Great Night In Vegas


I was at The Palms in Las Vegas, sitting at the blackjack table already drinking and gambling all day. I was up about 15,000 and feeling real good. The palms is where all the celebrities hang out but I hadn’t seen any. It was getting late and I was getting ready to make my last bet, then I saw a hot blonde coming toward the table. As she sat down next to me, a familiar look about her, I decided to stay playing. We played, won, and talked to each other for about 2 hours. At the point we were the only ones at the table, so I began flirting with her and making her laugh. I got the impression she was interested in me, so I asked her up to my suite for a drink. She accepted, and we went up to finish the night off. I had told her my name but she had never given me hers, which I found weird. As we approached my room I asked her name. She said it’s Tara, but I figured you knew. Dumbfounded, I asked no why? She said never mind, let’s go get drunk. Sounds good to me, I told her, as I opened the door to my suite. She said a friend of hers would be by if that was OK. She pulled her cell phone out to call her friend as I went to the bathroom, but I couldn’t help eavesdrop.

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   She was talking to a girl named Lindsay, telling her about the night and how cute and sexy she thought I was. Smiling ear to ear knowing what would happen this night, I finished up, poured a strong drink and went back to her.
The night was about to get unreal. She had taken off her jacket and had a black tight tank top on revealing two nice breasts. I had already been blown away by her smooth, tan, sexy legs and an ass to die for from walking behind her earlier. This was the icing on the cake. After a couple drinks, I decided to put some music on and we began dancing. Grinding pretty hard on each other, I was running my hands all over her body. She didn’t seem to mind, so I began fondling her tight ass, and running my hands up and down her smooth, muscular legs. Then I took it a step further. I started to kiss her, at the same time pulling her skirt up, to grab her succulent ass. She started to moan a bit, and slipped her tongue into my mouth as she unzipped my pants and started feeling my hard cock. She hesitated for a moment to say “oh, wow…your cock feels great…I want it in me. Feel how wet my pussy is? It’s dying to take you cock. ” I said, I want you so bad, but first come over here and sit down.

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   I pulled my shirt off, and my pants, as I approached her. She then said you really don’t know who I am? I said I know you’re Tara and extremely hot. She said I’m Tara Reid, you’ve seen my movies right? Blown away by this information, I became even hornier, as I told her yea, I loved American Pie. I kept kissing her as she sat on the couch, and then I pulled off her shirt and sexy black lace bra. Her tits were perfect. She said she recently had them done. I told her how perfect they were which seemed to put her over the edge. She grabbed my boxers pulled them down and began sucking my now excruciatingly hard cock. She used her hand to massage the base of my penis as she licked the tip before deep throating it. I wanted to come so bad So I ripped her panties off and started fucking her as hard as I could. She then pushed me onto my back and rode me, screaming and moaning. I couldn’t believe Tara Reid was sitting on top of my cock. Her stomach was flat, her tits were rubbing in my face, as I grabbed her ass. I then grabbed her blonde hair and pulled it back. I picked her up off me and turned her around.

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   I banged her doggie style. I reached around and grabbed her tits as I gave it to her from behind. I then reached around and rubbed her pussy which sent her into an extreme orgasm…. finally I pulled out and came all over her ass and she sucked off the rest.
Exhilarated by our encounter, I turned on the shower and she joined me. Then the doorbell rang, it was her friend. She got out and into a robe to let her in. I remember it taking a long time for her to come back, but I figured they were talking out there. All of a sudden the bathroom door opens up and they both walk in. She introduces me to Lindsay…Lindsay Lohan…. who was now in only a robe too. They both jump in the shower with me. Lucky for me LL had turned 18 earlier in the month. Her tits were not only beautifully round and large, they also didn’t sag. She whispered in my ear, are you ready for some more? I still couldn’t get my mind off how hot Tara was, but I said yea, let’s do it.

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   Tara said she wanted to watch, but would give me something to get excited about. She grabbed Lindsay and began kissing her. They both grabbed and caressed each others tits. Tara dropped down and licked and sucked Lindsay’s huge tits as Lindsay rubbed her hand on Tara’s pussy.
Finally, hard as a rock again I grabbed Lindsay and her big tits, and started kissing her tits. She then rubbed my cock with her hand and proceeded down to suck it. As she sucked me off, I looked at Tara who now had two fingers inside her pussy, giving herself another orgasm. She was moaning so loud it was driving me crazy. LL got done sucking me off, so I returned the favor and tongued her clit. With both of my hands on her succulent breasts, I gave her an orgasm with my tongue. Her pussy was so fresh and clean, I could have sucked her lips, and tongued her clit for and hour. Then I stood her up and bent her over. I began fucking her from behind. Her pussy was wet, warm, and sweet. She moaned and screamed for more. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   Then Tara said, I can’t take it anymore and stepped over to us and force her tits into my mouth. I sucked and nibbled her nipples as I fucked Lindsay from behind. Tara said I want some more, asked Lindsay to share. Lindsay said only if we can kiss each other at the same time. So as Lindsay grabs Tara and tells her to lick her tits I bend Tara over again and bang her with all I have. I want to cum so bad, but the first twirl took so much out of me it may be a while. Plus I wanted to cum while fucking Lindsay. They then start kissing each other and each tongue my cock at the same time. This puts me on the brink. So I take Lindsay to the bed and lay her down so I can watch her tits bounce as I fuck her. She then rides me with her tits in my face. I lay on my back and Tara comes over to kiss on Lindsay, so I grab her and she straddles my face. I lick her pussy and let Lindsay ride me. Finally I can’t take anymore and cum all over the place. Lindsay sucks my cock clean.

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   Everybody out of breath and energy, lays on the bed. I went to bed that night having fucked Tara Reid, had a threesome with her and Lindsay Lohan, and picked up $20k at the tables. Can’t ask for more than that.