Teaching the Olsen Twins – Chapter 5


I moved over to the bed and slowly drew down the sheet to expose her naked body. I slowly lay down beside her and kissed her lightly on the lips. She awoke looked into my eyes, smiled and kissed me back. “Good morning Master! Will you please make me cum again today?” she asked sweetly. I was ecstatic! I’d turned this sweet innocent teen into my own personal fuck toy and she wanted more! I was tempted to take her at once but her sister needed my attentions first!“Good morning Ashley. You will cum again today but not just yet! I think that today we’ll introduce your sister to the joys of womanhood. Do you like that idea?” I asked her in between kisses. “Yes master. I’d like that” she replied. “O. K then come with me, we’ll go see Mary-Kate,” I said. We got up and I was aroused once again by the sight of Ashley’s hot young body. We immediately made our way to Mary-Kate’s room. I opened the door and turned on the light. Mary-Kate moaned as the light came on. A slight humming could be heard from the mini vibrators in her pussy and ass.

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   She slumped completely exhausted but made an effort to regain her feet as we entered. “Good morning Mary-Kate, how do those vibrators feel? Are you ready to obey yet? “ I asked as I examined her body. “G. . Go. . to hell!” she whispered, “I’ll never obey you”!I was shocked! All night she’d stood there held up by the rope, Her pussy, ass and nipples must be on fire from the constant irritation. Yet here she was still defiant. It was time now for more drastic measures!“We’ll see my dear, we’ll see. Ashley please remove your sisters clothing and get the vibrators for me. ” I commanded. Ashley hurried to obey, she unhooked Ashley’s bra and removed it. She then zipped down the hot pants and started to pull them down. A look of shock came over her face as she caught sight of her sister’s pussy. Mary-Kate’s pussy lips were red and swollen and she was incredibly wet, the vibrator immediately slipped out and fell to the floor.

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   Ashley then pulled the hot pants all the way down her legs and allowed Mary-Kate to step out of them. She moved around behind Mary-Kate and after a bit of time retrieved the vibrator from her ass. “Very good Ashley you may put all the items in that closet over there and while your there bring back the tennis table paddle you find there”. I instructed. While Ashley was gone I stood up and slowly walked around Mary-Kate examining what the vibrators had done to her body. Her nipples where erect but red and swollen from the constant irritation of the vibrators in the bra. I lowered my head and sucked on one nipple then trailing my tongue along her breasts I sucked in her other nipple. “Stop! Please stop! Don’t do this to me! Leave me alone!” Mary-Kate wailed. I said nothing I grabbed her by the nape of the neck and crushed her lips into mine. I lowered my other hand and sought her pussy. The vibrator there had left her soaking wet. My finger slid into the first knuckle easily but then Mary-Kate yanked her head away from my hand. She started to buck and struggle trying to avoid my seeking finger. “Take it out! Take it out! Stop! You bastard take it out! “ Mary-Kate screamed!“Mary-Kate you might as well give in, I’m gonna fuck you one way or the other. I’ve fucked your sister and she enjoyed it.

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   In fact she is now very willing to do all that I ask. ” “I don’t believe you she’s afraid of you that’s all! She would never do anything with you willingly!” Mary-Kate screamed. Ashley then returned carrying the paddle. “You’ll soon see! Ashley come here! Leave down that paddle and suck my cock!” I demanded. “Yes Master! “ Ashley said with a quick look at her sister. Ashley lowered her head in my crotch and lovingly kissed the head of my cock. She then licked the whole way up the underside of my cock and all the way back down. She kept this up for several minutes licking my cock and kissing the head. Ashley licked away the pre-cum that appeared. She then changed tack. Ashley wrapped her lips around my cock and started to bob her head up and down. She was managing to take 4 inches of my shaft in her mouth while she was also jacking me off with her hand. I was getting harder and harder from Ashley’s ministrations. She was a natural cocksucker and seemed to enjoy what she was doing. Although one hand was helping to get me off her other hand was busy in-between her own legs as she played with her pussy.

