She Thought I Didn't Know...


Vacationing in California has got to be one of the best things a person who lives in New England could ever do.   The weather is infinitely better, the beauty of the landscape is year-round instead of being confined to the spring months, and who could forget those California girls…

My vacation was a celebration; It’s not everyday a guy graduates from MIT and picks up his first job as a researcher making more money than some stock brokers.   So my purpose in California was strictly pleasure, no work, no stress, and certainly no love.

What the hell could be worse than love?  I can’t think of anything that stresses me out more than the thought of trying to find ‘that special someone. ’  Why can’t a guy just pick up a girl at a bar, fuck her brains out, then go home?  Some friends told me I could do just that in sunny California, so that’s how I ended up in L. A. that night.

The weather was gorgeous when I left that night to go out on the town.   The air was dry and warm, with just enough breeze to keep your hair out of place.   I put on my typical outfit, blue jeans and a nice shirt, and left my hotel room for a club I had heard about earlier that day.

Supposedly it moved around a bit, the better to keep the cops away, and drew some movie stars occasionally.   The current address had been given to me by a waitress at a bar on the beach with a wink which simply left me speechless.   Ok, perhaps her incredible ass is what left me speechless.

I arrived at the bar at around nine, feeling like I was ready to go.   I had already had a large dinner and was ready to drink some girl into submission if I couldn’t get her to come to my room with me any other way.

There was no line, just a nasty looking doorman demanding a fifty dollar cover.

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    Of course, the gorgeous, mostly nude hostess right behind him made that experience bearable.

The place was packed and jamming.   I’d say the ratio of women to men was close to two-to-one, but what I really noticed was the quality of women.   Calling them all super attractive would be a lie, but I saw a few I thought were too good to be true.

Then I saw her.   Yep, her.   Natalie Portman.   A couple of guys were grabbing at her and I guess it was her bodyguards' night off.   She seemed to be taking it, but nearing her limits.   I did not feel any anger towards those men; in fact I sympathized with them.   Though I admit I was glad they were so damn stupid.

I walked over to the bar and quickly picked up two whiskeys straight up.   With these in hand I walked by once to verify what I suspected.   The dumbasses didn’t know who she was.

I pushed between them, “Excuse me guys,” I smiled at Natalie, “Here’s your drink darling.

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If I didn’t know she was an actress, I would have been impressed.   She never even missed a beat.

“Thanks honey,” she took the drink, took a deep breath of its vapors, then sipped a small amount.

“Hey,” the smartest of the pair I guess, “she came in alone, I saw her. ”

“I’m sorry buddy, I was working late,” I smiled broadly, hoping my ability to fool them was half as good as hers.

One growled, the other murmured an apology under his breath, and then they both walked off, seeking other prey.

Natalie turned to me, allowing me to see her better in the small strapless dress that fit her very snugly.   She had on a red wig and green contact lenses, but it was definitely her.

“Hey, thanks, my name is Lisa,” she stuck out her hand like a very naive girl from the mid-west.

I took her hand carefully and raised it to my lips, “I’m Kevin and the pleasure was all mine. ”

I made eye contact the whole time and then turned to walk away, seemingly forgetting something.

“Hey,” I turned at her call, “you can’t leave,” she stepped up close to me as though we were dancing, “you’re my boyfriend tonight. ”

I smiled, “I have been here awhile and was on my way out when I saw your predicament. ”

“Well, I should probably leave too then,” she shrugged and we walked hand in hand from the club.

Outside she asked me about possibly letting her take me somewhere.

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“I’m real tired, but you could convince me to take you to a club close to my house if you like. ”

“That sounds cool Kevin. ”

I could tell she had shifted into being polite to her night in shining armor, so I decided to test the waters.

“Well, the club I was thinking of visiting is really not a place girls like you frequent. ”

“Try me,” once again; I might have been fooled if I didn’t know.

The limo I had hired for the night moved slowly through the city as we talked in the back, mostly about sex.   It soon became apparent to me that while she may not have been into the kind of sex I was into, she was horny.   She kept shifting as we talked.

At the sex club, which was not anywhere near my five star hotel, we got out and went in.   I walked directly to the back and walked into a booth, Natalie followed.

I had been here twice before on this trip and had chosen this booth for a reason.   The girl in it was gorgeous and liked me, possibly because I tipped like a drunken sailor who had just won the lottery.   She also thought the rules sucked and had lowered the glass to allow some ‘touching. ’

When Georgia saw me with a girl she looked a little pouty, but happy to see me as she began to dance.   As she danced, I discreetly wrote a not on a pad I always carry (I know I’m a geek, I can’t help it) and held it out.

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    Fortunately, Natalie was somewhat engrossed in watching the show and only Georgia saw what I had written.

Natalie never said a word, though she did flush and certainly looked uncomfortable.   I was waiting for Georgia’s break…

“You don’t mind this do you?” I asked as Georgia took a break.

Natalie just smiled, “Not at all, though this is a very interesting first date. ”

I excused myself to use the restroom and get us drinks.   It didn’t take long to find Georgia.

