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Topic: timand hiedi and bradly mark and randy jion in later chapters 1 toi3Hiedi ask to see  Tim in his  dressing . Tim, I deserve a raise . Hiedi if you want a raise you wil have to earn it. So hiedi removes her top and bra showing Tim her hot tits. Tim starts to get a huge bulge in his pants.   Tim and Hiedi engage in long kiss as tim removes the rest hiedi's clothes. Tim starts to eat hiedi's pussy until she  fills his mouth love juice. Hiedi suggested to return the favor. She  helps  Tim out his clothes and proceeds to give Tim a blowjob that any man would die for, however before she coulds finish  His  16 year son Brad walks in on them. Tim offers Brad anything he wants to not tell Jill.
  Brad stares at Heidi and seeing her naked  is giving a major erection.   Brad says, dad i want you and Hiedi to teach me about sex.    Hiedi and Tim give each other a long Stare It seemed like forever, then Heidi calls Brad to sit next to tim Hiedi helps Brad remove His pants . Heidi proceeds to suck Brad's teenage cock while Tim gets behind Hiedi and fucks Hiedi doggy style. Tim  Brad and Heidi wer so turn on that they  had earth shaterring orgasms. After a little rest Heidi  ask Brad to Fuck her while tim was to fuck her ass.

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   Both Tim and Brad  could hardly  wait.   Brad laid on the floor, Tim  helped position Brad's cock into Heidi's cumm filled pussy then he got behind her proceeded to  enter her tight ass it did not take long for the three of them toget into rythem.
    Just as they were about to cum Jill walks . Tim forgot that she was to meet him at work today > Tim and brad just stared silently at Jill. Jill turned on by seeing the three of them naked began to remove her clothes. Jill  quickly started to eat  her son's cum out Heidi's pussy.    This Gave Tim and Brad another erection.   Tim  was about to fuck JIll , But Jill Had other Ideas. She order Brad to fuck her wet pussy while brad was suck his father' s cock. Brad was unsure  but the thought of fucking his hot mom erased his doubts,in fact he brgan like the taste of his dad' cock   The four of them were in sexual heaven with earth shattering orgasms.
  part two
  The next day  Mark(age14) and his brother randy(age15)were alone in the house randy ,thinking mark would not bother him  pulled his pants off and began  masterbating because his girlfriend would not put out.   Randy was really getting intense forgetting that the bedroom was not locked and slightly ajar. Randy aslo completly forgot about mark  who began wonder if he was gay.   Mark started admiring seeing his classmates change during he  always had hide his eection cuased by this.   Mark  was in the hallway and heard his brother moaning  , So he peekink in and saw Randy lying on the stroking is cock with his eyes closed.

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    Mark became Erect and knew he had  act quickly and quietly. So Mark stripped naked then quietly entered his brother's room .    Before randy knew what was happening, Mark had His mouth  on Randy's cock and was sucking it as if his life depended upon it.   Randt was stunned but was deeply enjoying the blowjob.   Randy could  not hold out long and blasted cum in his brothers mouth.   Randy stared  at Marks cock and thought what hell i   will return the favor . randy motioned for his brother to bring his over to him  randy began sucking his brother's cock  started to like the taste of it. Mark  never  having his cock sucked before shot cum instantly in his brother's mouth.   Randy was still horny and  suggested  they fuck  eack other' s hot young asses mark said sure Randy got behind his brother and began fuck his brother's ass . After about 30 minutes randy began to his brother's ass  withcum Mark loved the feelling.   Randy said ok it's your turn.      Mark  got behind randy and  was fucking himgiid when Jill walked in the , the boys did know how to  eact Jill was turned and began sucking  Mark's young cock.   Randy could not belieeve what was happening.   Jill stopped for a  minute  and instructed the boys to help get her Then Jill went  back work on Mark's cock while  Randy eat her pussy. Jill  was getting hotter and hornier.

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      she stop  the blowjiob  and ask  Mark to fuck her . , while she blew randy.   Mark could not hold out for more then 20 minutes.   Randy ask  he could fuck her next Jill  . Jill told Randy to fuck her ass.   Randy was more than eager and  was   cumming in  no time at all.    They laid there for awhile  and the boy ask mom if they could do this again mom assure  them it would happen again.

part  3
Later  That night while  Mark and Randy were out Jill Told Tim and  Brad about Mark and Randy.   Brad was erect just thinking of fucking his brothers.   So the three of them devised a plan.
The  next  Tim invited Hiedi to the house and told her the plan, while jill sent Mark and randy to the store which was a 25 minute trip.   When they left Heidei, Tim, Brad and Jill went to the master bedroom .   Th four of them strip each other.   Jill begins sucking  her son's  cock while Heidi 's pussy is  be eaten by Tim.   Jill then instucts  Tim and Brad to suck on titsa and  Heidi to eat pussy.

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    Heidi was in pussy heaven   they were having grand orgasms.   Jill then ask Brad eat her pussy   and Heidi and Tim began to fuck.
Mark and Randy were back from the store . They search for mom and dad . after afew minutes they heard  moaning from their parents  bedroom.   Mark and randy Entered to see  Their mom  fucking  Brad and  Heidi fucking thier dad. They both had erections like never  before . Jill    suggested  that Brad and Tim should help  Randy and mark get undressed  as  the boys were naked  Brad  began sucking  Mark's cockand tim did the same to Randy . Mark and Randy could not  believe  it.   Jill  and  Hiedi were getting  very   horny So Jill  Ask Randy  to   fuck her   while He sucked Brad' s cock  which he did so with great excitement  Heidi  was busy   lettint Mark fuck her ass  and Tim Fuck her Pussy.      they all  came  .   Mark  wanting to suck his  dad's cock, Tim  eagerly let him  while  Brad  was fucking Randy's ass   while Randy was fucking Heidi's pussy  Jill was  sucking on Hiedi's breast   The  six  of them finally gave into exhaustion and started a new  family pasttime