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  Mary-Kate could take no more of her sister’s antics and started to scream. “Ashley! My God what are you doing! How can you touch that disgusting thing! How can you do that?” Mary-Kate screamed. “Enough Mary-Kate! Ashley has chosen her path and is now a woman! You are just a whiney little girl with no conception of what her body is for! But by God I will now teach you!” I roared back tired of her insolence. I lifted Ashley’s head and retrieved the paddle. I stood beside Mary-Kate and brought down the paddle swiftly on her ass!Smack! Mark-Kate screamed but I kept up a high tempo alternating buttocks and gave her a fair thirty strokes. I then went around in front of her and spanked her budding breasts. This brought fresh screams of horror and outrage but I didn’t desist until each tit had got a dozen smacks. Mary-Kate was now crying and babbling begging me to stop. “Please! Please! No more, no more! I can’t take any more! Don’t hit me please! I’ll suck your thing like Ashley did! Please don’t hurt me!”Tears flowed down her face and her tits and ass were now red from the punishment they’d received. Her red ass was tempting me beyond endurance so I decided that a good ass fuck would now be in order. “Suck me? Bitch you don’t deserve to suck me! Ashley come over here and show your sister how to suck cock!” I demanded. Ashley hurried to comply and she knelt in front of me and immediately started to gobble my manhood like she was starving. Soon my cock was glistening wet and rock hard. “That’s enough Ashley, you’ve got me nice and wet. Now it’s time for Mary-Kate to get some cock!”With that I got behind Mary-Kate.

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   I grabbed her thighs and lifted her in the air. She struggled wildly as I lowered her towards my rampant cock. I’d need help gaining access to her ass she was thrashing around so much. “Ashley lodge the head of my cock in Mary-Kate’s ass! I don’t want to miss my target and get pink instead of brown!” I instructed. Ashley looked guiltily at her sister but hurried to obey my order. She grabbed my cock and aimed it between her sister’s ass cheeks seeking the puckered rosette that was my target. As soon as the head of my cock found it’s target I dropped Mary-Kate suddenly and imbedded 4 inches of my cock in her ass, tearing past her sphincter. The pain must have been extreme because Mary-Kate immediately slumped and fainted. I cursed and held my cock in her ass. “Ashley go to the bathroom. In the medicine cabinet you’ll find some smelling salts. Bring them in here and revive your sister!” Ashley raced to comply obviously worried about her sister. She soon returned with the bottle that she held in front of Mary-Kate’s nose. As Mary-Kate came to I used the opportunity to bury the rest of my cock in her. She took my full 8 inches but was incredibly tight! Mary-Kate screamed in agony and would have fainted again except for the smelling salts held by her sister.

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   She stopped struggling obviously overcome by the pain that my cock had inflicted on her ass. Ashley was nearly in tears as she witnessed the pain on Mary-Kate’s face. “T. . t. . take it out!” Mary-Kate screamed “God the pain! It hurts please take it out!”“Ashley, do you want to help Mary-Kate? Do you want to take away her pain?” I asked coaxingly. “Yes Master, what do you want me to do?” she said nodding concern for her sister written all over her face. “Do you remember last night? How did I take the pain away for you?” I asked. “You played with my pussy master” Ashley whispered realisation dawning on her face. “That’s right Ashley, now if you play with Mary-Kate’s pussy she won’t be in pain. Wouldn’t you do that for your sister?” I asked in reasonable tones. Ashley hesitated slightly then nodded and knelt in front of her sister. I looked over at the mirror dresser and could see as Ashley licked her lips and slowly begin to kiss her sisters thighs. I lifted Mary-Kate’s legs and spread her thighs wide allowing Ashley easy access to her sister’s pussy.

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   She began to probe Mary-Kate’s lips and lick along the length of her slit. “No don’t!” moaned Mary-Kate as she felt her sisters’ lips on her body and realised what was about to happen. “Shhhhh” I said, “Your sister is doing you a great favour. ”“No…. please…. no…don’t make me…Ashley stop please…. ” Mary-Kate moaned quietly. “Ashley, suck on Mary-Kate’s clit, keep it up and don’t stop until she comes!” I instructed. Ashley immediately changed her angle of attack and started to lick and suck and Mary-Kate’s budding clit. I lost sight of the action as Ashley’s hair fell forward obscuring my view. “No…no…no…no…I won’t…. no…stop…please stop…I can’t…” Mary Kate was murmuring incoherently. I slowly began to move my cock slowly pulling back and lifting Mary-Kate from my cock. As I did this I could feel tremors begin to go through Mary-Kate’s body as her crisis approached. Soon I had all but he head of my cock out of her ass and then Mary-Kate moaned and I could feel her orgasm ripple through her.

