loving a vampire the right way (part 4 )


he didn't move it hurts so bad
Emmett please it hurt to much please. . . . i begged again
it will stop i promise. . . he said calmly
and it did it began to ease tremendously i looked at him hungrily
give it a few more minutes baby i promise it will stop. . . he started to feel bad about doing it with so much force
and then all the pain was gone and i felt his cock buried in side of me and i wanted him to plow me to ram me as hard as he could
Emmett please go slow so i can adjust. . i said acting like i wasn't ready for him to go harder or faster
he began to slowly pump meslowly in and out in and out
i began to moan lightly
Emmett please don't think me be whorish i want you to go as fast and hard and you can please. . i said hungrily
he smiled and laid down on me
no Esra i want this to be amazing. .

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  . he said teasingly
please. . . . i said
Emmett laughed which made it so much intenser
he smiled and began to lay down on me and began to move a little faster
mmmmmmm yeah faster Emmett and harder. . . i begged
OK but don't beg. . . he said looking into my eyes
he began to slam into me hard but still slow
oh god yesssss Emmett. i said wanting it faster and harder if that was possible
he began to pound me faster and a lot harder
mmmmmm Esra yes yes yes yes mmmmmmmmmmmmm. . .

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  . . . . . he said moaning
oh Emmett please cumm with me cumm in me fill me up to the brim god yess yessss yesssssssssss. . . . i said getting ready to bust
he began to go faster and harder
oh yesssssssssssssssss. . i screamed. . emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttt
i was about to cumm
Emmett began to get a look about him a look of pure agnust
that's right Esra cummm cummm on my cock then milk my cock. .

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  . Emmett said and buried his head in my shoulder and began to go even faster and harder
he gripped my body tightly and began to lightly nibble my neck
ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh mmmmmm emmmmetttttt please please please imm cummmingggg. . i said looking light a crazy person in a way but like a mad woman who was thirsted out of sex for so long
he slammed into me one very very hard time
i came realy hard all over his cock
then like he said my pussy began to milk his cocka few minutes later he began to slam harder and harder he busted in me deep inside me i could feel it going into my womb
Emmett moaned in my ear
you were amazing and i must say you didn't ask for a condom and you let me cum inside of you. . . Emmett said on a high
OH MY GOD. . . . . . i said realizing what we did
what if i get pregnant i was thinking
Esra if you get pregnant i want you to keep it i want us to raise it. . .

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  Emmett said
omg really Emmett what about marriage or something. . . . i said curiously
yeah that's what i was thinking will you marry me. . . . . . Emmett asked

dun dun dun more to come later.