Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires- Chapter Four - Slumber Party


Harry Potter and the Spellbook of DesiresChapter Four – Slumber Party 
Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author.
Story Codes: mmff, mmf, ncon, cream pie, hp, grope, magic, orgy, preg
Harry was furious; he’d lost the Spellbook of Desires.   He had looked everywhere, and he knew now that someone had stolen the book.   Because the Weasley household was so large at the moment, it would be impossible to interrogate the entire family without revealing the contents of the book to them.   Harry interrogated his best friend Ron Weasley in their room as Fred and George Weasley crept back upstairs after have a quick breakfast, knowing that they’d need their energy for the adventure ahead.   It was they who had found the Spellbook of Desires and had read a few of the pages, becoming ecstatic at what it could mean for them.
Fred and George walked back upstairs, quietly discussing how, when and who they were going to use the book on.   They wouldn’t mind using it on Hermione, but because Ginny was sharing her room with her, it seemed temporarily impossible.   As they returned to their room, they flipped through the book, looking for a spell that could meet their specific circumstances.
‘How about this one?’ said George, pointing to a long descriptive spell.
‘No… that’ll take far too long’ Fred replied, reading the description.   ‘It needs to be short and quiet.   We don’t want to wake the entire house’
It took ten more minutes before they finally came across a suitable spell.   Unfortunately, they’d have to wait for the right time to use it.   They wouldn’t get their opportunity with Hermione, at least, not until they made it back to Hogwarts, and were able to do it undetected.   The spell they were going to use was not for Hermione, it was for a girl in their own year at Hogwarts; Angelina Johnson.

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    Both Fred and George had a thing for Angelina, and using the Spellbook of Desires on her, seemed to be a perfect way to satisfy their lust for her.
The spell they had found was perfect; it would subdue her, and leave her completely defenseless to their sexual advances.
The description read:
The ‘Noctorex’ spell is perfect for a quiet setting, incapacitating the intended target; leaving them completely defenseless to the caster’s sexual advances.   Awake or asleep, when this spell hits them, they will fall into a deep sleep, completely at ease and compliable to any position they are placed in.   Warning! This spell is very powerful; knocking the intended target unconscious for over six hours.  
The spell was a difficult one though, but Fred and George Weasley were going to be in their sixth year at Hogwarts, and although they didn’t do well on their OWLS, they were still gifted and, if they applied themselves, could easily pull off the spell.
‘This’ll take some doing’ said George, replicating the wand movements shown on the page.   If done correctly, the spell would take two minutes to perform, needing only to say ‘Noctorex’ at the end, to cast it.
Fred and George knew where Angelina lived; they’d use the Floo Network to gain access to her house and then sneak to her room, casting the spell, and having their way with her.   It was a complex and potentially dangerous plan; but the spell would be perfect for the situation, and neither Fred nor George could wait till Hogwarts to use their newly discovered book.
For the next week or so, Fred and George worked hard to perfect the spell, often casting it on each other at night time to test its effects.   When they were satisfied with the results, they planned their little night time excursion to the Johnson household.   They’d be traveling at midnight, when both their and Angelina’s family would be fast asleep.
Fred and George re-read the spell one more time, practicing the wand movements before hiding the book under their bed, where it would surely be safe until they returned.   They crept out of their room, keeping as quiet as they could.

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‘Owww’ cried Fred as he tripped over an old broom.
‘Quiet!’ whispered George, as they both listened to see if they’d woken anybody.
‘Looks like were in the clear’ sighed a relieved Fred, as they began their trek down the stairs and to the fireplace.
They each grabbed a pinch of floo powder; one for the trip there and one for the trip back.   One after another, they stepped into the fireplace and whispered Angelina’s address.   Green flames erupted around each of them, spiraling them through the Floo Network, straight to the Johnson household.
‘Quiet… I think everyone’s asleep’ commented George, as Fred came whirling out of the fireplace after him.
‘Okay… let’s find her room’ replied Fred, as the twins snuck through the house and up the stairs.   The house was immaculately clean, with moving photos, school medallions and trophies belonging to Angelina.
‘Daddy’s little girl’ whispered Fred, as they passed several photos of the beautiful Angelina Johnson, all still sleeping in their frames.
‘She won’t be after tonight’ replied George quietly, trying hard not to giggle.
The twins finally came upon what surely was Angelina’s room.   It had her name written in colorful paint and decorated with Quidditch posters.   Fred opened the door quietly, letting the moonlight from the hallway windows engulf her room.   The room was revealed to them and to the twin’s jubilation, not just Angelina, but two other girls were sound asleep on the floor.