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   At the same time I plunged my cock all the way back into her ass. Mary-Kate groaned as the pain from her ass mingled with the pleasure from her pussy. Ashley lifted her head to look at me, her face wet from her sisters juices. “Keep going ‘til I tell you to stop Ashley! Your sister is only starting to learn!” I instructed. Ashley lower her head again and once again sought her sisters slit. I began to fuck Mary-Kate’s ass with short sharp jabs holding her up in the air as I did. I moved my cock in and out only a couple of inches back and forward. Mary-Kate moaned as I did whether it was from my rape of her ass or her sisters renewed attack on her pussy I wasn’t certain. Soon her rectal muscles relaxed slightly. I increased the tempo and length of my strokes and soon my ass was surging in and out of her tight opening. Mary-Kate began to trash about as her sisters tongue worked it’s magic. “No! Not again, no! Ashley stop! Please stop! Don’t…Urughhhhhh. ” Mary-Kate moanedMary-Kate shuddered as another orgasm wracked her body and I responded by shooting gobs of thick semen in the depths of her ass. “Arragh! There you go you bitch! The first time someone has cum in you!” I grunted as I unloaded my man juice. I dropped Mary-Kate and slumped back.

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   Mary-Kate’s ass seemed reluctant to release my cock but I slid slowly out and left her ass with an audible pop! Spunk started to dribble from her ass and down her legs. Ashley sat back on her haunches her sister juices all over her face. Mary-Kate slumped in her restraints all the fight gone out of her. I stood back up and walked back over until I was stood in front of Mary-Kate. “Look at me!” I growled! “Look at your master!”Mary-Kate slowly raised her head to look at me she seemed half stunned by the twin assaults upon her body. “You berated your sister for enjoying sex and you’ve just cum on your own sisters tongue with my cock in your ass! You’ll be untied soon. But your sister hasn’t cum yet. So as soon as I remedy that you can get something to eat and have a nap. ” I gloated. “Ashley lie down on the bed and spread your legs. It’s time for your reward for being such a good girl!”Ashley hurried to comply and was soon lying back on the bed with her legs wide. “Now play with your self let me see your fingers dip in and out of that beautiful pussy!”“Yes master!” Ashley replied as her right hand slid down to her pussy. Ashley’s right hand reached her pussy and her finger was soon sliding in and out of her damp folds. Her left hand began to rub her tits. Soon she was moaning and trying to stuff more fingers in her pussy.

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   “That’s enough Ashley! Do you want my cock now? Tell your master you want his cock!” I instructed as Mary-Kate looked on. “Please master! Please I want your cock! I want your cock in me! “ She replied her voice slightly strained. “O. K then get up off the bed for a minute!” Ashley complied and then I lay back on the bed my cock was hard. I held it in one hand and pointed it towards the ceiling. “O. K. Ashley come over here and squat down over my cock facing your sister. ” I told the horny teen. Ashley hurried back to the bed and squatted down as instructed. I slid the head of my cock along her moist slit. I slid it up and down slightly lodging my cock in her then withdrawing it again. I teased her and she moaned with frustration. “O. K.


   Ashley grab hold of my cock and slip it into your pussy. The you can ride me until we both cum!”Ashley reached down between her legs and grabbed hold of my charger. She lodged the head of my staff just within her folds and then she pressed down hard engulfed my cock in one smooth movement. She moaned as her ass met my stomach and my full eight inches where trapped in her tight moist channel. She slowly lifted her self and then slowly sat back down. She moaned again in pleasure as my cock stretched her tight pussy. I looked up over Ashley’s shoulder and caught sight of Mary-Kate. She seemed unable to tear her eyes away from the view of my cock sliding in and out of her sisters’ small hole. Ashley began to increase her tempo as she found her balance. Soon she was making the bedsprings protest as she lunged up and down on my prick. “Oh yes! Yes! I love your cock master! I love it!” Ashley screamed as her crisis approached. “That’s it Ashley cum on my cock! Cum on your masters cock! Show your sister how a real woman cums!” Ashley screamed and shuddered as an orgasm took her. I rewarded by injecting her pussy with a fresh shower of spunk. Ashley slumped down with my cock still embedded in her. Mary-Kate looked at her sister astonishment warred with disgust on her face.

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  “Good girl Ashley! “I said reaching out to stroke her hair “Now you may get up and after you properly thank you master for your orgasm you can release your sister. Then you can both shower and get some food”. Ashley slowly lifted herself from my now softening cock. She turned to me and I couldn’t resist kissing her upturned mouth. I could taste her sister’s pussy juice as out lips mashed. I kissed her long and deep then released her. “Thank you master “Ashley said prettily with spunk leaking from her pussy down her legs “ Thank you for making me cum!”I lay back as Ashley untied Mary-Kate and lowered her to the floor. She helped Mary-Kate to her feet and they headed off for a shower in silence. I lay back satisfied for now but soon I’d have to take Mary-Kate’s virginity and that thought made my cock twitch yet again. “Soon” I murmured to myself “soon!”Thanks for all the comments. Part 6 soon!.

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