Fun on the Olsen Twin Cruise


She then knelt down and started pulling down my boxer shorts after seeing the large lump in them. It had almost reached it’s full size of 7" length and 5" around. She was amazed by the size as she grabbed it with her cute little hand which slowly curled itself around my large stem. She started jerking me off and I had the strong feeling it was her first experience with a cock. It wasn’t because she was doing it badly, she was just very cautious and seemed to be exploring it. She got the hang of it pretty quickly and then she did something unexpected, she slid it between her lips and started sucking me. She began only taking it in a little way and playing around the tip with her tongue, after she’d done this for about a minute or so she started pushing it in further until my whole cock had disappeared in her mouth and was going deep down her throat. This was a wonderful feeling, especially when she started pulling it out and sticking it in again in a constant rhythm. I found it very hard not to start groaning, but everyone would have known what was going on in our cabin. That was one of the things I found made it even better though, Ashley Olsen giving me a blow job in a public toilet. Suddenly I came and had one of the strongest orgasms of my whole life, I pumped a massive load of sperm into her mouth which she swallowed without any problems. We left the toilet again, but not without some of the girls giving me a weird look. I thought this would be all I was gonna get for the entire trip, but how wrong I was. Ashley invited me to her room, but after the blow job I thought she just wanted to hang out. When we entered the room I was surprised at how luxurious it was, Ashley said she had to go to the toilet and that I could get comfortable and help myself to whatever I wanted. After about ten minutes the door opened, I was watching TV, so I didn't notice at first, but when I saw a movement to my right I looked over and saw her wearing a slightly transparent silk dressing gown.

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   The good thing about this was, that it was the only thing she was wearing. I could clearly see her tits, that weren’t big, but a size I really liked. I could also make out her pussy lips and a fluff of dark-blonde pubic hair topping her cunt, she appeared to be mostly shaven though. My dick had become hard again, the instant she had entered the room. She came over to me and did a little dance in front of me. She showed off her perfect body and was clearly enjoying it, so was I. She asked me if my pants felt at all tight and it didn't surprise me when I looked at the clearly visible bulge in my pants. She had already seen my cock earlier, so I had nothing to hide and took of my clothes in a jiffy. She smiled at me and let her gown fall to the floor elegantly. The second I saw it in clear view I knew, this was the most beautiful pussy imaginable. We sat down in the hot-tub she which she had filled. The water was a comfortable temperature and I had a clear picture of what was going to follow, I would be the one to bust Ashley’s cherry. I felt I was the luckiest male on earth when I thought, that I was going to be the first to shove my dick into her sweet little pussy. I lay back and enjoyed the warmth of the water and Ashley’s perfect body in my arms. She was sitting with her back to me.

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   I caressed her tits slightly and played with her erect nipples. I had a total hard-on at the time and she seemed to like the feeling of my thick hard stem rubbing against her back. Suddenly she turned round, grabbed it and started jerking me slowly while I let my hands wander down to her crotch. I let my fingers do little circles, never getting too near to her clit or even her pussy lips. She groaned slightly and so did I, as the feeling of her hand massaging my cock was way empowering. I let my finger run over her slit very quickly which made her wild, I wanted to tease her so she wanted more, but not give her what she wanted straight away. Suddenly her hand started moving towards her pussy, she wanted to do it herself, but I grabbed her hand and said her pussy was mine now and that she could do my cock. She stood up and turned towards me then she started sitting down again, while facing me. She went into a squatting position, then grabbed my cock and got the tip in the best place imaginable, so that she just had to go down a few inches for it to really penetrate her, the first centimetre was soon between her tight pussy lips and the rest was to follow shortly. She put her arms around me and in this wonderful hug she let her body sink so that my cock slipped into her oily satin hole inch by inch. Ashley was in a constant groan. Suddenly I could feel her hymen which was keeping my dick from going all the way in and with that I had the ultimate joy of popping her cherry. Although one would rather have to say, that she did it herself, because she jolted upwards quickly and pushed herself down again, ramming my cock into her tight pussy as far as it would go. She wined a bit when her cherry broke, but had forgotten about the pain only seconds later, when she started a constant rhythm going up and down on my cock. I couldn't see her pussy lips properly because of the water, but it was clear, that they where stretched wide by the girth of my cock.