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‘Slumber party!’ whispered the twins to each other.   They walked into the dark room and closed the door behind them.
They both took out their wands, determined to cast a spell on each of the girls.   As they began the complicated movements, their eyes adjusted to the darkness, revealing the identity of the other two girls.   Alicia Spinnet, a fellow sixth year from Gryffindor, the same age as Angelina and the twins, and Katie Bell, another Gryffindor only a year younger then the twins were laying near Angelina.   It would be these two unintended but welcome guests that would take part in their fun.
‘Looks like an all Gryffindor Quidditch team party’ whispered George to Fred, smiling, as he continued to wave his wand.
‘Noctorex’ whispered both Fred and George at the same time, casting a silver beam of light at both Katie and Alicia.   The light engulfed their bodies, seemingly having no effect on them.
‘I’ll cast it on Angelina… you check them and make sure their really unconscious’ whispered Fred to George, as he began to cast the spell again.
George got onto his knees and crawled over to Katie, poking her arm with his wand before pinching her shoulder, attempting to wake her.   He did the same thing to Alicia before deciding to do one further important test.   As Fred continued to work on the spell, George pulled off his pants to make certain that the girls were asleep.   He opened Katie’s mouth before placing his soft cock in her wet mouth, making her engulf the entire thing.   George felt his cock begin to harden as he took it out of Katie’s mouth and did the same thing to Alicia.

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‘Noctorex’ whispered Fred, casting the same spell on Angelina before saying, ‘Starting without me George?’
‘Of course not Fred, I’m just making sure they’re asleep’ replied George, with a smile on his face.
‘Well… let me help you’ responded Fred before lighting a small lamp, and illuminating the entire room.   All three girls were sleeping on the floor.   The room was very sizable, but every inch of wall space was dedicated to Quidditch.
‘Little bit of a Quidditch freak, hun George?’ said Fred, as he pulled off his own clothes and dipped his hardening cock into Angelina’s open mouth.
‘Ahh…’ they both moaned, feeling the warmth of the girls’ mouths engulf their now hard cocks.
After ten minutes of fucking the girls’ mouths, the twins decided to see what the girls looked like naked.   They carefully removed all their clothing, making sure not to tear them.   They knew they had to redress them when they were done; they didn’t want to leave any evidence that they were there.
First they removed Katie’s pajamas; revealing a slightly chubby, but nevertheless, attractive young teen body.   Her breasts were fairly small, and her pussy was completely bald.   As they flipped her over to get a good look at her ass, they were overwhelmed at how nice it was.   Big, soft and juicy; just like the twins loved.
‘Not a bad little tush on this one… eh Fred?’ said George to his brother.
‘You know it brother’ replied Fred, as the twins moved over to Alicia.

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They removed her pajamas in a similarly careful fashion; revealing a very fit body.   To their obvious surprise however; Alicia breasts were fairly large.   It shocked them so, because, either they’d grown since last term, or she’d been hiding them well.    They took a close look at her pussy as well, noticing that just like Katie; her pussy had been shaved, probably for aero dynamism.   They flipped her over as well, taking a good look and feel at Alicia’s tight and fit ass.
‘That may be a tight fit!’ said Fred, trying to spread her ass cheeks to get a better look at her asshole.
‘You’re telling me!’ replied George, astonished at how tight it actually was.
Next, they moved over to Angelina; their prized target for the night.   She had dark, smooth and beautiful skin, glistening in the lamplight.   They had saved the best for last as they took off her pajamas.   She was even fitter than Alicia; her breasts were perfect, capped off with tiny dark nipples.   Fred and George could just make out what looked like abs as they felt her tight stomach before running their hands down towards her pussy.   Unlike the other two girls, Angelina had a tiny patch of black pubic hair, just visible in the lamplight.   As they flipped her over, the twins almost exploded at seeing pure perfection.   Her ass was big, fairly tight and perfectly sculpted.

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All of the undressing, touching and groping had kept the twins extremely hard.   Deciding that it would be best to leave Angelina for last; the twins picked their pairings.   Fred would take Katie while George would have his fun with Alicia.
‘This is going to be sweet’ said Fred, as he crawled over to Katie.
George flipped Alicia over, choosing to look her in the face while he rammed his cock into her tight pussy.   George took hold of his now hard seven inches, and rubbed the tip up and down Alicia’s pussy.   She didn’t make a peep; so after spitting on his hand and rubbing it on his shaft, he jammed the very tip of his cock into her pussy.
‘This hole is tight Fred’ said George, as he pushed as hard as possible into Alicia.
‘This one’s just as tight’ replied Fred, who had Katie still on her stomach.   He had submerged two inches of his cock into Katie, and was showing both strain and pain on his face.
Both twins had lost their virginity the previous year after taking a trip to a seedier part of Hogsmeade, paying a couple of hooker witches to pleasure them.   The hookers weren’t the freshest flowers in the garden, but at least they knew what to do now.
The twins were grunting and sweating for five minutes before they realized that both Katie and Alicia weren’t virgins; they evidently had had sex before.
‘Sluts!’ said Fred and George together, as they both finally had their entire cocks into their prey.   In only a couple of minutes they were driving their separate seven inches into Katie and Alicia as hard as they could.

