Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires- Chapter Thirteen -


Harry Potter and the Spellbook of DesiresChapter Thirteen – Hogwarts PimpDisclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author. Story Codes: mf, mf, Mf, ncon, x-mast, cream pie, grope, magic, mc, preg, spank, unif,  
The Triwizard Cup feast had gone off without any problems; Ron had used a wondrous little potion to seduce the beautiful Fleur Delacour, and Harry had finally picked up the trail of his missing Spellbook of Desires.   Even Draco Malfoy had enjoyed himself at the feast; Victor Krum and the Durmstrang students had joined the Slytherin table during the feast and had taken a certain liking to Malfoy.   There was good reason too; Malfoy had let Krum know about his little secret, even showing him a few pages he had copied from the Spellbook of Desires.   Malfoy, noticing Krum’s interest and always wanting to establish as many connections with as many important and famous wizards as possible, pressed the matter, even telling him about a powerful spell he had performed on a sexy little witch.   He pointed Hermione out to Krum, who was instantly taken by her beauty, even after Malfoy had told him about her Muggle heritage.   He stared at her for the remainder of the evening, until Malfoy, noticing his attraction to Hermione, agreed to set up a little meeting, so Krum could get to know her a little more intimately.  
‘You know, I could arrange a little get together if you like her’ said Malfoy, breaking Krum out of his reverie.  
‘Vat?’ replied an embarrassed Krum.   He was an international Quidditch star; he hardly needed to use magic to have his way with any witch of his choice.  
‘It’s the only way to get a piece of that ass!’ replied Malfoy, looking over at Hermione.  
‘Vell… I guess so’ replied Krum, not wanting to pass up such a great opportunity.  
‘Meet me at the entrance of the Great Hall at midnight’ Malfoy told Krum, just as Dumbledore began explaining about the Triwizard Tournament.   As the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons students left the Great Hall for their respective sleeping quarters, Malfoy snuck up behind Hermione without her knowing.   He had copied down a spell perfect for the situation at hand.   He quickly pulled out a few small scrolls and re-read the spell he was about to use.

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It read:A spell, non-sexual in nature, which allows the caster to take control of the intended target’s body, allowing them to see through their eyes and control their movements.   Cast this spell on the intended target and after ten minutes, the caster’s consciousness will move into their body until the caster willingly leaves the body.   The spell will last as long as the caster wishes, granting them the ability to do anything they want with the target’s body, ANYTHING!  Warning!!! Ten minutes after the casting of the spell, the caster consciousness will move into the target’s body, leaving the caster’s body unconscious and completely helpless! 
Malfoy had copied down the correct wand movements as well.   It was relatively quick and easy, he wouldn’t even have to say a word.   Just as Hermione, Harry and Ron made it out of the Great Hall doors and towards the Grand Staircase, he made the wand movements and an invisible steam of magic hit Hermione in the back.   For a second, Malfoy thought she had felt the spell hitting her, but after a few tense moments, she continued on her way back to Gryffindor Tower.   Malfoy quickly ran down to the Slytherin common room and made it up to his bed before he began to feel light-headed, collapsing in a heap onto his bed.   It was a strange sensation, as his consciousness left his body and traveled upwards through the floors towards Hermione’s body.  
Hermione had just walked into her dorm room and had started taking off her clothes when a strange sensation overcame her and she blacked out.  
‘Cool!’ Malfoy said, but not in his voice, in Hermione’s.   He looked down at Hermione’s developing tits and began to squeeze them.   It was strange; he knew he was feeling himself up but he couldn’t feel anything.   Too bad, he thought, just before he noticed that he wasn’t alone.  
‘What are you doing Hermione?’ Lavender Brown said, giggling as she did.   She was getting changed herself and had noticed Hermione’s change of demeanor.

