Dancing with Katie


It had been a particularly horrendous week at work. It was very late when I got off of work, and I needed to blow off steam. There was a topless strip joint a little over a mile away where the girls are friendly. I paid the five dollar cover and went in. The place was hopping. Dancers were grinding on all five of the stages. The main floor was crowded and full. The only open seats were on the second floor, so I headed up. The view was far and somewhat obstructed.
One of the stages was at the top of the stairs, so I got to see the girls, but only a while after they appeared on the main stage. Several of the girls were working the floor. There was a pair of Mexican mamas with big tits and big thighs, a multi tatooed rebel, and a totally hot asian babe. I tried catching her attention, but she obviously was looking for a different kind of client. After forty five minutes, a table downstairs opened up. I raced downstairs and picked the perfect seat.
From where I sat, I could see four of the stages and be near the aisle the girls walk when going from the main floor to the dressing rooms.


   After ten minutes there, I saw her when she walked out of the dressing rooms. She had the face of an angel with long dark hair. Her compact teen frame was obscured by a blue two piece nightie. We locked eyes. She smiled and walked ove. "Hi, I'm Crystal" she said as she sat down. "I'm Chris" I said, using my college nickname, not feeling bad since Crystal probably wasn't her real name. I couldn't help but shake the feeling that she looked familiar. We made small talk. I made a joke about a local celeb.
She giggled, then it hit me like a thunderbolt. "Has anyone ever told you, you look like Katie Holmes?" I asked. "I get that, a lot", she answered, in High School, people were always asking me where Dawson and Pacey were". "I'm sorry". "It's alright" she said, handling everything like champ.

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   We made small talk before she asked me for a dance. I felt my pulse and breathing quicken. I was about to get a private dance from a celeb, not really-but close enough. I was going to get to squeeze boobs, and if I was lucky, get some stink finger. She led me to a small ten by ten foot room. There is a series of these just off of the main floor set aside for private dances. The only items in the rooms is two small chairs and a small table. She sat me in a chair facing away from the door.
She pulled her chair close, then took off her top exposing a perfect pair of firm C cup tits. Her milky mounds were topped with fifty cent piece beige colored nipples. She slid the bottom half of the nightie off, leaving a small flimsy blue thong. She placed her hands on the arms of my chair and leaned in bringing her tits up close and personal to my face. I sqeezed her tits, loving the soiftness of these wonderful pillows. She turned, backing in placing her ass against my now hard dick. She pushed against it while placing my hands on her tits and resting her head on my shoulder.

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   A moment later, she turned, placing her body sideways against mine so that het thigh pushed against my dick and she wiggled it. As the song started, she repeated the routine, only instead on turning her body sideways, she leaned against her chair, placed her legs next to my arms and placed her ass directly in my face. I squeezed the milky globes of her ass before freeing my right hand to slide along her slit. She reached back, hooked her thumb in the flimsy fabric and showed me her asshole and pussyl lips. I pressed my finger into her pussy lips and entered her. Her pussy was moist, snug, and hugged my finger as I pressed it all the way into the knuckle.
She pulled away, then turned facing me. She placed a foot in my chair and leaned in so as to place her pussy directly in front of my face. She moved the fabric aside, showing me a pair of hair free, plump, pussy lips. I slid my finger in her again. I noticed her look at the door. Managers sometimes roam the hallways and she didn't want to get in trouble. She stood in my chair placing her pussy directly in front of my face. I leaned in and kissed it. I took my tongue and found her clit.

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I felt her stiffen as she grabbed my head pulling it close into her. A moment later, she climbed down allowing me to still finger her while she had suck on a nipple. She was rocking back and forth, moaning in my ear. Suddenly, the lights dimmed. We both looked up. It was nearly black in the room. "Want to go for it?" she asked. "Yeah" I said, uncertain of what she meant. She stood up, slid off the thong, laid back in her chair placing her legs over the arms, and motioned me forward with a finger. I started to unzip. She nodded with a naughty smile. I took my dick out and knelt in front of her lining up to go in. She reached down, pulling my dick into her. I leaned forward, entering her fully. She grabbed my head inserting her tongue in my mouth.

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   She started to whimper as she rose her hips to meet my thrusts. She took her hands, grabbing my shoulder blades, "faster" she whispered, "if the lights come back on, pull out". I felt her wetness getting my pants wet. She was getting sweaty. I started to pull back to change postion. "Don't" she pleaded "I'm getting off".
She locked her ankles around my back and increased her motion. She was suppressing her moans so as not to heard outside the room. She made a gutteral grunt, then started spasming. "Wait" she said, pushing her hand against my stomach. I waited a moment. She inhaled a deep breath, "Go ahead" she said as I resumed fucking her. I felt my own orgasm coming. I grunted as I unloaded in her. We collaped together, breathing hard.

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   "That was great, she said, "I've always wanted to do this in one of the rooms". "You mean you haven't before?" "I usually don't even let guys stick their finger in me. I'll let them touch me, but not go in". "So, why did you let me?" "I've had four screw drivers, and you turn me on. You look like someone I know".
"Who?" I asked. Just then the DJ said, "Crystal you're next on stage". "SHIT" she said as we both looked at our watches, it was 1:45. "Do you have a hotel room nearby?" she asked as she hurriedly dressed. "No" I said as I fished out the two hundred I was going to spend that night. "Keep it, there's a Marriott over by the freeway. Meet me there about two thirty. Buy me breakfast and we'll call it even". "OK" I said pocketing the cash. Now fully dressed, she gave me a quick kiss.

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   "See ya in a little bit" she said before running out of the room.
I met her in the hotel lobby. She was wearing a T shirt, daisy dukes, and sandals". We went up to the room. I sat on the bed as she set her bag down and did a quick walk around of the room. I sat on the bed. "Get undressed" she ordered, "I want to do something fun". "What kind of fun?" "Get undresesed, you'll find out". I suddenly felt like I was losing control of the situation. I was leery of her tying me up and taking my money, or something worse. I sized her up. Even undressed, I stood six inches taller than her and outweighed her by a hundred pounds. I resolved to act quickly if I saw ropes or handcuffs. When I was undressed, she had me sit back against the bed. "Ready?" she asked.

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   "Yes" I said. "Hey, Dawson, should we go skinny dipping, or stay in the room?" she asked as she took the shirt off, freeing those wonderful tits of hers. "You're a naughty girl" I scolded, causing her to laugh.
"So, Who do I look like that you know?" "My dad" she answered as she slipped off the daisy dukes. "Want to fuck me daddy? I've been a naughty girl, having sex with a stranger". My dick, already hard, formed some pre cum upon hearing her words. This was going to be a wild fuck, and it was as the neighbor pounded on the wall twice and hotel security knocked on the door, telling us to keep it down. All the while, she played the submissive daughter.  
I didn't think I had it in me, at forty five, to fuck three times in a night, four counting the club, but she drew it out of me. We even had a quickie in the morning. We don't meet at the club anymore, but the hotel has gotten used to us. We're even having a father/daughter weekend this weekend. I better stop now, I hear the shower turning off.