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    They could both hear them moaning in their sleep through the smacking of their bodies.   After several minutes more of continuous moaning and groaning, the twins were each, reaching their end.
Just before they did however, Fred heard Alicia begin to moan louder, as her pussy began to spasm and the warm trickle of her pussy juices began to run down Fred’s cock.   Alicia wasn’t the only one to cum, as only a few seconds after Alicia’s orgasm, Katie groaned even louder; coating George’s shaft in her own warm juices.
‘Ahhhh… Godddd!’ grunted Fred, as he began to feel himself going through his own orgasm.   His cock began to swell as he pushed his cock as deep into her as possible before he felt himself begin to ejaculate a large load of his hot sticky cum into Alicia’s unprotected womb.   She didn’t even have a chance to stop Fred from impregnating her as he spilled his load into her.
‘Ungghhhh!’ groaned George, only seconds later as well, firing a similarly large load of his semen into Katie Bell’s young pussy.   Like Alicia, Katie had no defense against George as his potent seed found its way into her vulnerable womb.
As Fred and George both sighed in relief; they pulled heir softening cocks out of the two girls’ pussies; letting copious amounts of their hot semen spill from Katie and Alicia’s pussies.
The twins stood up, and high fived each other before looking over at Angelina in horror, as her eyes were open, staring at their cum covered cocks in surprise.
‘Don’t worry… I won’t tell… as long as you two give me a little taste of what they got!’ said Angelina sexily, still naked, with her fingers probing her own pussy.
The twins’ mouths were wide open, as they’d got hard instantly at Angelina’s sexy words.   Fred must’ve cast the spell wrong; too focused on what he was going to do with Katie or Alicia.   Asleep or not however, Angelina seemed willing and ready for them as they moved over to Angelina, ignoring the unconscious girls they had just impregnated.

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George got onto his hands and knees; opening Angelina’s legs wide before moving his head down towards her pussy.
‘You don’t know how long I’ve been dreaming about this’ whispered Angelina to the twins, as Fred began to kiss her and move his hands towards her perfect breasts.
As Fred continued to make out with her and play with her tits, George was hard at work; delving his tongue deep into Angelina’s pussy.   George couldn’t believe how good Angelina tasted; now moving his hands towards her pussy to help stimulate her even further.
Fred was having just as good of a time, twisting his tongue around Angelina’s, passionately kissing her, as his fingers played with her dark nipples.
‘Ahhhhh!’ moaned Angelina, feeling her orgasm hit and giving George a face-full of her warm juices.   She continued to feel her pussy spasm as George lapped up as much of Angelina’s sweet juices as possible.
‘Amazing… Now give me some of that cock’ moaned Angelina as both the twins stopped working on Angelina and moving their cocks to the respective holes.
Fred placed the tip of his cock onto Angelina’s lips, as George did the same to her pussy.
‘On three… One… Two… Three!’ said the twins together, slamming their cocks into Angelina’s mouth and pussy.   Both were hot, wet and ready for their cocks as Angelina let out a low groan, feeling both cocks penetrate her deeply.   Fred had his cock buried all the way down Angelina’s throat as he moved his hips back and forth, letting Angelina’s tongue massage his shaft.   George on the other hand, was having a little trouble with Angelina’s pussy.   Her incredibly tight and athletic figure resulted in an even tighter pussy then Katie or Alicia.
The twins continued doing this for the next five minutes, when George finally got his entire shaft into Angelina’s trimmed pussy.