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‘Ummmm!’ started Malfoy as Lavender continued to stare.   Eventually Lavender shrugged it off and began to get undressed.   Malfoy stared in disbelief as the young witch in front of him began disrobing until she was completely naked.   Lavender had great tits, bigger then any Malfoy had ever had the pleasure of viewing.   Her body was fit, with a tight pussy and a small trimmed strip of pubic hair.  
‘What are you looking at Hermione?’ Lavender said, covering herself up with her nightgown and leaving the dorm for the common room.   Malfoy knew he had time to kill and decided snooping around for incriminating evidence might be profitable for him in the future.   He looked everywhere; under the bed, in her drawers and anywhere he could think of.   He knew that any incriminating evidence would be in her trunk, but because it was magically sealed, he knew he had to do something else to embarrass her.   He rifled through her drawers again, finding the sluttiest clothes he could.  
He slipped off the rest of Hermione’s clothes before pulling on a tight fitting white thong.   He then found a skirt that should have belonged to a first year student and slipped it over the white thong, barely covering Hermione’s juicy ass.   He then threw on a tight fitting dress shirt followed by a tie.   He didn’t even bother putting on a bra before leaving Hermione’s room and walking down the stairs to the common room.   There were still about twenty people in the common room, all too excited about the Triwizard Tournament to go to bed.

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‘WHOA!’ shouted several Gryffindor students as they saw Hermione’s sexy little outfit.   Fred and George Weasley had been signing up first and second year girls to test out their new batch of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes when they nearly fainted from excitement.   Several other students continued to gawk at Hermione as Malfoy moved her around the common room, bending over every once and a while to re-tie her shoes.   Everybody was treated to Hermione’s perfectly formed ass before Malfoy moved her out the portrait hole and down towards the Slytherin common room.   After making several stops to show off Hermione’s slutty little outfit to every Hogwarts student he could find, Malfoy guided her to the Slytherin common room.  
‘Pure-Blood!’ Draco said, saying the new Slytherin password and entering the common room.   Like the Gryffindor common room, several Slytherin students were still up and excitedly talking about the Triwizard Cup and who would be putting their name in it.  
‘Gryffindor SLUT!’ shouted several of the Slytherin students, pulling out their wands and pointing them at Hermione.  
‘Wait!’ said Malfoy, ripping off Hermione’s top and making nearly every Slytherin in the room drop their wand.   Malfoy quickly made Hermione run up the steps to his dormitory before the Slytherin students recovered.   Just as Malfoy ran into to his room, he was treated to an unusual sight.  
‘Mmmmm… Draco!’ Pansy moaned, riding his unconscious cock and enjoying it.   He continued to watch in fascination as Pansy slammed her pussy up and down on his lap until she moaned out loud, exploding in orgasm and collapsing onto his chest.   Malfoy concentrated hard, and his consciousness suddenly left Hermione’s body and re-entered his own.   His cock was completely hard and fully impaled in Pansy’s soaking wet pussy.

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    He could tell that he was nearly ready to cum as Pansy looked into his eyes and smiled.  
‘What the fuck?’ cried Hermione, having woken up right in front of Pansy and Malfoy fucking in his bed.  
‘Stupefy!’ cried Malfoy, before Hermione could put the pieces together.   Her body crumpled to the ground before a few Slytherin boys ran into Malfoy’s room with their wands drawn.  
‘It’s alright!  She’s here at my request’ panted Malfoy, noticing that he was short of breath.   The Slytherin boys smiled before leaving the unconscious Hermione at the hands of Malfoy and Pansy.  
‘What the fuck is she doing here?’ sighed an exhausted Pansy, with Malfoy’s cock still impaled deep within her pussy.  
‘I don’t know… Why the fuck are you on top of me’ replied Malfoy, not complaining, but curious to why she had started fucking him.  
‘I couldn’t help myself Draco!’ moaned Pansy, beginning to bounce up and down on his cock once again.  
‘Good enough for me’ replied Malfoy, knowing he still had another half an hour before his meeting with Krum.   He began to thrust his hips upwards and after only a few short minutes he began to prematurely pant.   Obviously Pansy had been riding his cock for sometime or he would’ve been able to hold out for far longer.   Pansy didn’t seem to care however; she had cum several times since she had found Malfoy’s unconscious body.  
‘God Draco… Pump me full of your hot cum!  I wanna have your baby!  I want it so bad!’ screamed Pansy, going through her own orgasm just as Malfoy began to spurt his sperm into her receptive pussy.  
‘FUCK! TAKE IT ALL WHORE!’ grunted Malfoy shooting several wads of sticky cum into Pansy’s vulnerable womb.

