Me and Billie Joe Part 4


I fell asleep about 2 hours into the flight. I wasn't sure how long the whole trip would take so I tried my best to stay asleep. I never liked being on airplanes. They scared the fuck out of me. I looked over at a half asleep Billie and I held his hand. I was starting to feel extremely nauseous.
"I'm going to need to ask everyone to remain calm. We are heading through some rough turbulence. Please remain seated. Thank you. " The pilot said over the loudspeaker.
"Oh great. " I managed to get out of my mouth before I ran to the bathroom. People were crowding the walkway trying to get back to their seats. And those god damned airplane walkways aren’t that wide to begin with. I finally made it to a vacant bathroom and by that time I felt fine.

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   I wanted to stay in there as long as I could because I knew I might feel sick again. I sat on the toilet and started crying even though I knew we would be in the Bahamas anytime now.
"Kelie, are you in there?" I heard a worried voice ask through the door. I stumbled to get up and release the lock. I fell back down on the closed toilet as Billie hurried in and locked the door. "Are you okay?" He asked as he rubbed the side of my cheek with his hand.
"I'm just peachy. " I answered and rubbed the tears from my eyes.
"Why do you look so horrible and pale? Are you seriously okay?" He asked again as he went to kiss me.
"I'm fine. " I said and pushed him away. "I'm just a little freaked. That’s it. " I answered and pulled my face from his hand.
"Can you tell me why you're so worried?" He asked as he sat on the small counter.

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   He leaded back onto the mirror.
"Well, my cousin died in a plane accident. No big deal. Now can we go back to our seats?" I inquired. He just sat on the sink looking at me. I brushed my brown hair out of my eyes and felt sweat rolling down my forehead.
"Please remain in your seat with you seatbelts buckled. Thank you. " The pilot said again. Billie shifted, obviously uncomfortable. I stood up and offered him the seat.
"I want to sit on your lap. " I said with a raspy tone. I needed water or something, but I didn't feel like getting it. Billie jumped from the sink and squeezed passed me.

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   He sat on the toilet and pulled me on top of him.
"Billie. "
"Yes Kelie. "
"Take your shirt off. "
Billie laughed at my last request but when he saw that I was serious, he did just that. I traced my fingers over the tattoos of the name "Adrienne" on his arm. I wanted to cry but I knew that Billie was mine now. I didn't have to worry about Adie anymore. I looked at his stomach and saw the number 80 tattooed in very small print.
"You were crazy about her weren’t you?" I said as I looked at the filmstrip tattooed on his arm. It was like the ones you get from those small photo booths. All four of the pictures were of her. He touched my face and looked deep in my eyes.
"That’s just it. I was crazy about her.

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   It's over now. She means nothing to me anymore. " He said. He pulled a sharpie out of his back pocket and I looked at him quizzically.
"Do you always carry sharpies in your pants?" I laughed at the way that sounded.
"Yeah actually. You never know when you'll need a sharpie. " He said as he made a black bar over Adrienne's name. "There, temporary fix. " He admired his work as he did the same to the number 80. He again admired his temporary tattoos and threw the sharpie in the sink.
"What about the filmstrip?" I asked and I laid my head on his chest.
"Well, I figured out that I could get it removed. I got some tattoo remover stuff. It should be gone in 6 to 8 months.

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   But eventually, it will be gone. " He reassured me as he ran his hand through my hair. I moaned at the touch of his hand and I realized I was becoming extremely horny, extremely quickly. I started to caress his leg with my hand trying in all my power to make him horny too. He also started moaning and I felt his erection grow. I smiled at him and stopped rubbing.
"Do you realize that we are about to have sex in an airplane bathroom?! I've only heard about this in stories and movies!" I said as I started to unbutton my Dickies. I kissed him and he pulled me onto him so I was straddling him.
"Billie, I can't take it anymore, I need you!" I whispered in his ear as I pulled my pants and panties down and off my legs. I removed my shirt and sat on him completely naked, wanting nothing more than to feel him inside me right then.
He grinned and got up. He pushed me back against the wall. The bathroom was so small that I could easily push my feet against the counter top and still be steadily against the wall. He got down on his knees as I pushed both my hands against the walls next to me. My nipples became erect and he started rubbing them, with more and more speed.

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   I moaned louder and louder. I tried to control myself, obviously not wanting the whole flight to hear me.
He smiled up at me one last time before he sucked my clitoris into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue. He speed up and I moaned again and again, now wanting the whole plane to hear me.
"Oh, that feels sooo good. " I groaned.
He slid his tongue down and dipped it deep in my hole. He darted in and out of me. He seemed to like the taste of my sticky juices.  He went back and forth between sucking my clit and fucking me with his tongue.
"Billie! Faster you asshole!" I managed to get out before losing all my senses. I started thrusting furiously. "Harder! Harder!" I completely lost it; I came harder than I ever had.
He stopped fucking me with his tongue and got up to look at me in my pleasured state. I felt cum dripping from my pussy and it was all my own.

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   He looked proud of what he had done. All 9 and ½ inches of him were at full mass and I could easily tell through his Dickies. I grabbed his cock and started to rub it through his pants. He moaned and put his hand against the wall to steady his self. I stopped when he started to moan faster. I wanted him to cum in me. I unbuttoned his pants as he pushed then off. I looked at his dick in lust. Then I began to guide him inside of me. He was very large and it was a tight fit.  It was a little hard to get in at first.  I gasped as he entered me. He slowly humped his thighs a little at a time until he was finally completely inside.  It felt so good. It felt so right.

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   He felt much larger than before but I didn't care, I loved it and so did he.
I began moaning with pleasure.  Billie thrust himself in and out of my tight, warm box.  I could feel every move as his huge cock scraped against my insides.  I raised my hips off the wall to meet each thrust.
"Fuck me! Harder! I want all of you!" I screamed in a rage of passion.  So he did.  Billie put both hands under my ass and lifted me off the wall as he dove into me. He was so strong you could tell it was nothing for him to lift me. Holding me up, he plunged in and out of me deeper and deeper.  My vagina was pulsating as each warm thrust brought me one second closer to orgasm. Billie’s hips rocked very quickly as his cock dug deep inside of me.  Then he lovingly let my rear end fall back slowly to the wall and removed one hand from underneath me. He slid that hand down between us and began massaging my clitoris with his fingers as he fucked me.  Billie slowly slid in and out of me as he massaged me and kissed me on the lips.

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   After a few moments I exploded! A rushing sensation came over me and I erupted with a strong orgasm.  I moaned loudly as I came over and over.
Then after my orgasm subsided, Billie asked me to turn around. Billie prodded me with his hard cock searching for my wet hole.  He slowly entered me from behind and began working himself deep inside of me.  My breasts bounced playfully as he pumped his cock in and out of me.   I moaned uncontrollably as he rocked back and forth faster and faster. Then just as quickly as it began it was over.  Billie let out a groan and filled me with his hot, wet, cum.  I could feel his cock pulsating as he filled me with his sticky batter. He continued to pump me a little longer, until every drop of cum was milked out of his throbbing cock.
I moaned and felt his limp cock leave my wanting cunt. I felt something missing and I wanted it back so bad. He grabbed his clothes and quickly dressed as I sat on the toilet, trying to take in everything that had just happened.
"Billie .

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   . . I love you so much. " I said as he smiled and zipped up his Dickies.
"I love you too and I don't ever want you to forget that. " He said as he handed me my clothes. "Now, come on, get dressed. I heard the pilot say we would be landing soon. He smiled at me and kissed me deeply.