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   Suddenly she groaned: "Oohh, your size is perfect, it exactly fills my pussy up without being so big that it would hurt". We went on like this for several minutes, I was constantly on the verge of coming, but was able to keep it back by varying the speed now and then. I could feel the most tremendous orgasm of my life build up in my cock. Ashley was nearly screaming in lust now. Suddenly the door opened and Mary-Kate entered, she was also completely nude, but quickly tried to cover her pussy and tits when she saw me. She had obviously expected to find Ashley masturbating alone and how I was to learn later she wanted to give her a hand doing so, as they did frequently. Mary-Kate walking in on us gave me an extra push and I had the most intense orgasm of my entire life, it went on for at least a minute, my whole body was shaking and I spurted wad after wad of my cream deep into Ashley’s tight pussy, it just didn't seem to stop. Ashley continued riding me and came while I was still coming. Our groaning was so loud, that I wouldn't have been surprised if someone had heard us through the walls. When she stopped groaning she said something like: "Damn, I think u filled me up completely, I never thought it would be that much sperm". I answered: "I didn't either". Mary-Kate had been watching all the time, she didn't bother hiding her body anymore, she had sat down on the toilet seat and started masturbating. When I first looked over she had two fingers deep in her cunt and was massaging her clit. Ashley said to her: "Mary-Kate, you should let him fuck you. His cock is perfect, you wont believe how good it feels to have his whole length crammed into your box.

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  "Mary-Kate answered: "But I want to loose my virginity in my wedding night. "Ashley’s response to that was: "Why wait with the fun until your best years have past ? Why don't you enjoy yourself now and give him the pleasure of popping your cherry ?". Mary-Kate gave in, so we decided all to go to their bed and get on with it. Now that Mary-Kate had said she would do it she was really looking forward to feeling what everyone talked about and loved so much. When we were on the bed she was trembling, but anticipating my big erection entering her untouched love tunnel. I went down on her, so as to go shure, that she is really wet when I enter her tight hole. She tasted wonderful, her juices where sweet but slightly musky. I started fingering her, she seemed to be a bit tighter then Ashley, but I would see that when I entered her. She also had a fluff of hair over her slit, but was mostly shaven. Her pussy looked nearly identical to Ashley's. As I couldn't wait any longer I decided she was lubed up fine and started getting ready to pop the second cherry this day. We agreed on starting in missionary and later changing to her riding (the thing that interested Mary-Kate most of all, because she loves riding horses and expected riding a guy to be even better). I got her in the right position in front of me and she spread her legs as wide as she could. I was obviously as hard as ever and as it seems this was the moment when she saw how big it actually was, especially the head was swollen huge by now. She was just thinking about chickening out when I set it at her pussy lips and started pushing in.

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   She really was tighter then Ashley, but that might have been because Ashley really wanted it and Mary-Kate was doing it slightly half heartedly. I eased the head in with quite a bit of pressure. Mary-Kate was somewhere between screaming from pain and groaning from pleasure. I pushed about 3" in until I hit her hymen. I decided to wait a while, so that she could get used to having my tool in her oily satin hole. After about a minute I noticed her relaxing and the tightness subsiding a little. I though it was time to go on. I pulled it out but for half of my glans and then shoved it in again quickly. She wailed from pain, but her hymen didn't give way. She wanted me to stop, but I didn't listen, I was determined to pop her cherry, no matter what happened. Apart from that, Ashley wouldn't have let me stop, because she knew Mary-Kate would enjoy it as soon as I was in all the way. I had another go, this time I shoved it in with even more pressure and her hymen tore. She winced in pain, as the whole 7" of my dick went in with one thrust. She wanted me to take it out and said I had gone to deep and it had hurt like shit, but I just pulled it out slightly and thrust in again. This time I didn't push it in that far and after 3 in-out motions Mary-Kate's attitude changed entirely.