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    After jetting several streams of his potent seed into her, Pansy crumpled on top of Malfoy and fell asleep immediately.   Satisfied that he had impregnated his dutiful whore, Malfoy pushed Pansy off of him and got dressed.   He walked over to Hermione and took in her beauty before getting onto his knees and pulling her panties aside with his fingers.   He then used his other fingers to penetrate her smooth, bald pussy.  
‘Mmmm… Still tastes like a Mudblood!’ laughed Malfoy, sucking her pussy juices off his fingers and walking over to his trunk.   He opened it and took out his invisibility cloak.   He picked Hermione up, threw her over his shoulder and then covered both of them with the invisibility cloak before leaving his room and making his way out of the Slytherin common room and back up to the Great Hall.   It was nearly midnight as he carried Hermione up the stone steps and towards the Great Hall.   As he came into sight of the entrance, he saw that Krum was already waiting nervously.  
‘I see you’re ready to go!’ laughed Malfoy, pulling off his invisibility cloak in the process and revealing Hermione’s juicy ass in a thong to Krum.   Malfoy laid Hermione down in front of Krum before pointing his wand at her naked chest and saying, ‘Enervate!’  Hermione groggily began to open her eyes, but before she could, Malfoy said, ‘Mudblood’.   Malfoy truly felt like a wizard pimp by this point; he could make a profitable little business by using the magic he had learned from the Spellbook of Desires.  
Before Krum could respond to anything Malfoy was doing, Hermione had gotten onto her knees and had begun to pull down Krum’s loose fitting pants.  
‘Enjoy!’ Malfoy said, before disappearing beneath his invisibility cloak and leaving them to their fun.   ‘Just say Muggle when you’re done with the slut and she won’t remember a thing’ Malfoy said, as he walked back towards the dungeons with a smile on his face.

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As Malfoy walked back down to his common room, Krum had his eyes closed, clearly enjoying the sensation of Hermione’s hot mouth engulfing his hardening shaft.  
‘God… You’re so hot!’ moaned Krum, tearing off Hermione’s dress shirt in the process to reveal her pert teen tits.   He reached down and began to massage one as he watched Hermione’s head bob back and forth over his cock.  
‘Mmmmpf… Mmmpf…Mmmpf’ mumbled Hermione trying to respond with Krum’s cock still in her mouth.  
Krum bent over top of her and lifted up her short skirt to reveal her tiny white thong.   Krum instinctively gave her juicy teen ass a hard slap before grabbing hold of her thong and ripping it off of her.   He lifted it up to his nose and breathed in deeply, enjoying Hermione’s lovely aroma.  
Hermione had responded to Krum’s advances by using her hands to fondle his balls and shaft while continuing to engulf his now hard six inches.   Just as Krum felt the pressure in his balls begin to build, Hermione stopped sucking his cock and pulled her head back.  
‘I need you inside me!’ groaned Hermione, standing up, turning around and bending over so her ass came into direct contact with Krum’s extremely hard shaft.  
‘You know just vat to say!’ moaned Krum, before guiding his shaft towards her tiny quivering pussy.   He slowly eased his wide shaft into her, eliciting moans from Hermione in the process.   It was tight, but after some rocking back and forth, he was finally able to fit his entire six inches into her.  
‘NOW FUCK ME!’ screamed Hermione, with Krum’s cock fully submerged in her quenching pussy.   Krum took hold of her waist with both hands and began to drill his hips into her ass at an ever-increasing speed.

