Supernatural Part; 2


Dean sat across from Sam in the corner booth of the reasturant, Sam hid behind his menu for about ten minutes then put it down to find Dean watching him, looking both worried and sad. "What's happening with you? Why are you acting so strange around me, like we dont know each other?" asked Dean, he was ready to settle this once and for all. "Mabey because we are" said Sam, he started to play with a salt shaker. "No, we're not" said Dean, he took it from his brother. "Well actually we are, since we were. . . " said Sam, but he stopped deciding not to bring up their teenaged years. "Tenns" said Dean, "Since we were teens. Thats something else i need to know, why did you do that too me?" asked Dean, the pain he felt was all coming back to him. "Because. . it doesn't matter. We are strangers, and the only reason im here is mom, you know that" said Sam, he then thought about what he said and knew how Dean will take it in. "Oh, well. .

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  . " said Dean, Sam saw the hurt in his older brothers eyes and got up and ran out of the dinner. Dean went after him, this is what he hated about fighting with Sam, he always ran away from the problem.
"Why Sam? Why did you do that to me, put me through that pain?" asked Dean, walking behind his brother, they were walking towards the car parked by the trees. "It doesn't matter" said Sam, he was about to open the passenger-sdie door. Then he felt a hand on his arm. "Don't run anymore, what did i do that hurt you so much, that you cut me ut of your life?" asked Dean, he was ready to cry, which he rarely did. Sam saw this and he knew what he was about to say but he couldn't stop it. "I loved you. I. . . still love you" said Sam, Dean let go. Sam thought this was because he felt sick touching his gay brother, but then he saw a tear run down Deans cheak. Dean walked over to the drivers side door and got in, Sam got into the passenger seat and the two were suddenly driving, off into the countryside.

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   After ten minutes of silence Dean spoke, the words were definatly thought out. "Sammy, why couldn't you tell me this when we were kids, when you felt that way. . . " said Dean, Sam interupted, "i still do". "Why wouldn't you say so, tell me instead of leaving me behind while you left home and everything. Instead you left me in the dark, i felt like i couldn't breathe after you said 'good-bye'. You were always so close but far at the same time" said Dean, he was crying again. "Im. . . i'm sorry. I just, didn't think you could handle your little brother to be in love with you, more than the brother type, i could barely handle it" said Sam, he was about to cry. He brushed his long brwn bangs out of his face and rested his head against the wall. "You said 'I love you Dean' in your sleep last night.

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   I thought it was some bad dream" said Dean, he looked his brother. Dean didn't know what to do anymore, he wanted to say you can't feel this way, the other part of him wanted to hold his brother close and say 'everything will be okay'.
"I was dreaming when i said good-bye to you, i wanted to tell you so much that I. . I" said Sam, he couldn't even say it now. "That you loved me?" asked Dean, knowing the answer. "I still fucking do!" screamed Sam, suddenly the car served to the side of the gravel road and Dean turned to face him. Sam though he was going to punch him, then Deans hand found sam's hand and held tight. Then Dean leaned in and looked Sam right in the face, there nose's almost touching. "I loved you, and i still do. It's never been more clear to me, i wanted to tell you but, i thought you hated me" said Dean, he could feel Sam's breathe getting heavier, Dean could feel it against his face. "Well you were very wrong" said Sam, and he leaned in the rest of the way. Their lips conecting in a light kiss. Then Dean's tounge pushed it's way into Sam's mouth.
'HOLY SHIT!' thought Sam, he was in heaven.

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Dean's tounge rolled around with Sam's, Dean's hand went to the back of sam's face, pushing Sam into the kiss more. Sam came up for breath, and smiled, blushing deeply. "Awwww, little brother i do declare, you are blushing" said Dean smiling. "Shut-up and kiss me" said Sam, he laughed as Dean started kissing his neck passionately. "Not now" said Dean, he smiled with an evil grin on his face. Then it dissappeard. Now his face was kind and sweet. "I want to make love to you Sammy, for the rest of my life" said Dean, he looked at his brother in the eyes, which tears were now streaming down from. "i've waited my whole life for you to say that. . . yes" said Sam, he wiped a tear from his face. Dea started driving down the road more, thats when Dean saw a sign. "Bed and breakfast" read Sam out-loud. "You planned this?" asked Sam, he smiled.

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   He leaned over and kissed his brothers cheek, which Dean tunred his head and pushed his tounge into sam's mouth again. Sam slid over to Dean more and sat on his lap, one leg on each side of deans legs. He kissed Dean while Dean tryed to drive, which soon turned into swerving. "Okay, we need to save this for inside so number one we'll be alive, and number two, so I'll be able to have a friend of mine show up" said Dean, he laughed. "Perv" said Sam and he kissed Dean's neck, and slid off Dean's lap back to his seat, still laughing. "Im a sexy perv though" said Dean taking his hand and rubbing the side of sam's face, then slid his hand down his chest and down to his left leg, and started going towards the buldge in sam's jeans. "Whoa, whoa, whoa" said Sam, removing Deans hand. "I have the same problem as you" said sam laughing, Dean laughed and leaned over and gave his little brother a kisss on the cheek before they pulled into the small and empty parking lot of the 'Bed and breakfast'. "Well, we wont have to worry about people being mad if we're loud" said Dean, Sam shook his head and got out of the car. He felt his ass get slapped as he stood up to get out of the car. Sam laughed and started running towarsd the door, Dean caught up and pulled Sam's back into his chest and made sure Sam felt Dean's large buldge on his ass. Dean kissed sam's neck, Sam moaned the two started walking into the front entry hand in hand. Dean could hardly wait to prove how much he loved his little brother. Dean gave Sam a wink as they walked up to the e-mail me to let me know what you think and give any ideas you have. .

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