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   A big smile crossed her face and she started groaning. It was pretty obvious, that she liked my cock being in her now that I had bust her cherry and loosened her up. We went on in the missionary position for about another minute, before we decided that she would start riding me. I pulled my beast out and lay down comfortably on my back. She mounted me instantly and got my cock in position under her pussy. Then she sat down on it, letting it go all the way into her tight hole. She started going up and down slowly, now she agreed with Ashley, that my size was perfect and fitted her pussy very nicely too. She was a little tighter then her sister, but they're pussy's where nearly identical. She was in full gallop, groaning loudly. Suddenly Ashley decided she was coming short, so she mounted my face and I got to suck her sweet pussy. I began by gently licking her ass cheeks and slowly working my way to her tight asshole, that I was also going to fuck later on that evening. She was ecstatic when I let my tongue swirl around her puckered hole. After a while I moved down and started playing with her pussy lips, but was careful not to touch her clit. The taste was way empowering and I started flicking my tongue faster. Then I found her clit and started licking it furiously.

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  She was groaning loudly and when I bit her huge swollen clit softly she climaxed in a screaming orgasm and covered my face in her sweet pussy juices. Only seconds later Mary-Kate had her first "man made" orgasm, started to go slower and then let herself sink onto my stomach. I said: "Ashley, feel like finishing me off after that tremendous orgasm of yours ?"I didn't have to wait for Ashley's positive answer, Mary-Kate pulled my still erect member out of her tight pussy and lay down beside me while Ashley got in her place. She grabbed my cock and slowly fed it into her waiting vagina. She already had a better feel for it then the first time and started passionately riding me. She was bouncing up and down groaning loudly. I had to make it clear to myself again who I was fucking, Ashley Olsen was just riding my cock. After a few minutes we decided to change the position, so she got on all fours and I knelt behind her, feeding my length into her wet pussy. She liked this position too, although we agreed, that her giving me a ride was better. She wanted to try more positions, so I started spooning her, which she really enjoyed, so we stayed in that position for quite a while. Then we got into missionary position, she came twice in a row short before I started pumping rope after rope of my thick white semen into her tight little twat. I told them I needed a rest for a while and that we could go on later. We didn't bother getting dressed and just got comfortable in front of the TV as we were. We watched an episode of Friends and some other series. Ashley had her head on my stomach and played with my cock instead of watching TV most of the time.

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   Mary-Kate was lying on the other side stroking my chest now and then. I played with their tits a lot of the time, but mainly concentrated on the TV, as I knew the real action was to start later. When we decided to go back over to the bed my cock was still hard, as Ashley had kept it that way over the entire duration of watching TV, she was absolutely fascinated by my manlyhood. We got comfortable on the bed and they started sucking my dick and licking my balls together. I was hard as hell and needed to get it in one of their tight pussies. Mary-Kate seemed to sense this, because she stopped sucking, pushed Ashley aside and mounted me. I had gotten used to their pussies by now but it was still an unimaginable pleasure to feel my hard rod slip into Mary-Kates wet lovetunnel. She rode me for several minutes until she came hard. She lay down exhausted at the foot of the bed. I asked Ashley if she wanted to try something different, she seemed very enthusiastic, so I suggested having anal sex. She was unsure at the beginning, but when I said we could stop whenever she wanted she agreed. I started by getting her into a position, that I could comfortably access her sweet little butthole. Then I started licking her puckered hole, so as to get it a little wet. I spat on it and slowly massaged my spit in with one finger. She groaned in pleasure as it entered her tight hole.

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  I decided that was enough lubrication as my dick was already covered in Mary-Kate's pussy-juices. I lay down on my back and told Ashley to get into a riding position, only this time it would be her backdoor. I set the tip of my cock between her wide spread ass-cheeks and told her to take her time letting it go in. She slowly sank down, letting my cock slip in one inch after the other. Mary-Kate was watching closely as her twin sisters hole was stretched wide by the girth of my rod. The feeling was absolutely brilliant. It was unbelievably tight and I was on the verge of coming already. When about 10cm where in she started moving up again. She got into the constant up and down rhythm, only that it was her tight asshole this time. I came after about 2 minutes and when shooting my load up her hole I knew I had to have Mary-Kate's ass too. I thought to myself how much I actually love twins, because it's nearly like popping the same cherry twice. The next years where wonderful, I was at the twins house most of the time and turned to be their best friend as well as fuck-buddy, which was fine by me. Five years later I married Ashley and we had 3 kids together. We had a very fulfilling sexlife and occasionally got together with Mary-Kate for a three-some, which in most cases resolved in an orgy of several hours. In our case fulfilling sex life means fucking at least once a day, often 3 times or more and having passionate sex, sometimes in very weird places.

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