My silent claim to fame


Late one night, down at the pub and I was having a beer when I plucked up the courage to go over and talk to this amazingly hot lady who had been sitting on her own the whole night. I thought it odd no-one had tried to talk her up yet but hey, why not. I walked over and asked if any one was sitting next to her. She said no so I sat down and started talking. We chatted for a bit, had a few laughs and a few more drinks before I decided it was getting a bit late. I said I had better head off home, but she kind of sighed as if the night was therefore over.
I asked if she wanted a lift anywhere and she asked where I live. She lived close by so I drove her home. We continued to talk in the car but conversation was random and pointless as we were both quite drunk. We got to her place and I took her upstairs to her apartment. She lived in an OK block but inside her place was much more upper class than I would have thought. She invited me inside so I went in and sat on a luxurious and inviting sofa. I’d thought we’d had enough drinks but she pulled out some vodka and we had a few shots.
It was already past midnight but we were both getting a bit rowdy from the excess of alcohol. The conversation soon turned to sex and I was getting quite turned on talking about it because in this light she looked even better than in the pub. We were already sitting close then she casually laid a hand on my knee after a fit of laughter.

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   That was the sign I needed and I now knew where this was going. She began stroking up and down my thigh and I started to play with her hair. Within second we were in a passionate embrace.
Clothes came off rather quickly and then I finally laid my mind at rest as I’d been wondering if I’d ever seen her before. I noticed her on the cover of a magazine on the floor and “EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE WITH JENNIFER HAWKINS” right next to it. I couldn’t believe my luck! I was about to fuck Miss Universe ‘04. She didn’t seem to notice a change at all. But everything seemed to get better for me. Her ass felt nicer, her breast were bigger, her kisses were more erotic, it was unbelievable. She started to ride me but I wanted to own this local little slut. I couldn’t get over that she was having sex with a nobody like me when she could get a million other guys.
But I sure made the most of it. I rolled us over to get me on top and started giving her everything I had. She was a bit nervous at first but I persevered with my rhythm and pace and we got into it. I started sucking her nipples and laying kisses all over her unblemished, perfectly tanned body.

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   She loved every bit of it, gasping and moaning constantly.
“You love it don’t you?”
“Oh yes…you feel so good inside me…keep going…”
“You’re a little slut, you know? A celebrity like you, fucking people like me.
“I am such a whore, I can never get enough…but I think you can give me what I want”
“Slutty whores like you don’t get what they want…they get what I want”
I stopped for a second and she looked exhausted but eager for more. I told her to get up and lie face down on the couch with her legs over the edge, hanging down. I went in from behind increased my pace, getting harder and harder with each thrust. I started slapping her perfect ass, calling her a slut and a whore, and the sound of that and my thighs slapping against her was getting me carried away.
Now after at least 10 minutes orgasms were building in both of us. Jennifer was moaning quite a lot saying she was going to cum and I was just a bout ready. I put every last bit of energy into fucking the hell out of her and it paid off in the glorious moment when we both came simultaneously. She collapsed on the couch and was pretty much asleep within minutes. I got dressed, gathered my stuff and took a few pics of her lying there naked with my phone to show my mates. I wouldn’t care if everyone in the world knew what had happened, except id get sued so maybe it would just be my silent claim to fame.
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