Suite Life of Zack and Cody


Zack and Cody are now in High School and are both dating beautiful young women. Back at the Tipton Hotel, things were running normally. Maddy was selling candy, London was bragging about her money, an Mr. Mosby was assisting a customer. Since Zack and Cody were in High School, and bringing girls back to the hotel regularly, Maddy was starting to get a little jealous. She was sad that Zack wasn't constantly flirting with her, like he always had, even though she still had no interest in him. Or maybe she did. She wasn't really sure.

One day, Zack came home from the skateboard park alone, seeing that Cody and his Mom were out at the movies. Maddy, saw him coming and thought that maybe this was a good time to see how she felt about him. "Zack, can we talk?"

"Sure, lets go up to my room, we will have more privacy. " Zack answered. When they got up there, they sat down and began to talk. "So, what you want to talk about?"

"K, here it goes. Lately, I don't know if I have been having felling or what for you, but all I know is that I want you for one night. " Zack could not believe what he was hearing.

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   For how many years now, has he wanted to have sex with Maddy, but he was in a relation ship with a girl from school now and did not know what to do. After thinking about it for a few minutes he said yes. He and Maddy then went to the couch. Maddy then started to kiss him and take her top off to show Zack her purple bra which held her 34B cup breasts. Zack then started to feel them and then took them out of her bra and into her mouth.

All of a sudden, Cody and his Mom walked in to see Zack sucking on Mady's tits. Cody got instantly hard and Carry got suddenly horny too. Maddy then went over and grabbed Cody and started to take his pants off. Carry then went over to Zack and started to suck his cock. Zack being a virgin, suddenly, came all over his Mothers mouth. She swallowed it and continued sucking. Maddy had now directed her attention to Cody, and was now blowing his cock. He then suddenly, came in her mouth and she swallowed it. She then switched with Carry, and let Zack eat her out while Cody ate out his Mom. Both girls then came at the same time all over the boys faces.

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   Cody now began to fuck Carry in the missionary position and Maddy sat on Zack's cock. The women started to scream and moan and all of sudden, both of them had another orgasm.

London was walking by the room when she heard yelling, so she walked in to be surprised by the sexual things going on in the room. Carry motioned her to come over , so she took off her top and bra and pants and joined by sitting on top of Carry's face allowing her to eat her pussy. Zack continued to fuck Maddy but really wanted to fuck London, so he did. Maddy sat on London's head so she could eat her and Cody continued to fuck his Mom. Carry then had another orgasm and all of a sudden Cody came inside of her all over her pussy. This worried Carry cause she thought she might pregnant. Zack continued to fuck London in her tight little pussy and Maddy then went over to Cody while Carry had to take a break. Zack and Cody then had to come again, so they took out came all over the three girls faces. They all were tired after and Maddy had to get back to work so the finished as everyone was satisfied.

This story not finished there is a different part to continue on with this.

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