Justin Bieber Meets His #1 Fan (Part 1 - Justin Meets Curtis)


JUSTIN BIEBER MEETS HIS #1 FAN (PART 1 - Justin Meets Curtis)

This has nothing to do with him or anyone else in
the story as everyone apart from him are made up

Character List:
Justin Bieber (age 15)
Curtis (age 13)

Right now lets get to the story. . . . . . . . . .

Curtis had just gone to a Justin Bieber concert
and was in the queue for his autograph and after
about 30 minutes there was one person left in
front of him. Justin said to the person in front
"thanks for coming have a safe journey" and then
Curtis was at the front and he really fancied him
and didn't know if he was gay or not (Curtis had
known he was gay for about 2 years now) So he got
a hug an autograph.

Then Curtis saw him give him a little wink he was
really confused and the when he looked at the
autograph he saw that it had numbers on it and he
realized that he had given him his phone number.
So he called it after everyone else was gone.
Justin picked up and told Curtis to go to his

When he got there Justin opened the door and
quickly pulled Curtis in the door and said he didn't
want anyone to see him.

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   Curtis asked him why he
gave him his number Justin replied with simply
"Because i think your fit!" Curtis blushed and
said "I love you" after realizing what he had said
he quickly apologized but Justin said he didn't

He asked Curtis if he wanted a drink or anything
he said "yeah" and Justin returned with two cans
of Pepsi from his mini fridge. Justin then
passed Curtis a XBOX 360 controller and they
started playing C. O. D MW2 (call of duty modern
warfare 2) Justin was beating Curtis by miles and
Curtis asked if they could do anything else so
Justin said that he was enjoying playing games
with him. And Curtis said that he was too. Then
Justin blurted out "I really like you do you like
me" Curtis immediately replied "YES!!!!"

Justin then slowly leaned in on Curtis and gave
him a little kiss, he then pulled away and
Curtis grabbed him by his collar and pulled Justin
back in and gave him a full on snog and they were
kissing for about 3 minutes and then they pulled
apart and Justin said "Was that alright?" Curtis
said "that was the best I've ever had" then they
carried on kissing.

Justin then overpowered Curtis and pushed him
down on his sofa, and then started to take Curtis'
top off and then started to lick his body and he
wanted to do it forever because his body was soo
smooth. He then lowered his head to his crotch and
then undid his belt and then he . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . .


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