“Hey babe,” she smiled as she spoke with a southern drawl that wasn’t entirely fake, “what’s with the broad?”

“Is it possible to set her up?”

“She looked at me a little stunned, “You mean like what John had suggested last week?”

I shook my head in the affirmative and handed her another note.

“Here are my instructions, carry them out and I will make sure you make your rent for the next six months. ”  After picking up her jaw, Georgia walked off quickly.

Returning with a couple of beers, I found Georgia at it again.   As soon as she saw me, she lowered the glass.   I set my glass down on the floor next to my chair and adjusted my package, then carefully unzipped and pulled out my cock.

Natalie took in a breath, obviously surprised by this development, as I began stroking myself.   Georgia continued to dance as Natalie became more agitated and more interested in the Lisa,” I did my damndest to hold in a broad smile.

“Uh, nothing.

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Georgia stepped close to where the glass had been and I stood up.   She quickly stripped me, then I became a part of the show as we made out not three feet from a bright red Natalie Portman.   As we chased each other’s tongues, Georgia found my seven inch cock and began to stroke it.

Natalie was nearly beside herself already, but finally lost it when Georgia fell to her knees before me.   She finally began to rub herself…

Georgia’s ministrations were very generous, but she made sure that I did not cum in her mouth.   She sucked all of me down, then switched to licking me like a lollipop, then sucked my balls, then…. . you get the idea.

In the middle of all of this, Georgia pointed at Natalie.   Over my shoulder, I watched the sexy actress rubbing herself, her hand all the way in her panties.   Her eyes were closed as I turned from Georgia and walked the two steps to Natalie.

She barely blinked as I slipped my cock between her lips.   It was as if she had been born for that moment as she began to suck my cock with an avid interest.   All too soon, I was ready to blow my load.

Pulling out of those gorgeous lips, I grabbed her by the shoulders, taking charge of her body.

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    I kissed her passionately on the lips, my tongue invading her mouth, trying to take her hostage with my passion.

Meanwhile, Georgia and I stripped the young actress down to nothing, passing her clothes through a small door she never even noticed.   I don’t think Natalie even knew she was nude for several minutes, we had her…

My assault on her nipples was not as effective as I had hoped, but when Georgia started sucking on her clit…wow.   Natalie bucked and screamed, cumming nearly instantly as the stripper gave her the best head of her life.   Soon she was weak in the knees.

Allowing Natalie to fall to her knees, I moved in behind her.   She was shaved clean with pussy lips red and swollen due to their recent attention.   My favorite actress was not entirely out of it, however.

“Kevin, please use a condom, I am not on birth control,” she smiled over her shoulder.   I was in heaven.

Finding the only condom in my wallet, I asked Georgia to put it on for me.

“Kevin, this barely fits, you’re a thick guy,” Georgia whispered.

I only smiled as I penetrated Natalie and received a deep moan for my effort.

Georgia stood up and left the booth as I grabbed Natalie’s hair and yanked it back.   Her grunt told me she was into it as I pushed her lower back down and tilted her pelvis up towards me.

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    She couldn’t move at all as I mercilessly pounded the celebrity pussy below me.

This cunt was so tight, I just couldn’t believe it.   She definitely was not a slut, but she evidently wasn’t against becoming one.   Natalie hardly blinked as John; a well-endowed black man entered the booth followed by Georgia.   She watched avidly ass Georgia sucked him for a couple minutes and then took his monster cock deep inside her.

They had positioned themselves so she could watch, merely inches from her face as I fucked her from behind.   Georgia was moaning loudly as John’s nine inch penis stretched her to the limit…

Suddenly, John pulled out and fed a moaning Natalie his enormous cock.   She was even more out of sorts due to me slamming her very hard at that moment.   The celebrity slut grunted, gasped, and continued to take it all, not even realizing that the condom I wore was now little more than a tight cock ring…

Unable to cum, I fucked her for more than half an hour before deciding it was time.   I pulled out quickly and peeled off the condom, then pushed right back in.   She gasped as it reentered her and hit her g-spot, forcing a quick orgasm.   I was seconds from cumming…

John stepped away and walked around as I continued to fuck her, drawing ever closer.

“God Kevin, you are amazing,” she moaned as she looked over her shoulder and rolled her eyes, obviously near an orgasm.

“Natalie, the condom broke,” I wanted her to know.   She never even flinched.

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“Please don’t take it away now, I’m so close. ”

I pounded the slut for all I was worth.   My cock grew in girth, ready to cum.   I came to a sudden halt.

“Tell me what you want and use my name and yours, your whole name,” she was surprised and near panic, then I began to remove my cock.   After a short moan…

“I am Natalie Portman and I want Kevin to cum deep inside my pussy and make me cum,” she shuddered as she spoke and I rammed into her again.

This time there was no stopping, no quarter, no fear.   She was mine as I pounded her pussy for all I was worth, jerking her head back by her hair and pushing her down with my other hand.   My balls rose…and Georgia pulled them down.

