldn’t. He was right, after all. Even she admired her breasts, they were fantastic even without the lactation spell making them swell with milk. And she’d tasted her own breast milk, it was like an ambrosia she liked to her. There was definitely the taste of pineapple, orange, coconut, maraschino cherry, and cream all mixed together. She figured that had to be because it wasn’t natural lactation. Well, it was but it wasn’t. Her body had produced the milk, it had just been stimulated by the spell to do so.

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“Salem, what did my milk taste like to you?”
“Ambrosia,” he replied dreamily. “And believe me it was way better than any I’ve ever had before. ”
“You’ve tried breast milk before?” Sabrina asked, shocked.
“As you’ve pointed out, Sabrina, I wasn’t always a cat. ”
“Oh right, you were probably breast feed when you were a baby. You know, Salem, I’m a little shocked you remember that. ”
“I never said I remembered breast feeding when I was a child, Sabrina. I will have you know that before I was turned into a cat I had many sexual encounters. Some with pregnant women and even a few with women who had given birth. None of those who fed me their breast milk, either witch or mortal, tasted like yours. The taster was sweeter than regular milk, but nothing like yours. ”
“I tried Libby’s, it tasted like fresh baked apple crisp. ”
Salem looked to the bottles on the shelf. “Can I try just a little of Libby’s?”
“No, I need it for the spell. ”
“Puhlease????” the cat whined, putting on his best `I’ll be good if you give me some’ voice.

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Sabrina zapped in a curio cabinet with a magic lock on it and proceed to put the bottles of Libby and her milk into it along with the bottle of Libby’s cum. She then closed the cabinet and locked it, sticking her tongue out at cat.
“That’s just plain mean Sabrina,” Salem retorted, looking accusingly at the cabinet as if it was the one who’d denied him his treat and not the witch. Then he noticed Sabrina had turned back to the book.
“Sabrina, what are you doing?”
“I’m looking for another spell, something to make things a little easier. I mean, I fucked Libby so I could cast the spell on her. But I don’t want to fuck everyone just so I can cast the spell on them. Ah, here we go. Perfect, now I just have to get a few things together. ”
“What are you going to do?”
Sabrina smiled impishly at the cat. She then put on her most theatrical voice.
“If we shadows have offended, Think but this, and all is mended,That you have but slumbered hereWhile these visions did appear. ”
“How very Shakespearean of you,” Salem said, nodding in approval. “A dream spell, most appropriate You can cast one to last for as long as the lactation spell lasts. And if you should desire more sex slaves….

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“Who ever said I wanted to cast a sex slave spell?” Sabrina interrupted.
“Sabrina, weren’t you listening to what I said earlier. As you explained, while you’re under the effects of the lactation spell the smell of your pussy has changed to make any woman who smells it subservient to you. But only if they drink your milk before you cum and only when you’re aroused. And only if their already suffering the effects of a previous spell. In other words, if you cast any spell that lasts for a while and then have sex with another girl you could make them your willing sex slave. ”
“Ok, so basically I’ve behave myself and try not to have sex with Carol, Morgan, or Roxie. ”
But deep inside Sabrina had to admit the idea of at least another sex slave kinda excited her.

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