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    They only stopped because Angelina had just gone through her second orgasm and Fred wanted a turn fucking her.   Not wanting to give up Angelina’s sweet pussy, Angelina suggested a different and far hotter proposition.
‘There’s two holes back there Fred!’ said Angelina, after just coming down from her second orgasm and pulling Fred’s cock out of her mouth.   She had noticed the look of desire in his eyes, as he stared at her pussy being penetrated by George.
‘Seriously?” replied Fred, now getting up.
George pulled his cock out of Angelina with a plop, before letting her get up and let him slide underneath her.   She turned around to face him, as she guided his cock into her pussy.
‘That’s better’ said Angelina, loving the feeling of having a cock back into her.
George pulled her in close, holding down her waist and burying his entire cock into Angelina, as Fred stood over both of them and position his cock at the ridiculously tight looking entrance to her ass.
‘This is going to be one tight fit’ said Fred as crouched down and started to prod Angelina’s asshole.
‘Unghhhh’ grunted Fred, trying hard to get the tip of his dick into her.   Fred continued pushing as Angelina groaned in pain, having Fred sticking it in her ass and George being buried balls deep in her pussy.
After ten long minutes of all three shifting back and forth; Fred was finally able to fit his entire seven inches into Angelina’s tight black ass.   With that, the twins found their rhythm quickly, pumping Angelina up and down between their cocks, eliciting loud moans from her as she went through another orgasm.
They did this for another ten minutes before both the twins began to pant loudly, signaling an imminent release.

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‘I want you to cum on my face’ screamed Angelina, not wanting them to cum in her too.
Not wanting to disappoint the dark skinned goddess; Fred and George obliged to Angelina’s request.   Fred pulled out of Angelina’s ass with a pop, just as Angelina got off of George’s cock.   They watched as she got onto her knees between the two, preparing for the cum-shower she was about to receive.   Fred and George stood on either side of Angelina, stroking their shafts as hard as they could.
‘On three brother?’ asked George, looking over at Fred.   Fred agreed, nodding his head, and pumping his cock faster.
‘One… Two… Three!’ said the twins together, hitting their breaking point at the same time, just as Angelina opened her mouth to swallow as much as possible.   Fred and George erupted, covering Angelina in as much cum, maybe more then they had filled Alicia and Katie with.   Load after load of their hot cum splashed across Angelina’s face, getting into her mouth and covering her beautiful face as the twins continued to stroke their shafts.   Finally, after Angelina was completely caked in the twin’s warm seed, did they finally stop cumming.
Angelina swallowed as much as she could before using a piece of discarded clothing to wipe the remaining cum off her face.
Fred and George were exhausted, but knew that they needed to destroy any evidence that they had fucked Alicia and Katie.   Because Angelina was a willing participant, they didn’t care much about cleaning her up as she continued to wipe off her face.
‘Don’t worry about them… I’ll clean them up and dress them… besides, you helped me so I’ll help you’ Angelina said before standing up and moving over to her friends to clean them up.


    ‘You’d better leave before my parents find you here… we were pretty loud’ Angelina said, motioning for the twins to get dressed and leave.   ‘I’ll definitely be seeing more of you two at school’ said Angelina sexily, blowing a kiss at them, as she watched them dress and exit her room.
Fred and George were beaming as they made their way back down the stairs and to the fireplace.   They threw in some floo powder, saying ‘The Burrow’ before hopping in one at a time and traveling through the Floo Network back home.   The twins were exhausted; they had been through a very tiring night, not to mention the fact that it was already nearing three o’clock in the morning.   They made their way back up the stairs and to their room, ecstatic, thinking about how they’d use their new favorite book next.
‘Maybe Hermione?’ whispered Fred, discussing their possible targets, as they entered their room.   To their complete horror, when they looked under their bunk-bed to take a look at the book, they discovered that it was missing.   Cursing, they spent the next hour searching for the book.
‘What could’ve happened to it?’ questioned George, looking angry.
Unknown to the twins; Harry had heard the twins making their way down the stairs at midnight.   He knew that they were up to something, and had a feeling it had something to do with his Spellbook of Desires.   He took the initiative; sneaking to their room quietly and looking everywhere for the book.   He eventually found it sitting under their bunk bed, taking it back from the would-be thieves.   He knew the only way to hide the book was to lock it in his trunk until he needed it; so he hid it under all of his belongings and locked the trunk.

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    As Fred and George Weasley cursed and swore, searching everywhere for the book, Harry slept soundly, with a grin on his face.

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From romantic dinner dates to private activities, these escorts can give you almost any type of pleasure you desire. Either you are somebody who loves talking with women and spending time with them, or you are the type of man who loves to get right to the business, escorts Washington DC can give you anything you like as long as you are elegant with them. Spice up your business journey or even your vacation together with these mannered girls. They come from all over the globe, and they can surely keep you on all night with their passion and desire. Find the right model and you will be offered with the most sexy and addictive adventure in your life. Not to mention that all models at escort services Washington DC are veteran ones. That means they know how to take care of you and how to stimulate you, no matter your wishes or desires.

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1. These girls are experienced ones. They know how this niche is functioning, and they sure know how to keep you pleased.
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