“I want to see this show for a little longer,” she smiled as Natalie shuddered.   Another stripper from the club came into the booth, stroking as very large cock as Natalie’s eyes were closed.

“Here it comes whore!” I screamed as I let go of my cum.   I pumped her for several minutes, making sure I was done spurting before slowly drawing my cock out of her, stroking my remaining cum into her as I slipped out.   She was panting and a little out of it, she was thinking it was over…

I walked around in front of her; I wanted to see her face as John punched his big dick into her.   Her mouth was a big O as he slid beneath her, grabbing her small tits and pulling her onto his cock.

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    She tried to fight momentarily, then locked eyes with me as I stroked my growing member just inches from her beautiful face.   She knew she was all done.

I kneeled in front of her and spoke quietly.

“Natalie Portman, we are going to fuck every hole you have and fill your pussy with cum tonight. ”

“Do, uh, I, ugh, have a, ugh, choice,” she asked quietly between taking thrusts.

“No. ”

Her face hardened a bit, and then she smiled.

“Are you taping me?”

“No, I wish they had cameras in these booths, but they don’t. ”

I am not sure what she would have said and I honestly don’t care.   The look on her face as she lost her anal virginity to a ten inch porn star cock was priceless.   To her credit, she never missed a beat the rest of the night.

At this point I decided talk was cheap and pushed my cock into her mouth.   Not being the vengeful type, she just started sucking.   My cock hardened up very nicely and just in time as John announced the inevitable.

“Here’s the juice bitch!”

I stepped back as he lifted her up and thrust deep inside her.

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    Surprisingly, Taylor, her other ‘lover’, never lost a beat, continuing to use her ass as John came.

“Gimme all your cum you fuckers, I want it all!” Natalie yelled as she started meeting the thrusts.   I was truly amazed.

As John slipped out, Taylor switched holes, making her grunt.   I walked out the door.   A young man, probably barely twenty-one was staring at a dancer’s ass, not knowing what to do in the middle of the club.   I grabbed him by the arm and dragged him into the room.

Taylor was now sitting on a chair with Natalie riding him for all she was worth.

“How are you doing Darling,” I smiled.

She licked her lips seductively and continued to ride the huge cock within her as Taylor sucked her nipples, leaving them all wet.   The young man next to me pointed.

“That’s…that’s…” he hardly noticed Georgia sucking his cock, bringing him close very fast.

“Tell him who you are,” I commanded.

“I am Natalie Portman and I am her taking samples of cum,” she said just as Taylor pulled her onto his monster cock and held her there, cumming up into her womb.

I looked to Georgia, and sure enough, she was swallowing the boys cum.


    When she released him, he was still hard.

Grabbing him, I pushed him against the wall and told him to stay put with a growl.   Natalie offered no resistance as I lifted her off of Taylor and put her back to the young man who quickly grabbed her breasts.   Georgia was kind enough to help him into her ass.

She flinched, her ass probably very sore.   Natalie’s eyes were cold as I completed the double penetration and wrapped her legs around me.

Holding her legs up a bit, I thrust deep into her, wanting to cum in her very squishy cunt one more time.   The young man came very quickly again and Georgia made a decision.

Kneeling beside us, the stripper pulled the boy’s rock hard cock from her ass and placed it next to mine.   Natalie braced herself as I smiled…

Unable to take us initially, it took almost ten minutes to get his cock in next to mine.   I felt his warm cum in no time…

“How much of that do you have,” I joked.

“His balls are huge,’ Georgia commented.

This is when the boys demeanor changed, “One shot, one baby man. ”

Natalie grunted, actually trying to get off us as the boy related his story.

“I’m actually kind of on the run.

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    In high school I knocked up two girls, my freshman year of college I took care of seven,” he stated deadpan as he mauled our slut’s tits.

I leaned in close to her still thrusting as his cum ran down my balls from yet another orgasm, “Just your luck huh?”

My orgasm began to build, my balls coming up, ready to fill this whore with more cum.   I tried to go deep, thrusting harder and harder as I got closer…

The boy’s cock popped out just as I started to cum and I came a lot.   Natalie’s eyes were the size of saucers as I jammed into her again and again, cum streaming into my personal fuck toy.

My legs turned to rubber and I fell with her on top.   I pulled her to me and kissed her.   Unexpectedly, she returned my kiss quite passionately.   When it was over, the kiss I mean, I looked into beautiful eyes.   No one else was in the room; we were done for the night.

“I will have you in jail for the rest of your life for this. ”

I smiled confidently, “Ok honey. ”

She looked about for her clothes.   Then turned to me.

I simply shook my head and she knew what was what.

Just after she left the booth, she was grabbed, bent over a table near the exit, and fucked again.

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    This large, sweaty, business man gave no quarter and she asked for none as she was raped mercilessly.   We all just watched as several men jerked themselves nearby, waiting for their turn.

A tap on my shoulder told me the tape was ready, so I turned and took it from John, and then put it in the display VCR.   On the floor and being fucked by yet another man, Natalie’s eyes were tearing up as she watched herself ask to be filled with cum…