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    ‘HARDER!’ screamed Hermione, slamming her ass back into Krum’s thrusts.   Hermione had only one thing on her mind, and that was getting fucked as hard and as long as she could.   The moans and groans of Krum and Hermione were echoing off the walls in every direction; it hadn’t attracted any students, but it had attracted a stray ghost passing by.  
‘Miss Granger!’ cried Nearly Headless Nick, who was astonished to see the uptight and usually reputable Hermione Granger being manhandled by Victor Krum.   ‘You should not be doing such a thin---’ continued Nick before being cut off.  
‘Ohhhhhh… Shut up Nick… You’re just jealous!’ groaned Hermione, laughing as she watched Nearly Headless Nick float away looking dejected.  
‘Ahhhhhh!’ screamed Hermione, after five minutes of hard and sweaty fucking.    Hermione had finally gone through an orgasm, spraying her juices onto Krum’s cock as it continued to piston in and out of her.   The extra lubrication was more than enough to push Krum over the edge and after a couple more labored minutes, Krum went through his own orgasm.  
‘Fuck I’m cumming!’ moaned Krum, warning Hermione of his end.  
‘Cum on my face!’ she moaned, hoping to get a good taste of the Quidditch star’s tasty seed.  
Krum responded by pulling out of Hermione and forcing her to turn around and get on her knees.   Hermione obediently got onto her knees and opened her mouth, ready to accept his hot load.  
‘UNGHHHH!’ grunted Krum, jetting out several wads of hot sticky cum over Hermione’s beautiful facial features.   Hermione didn’t even flinch as Krum unloaded several thick gooey streams of semen over her face.

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    Hermione tried to swallow as much as possible, but couldn’t handle the massive amount of sperm being sprayed onto her face.  
‘Muggle’ said Krum, just as Hermione began to lick the excess cum from his cock.   Hermione just collapsed immediately, right in front of Krum. ‘Voa!’ sighed Krum, satisfied with his little sexual excursion.   He could have just left Hermione there to be found by any passing student or teacher, but because he didn’t want her to get in any trouble, he got ready to clean her up, re-dress her and stash her somewhere nobody would find until she woke.   That way no one would get into trouble and Hermione wouldn’t be the wiser.  
‘Who’s there!’ called out a mysterious voice.   Krum immediately realized who it was, it was his headmaster, Igor Karkaroff.   ‘Vat is he doing here’ whispered Krum to himself, as he pulled his clothes on and stuffed Hermione’s torn panties in his pocket before running to the exit and making his way outside and towards his ship.  
Karkaroff had snuck into the castle to take a closer look at the Triwizard Cup; he didn’t want any surprises when his prized Victor Krum entered his name.   It was his luck however, that had landed him the particularly great situation he was about to find himself in.  
‘What the fuck?’ said Karkaroff, opening his eyes in surprise as Hermione’s naked and unconscious form came into view.   He walked over to her and noticed a sizeable quantity of cum plastered on her face.   ‘Hmmmm!’ Karkaroff mumbled to himself, pulling out his own cock and beating it off to her beautiful body.   Karkaroff’s cock was only three inches hard and it took him only a couple of minutes before he began to cum.

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‘ARGHHH!’ groaned Karkaroff, pointing the tip of his small cock at Hermione’s puffy and swollen little pink pussy.   Three streams poured out of his shaft and painted her bald pussy with his sticky cum.   Karkaroff quickly put his cock back into his pants and ran towards the exit, not wanting to be caught with his pants down and in the company of a female Hogwarts student covered in his cum.   Karkaroff had been caught a little too often with young female students and couldn’t be found with another, especially during such an auspicious occasion as the Triwizard Tournament.  
A few minutes later, Hermione awoke and knew immediately that something was definitely wrong.   Her pussy felt weird and she could both taste and smell something very odd.   She licked her lips and knew immediately that Malfoy had struck again.   She looked down at her bald pink pussy to make sure he hadn’t tried to impregnate her again, and after making sure that no cum had entered her fertile teen body, she put on her torn dress shirt, pulled down her skirt as far as possible and ran towards the Gryffindor Tower, swearing that she would get her revenge on Malfoy.   Hermione was tired of being Malfoy’s little fuck doll, and even though she felt strangely good after each sex session, she wasn’t going to let it happen again. .