The Suite Life bi action


It was a normal day at the Tipton Hotel. Moseby and Estoban were in the lobby and Zack and Cody were off getting into trouble. Well Zack had run down the stairs right into London and spilled his red slushi all over her expensive new white coat.
As a punishment Zack would have to clean out her closet. Well where one brother went the other would follow. Cody went along to help. As they were cleaning up the enormous closet they found  a box that said "london's private". The two boys couldn't resist opening the box.
In side was a bright pink strap on and a few multi-colored dildos. It looks like even the Rich have to pleasure them selves. Just as they took out one of the Dildo's London walks in. "o my god' what are you two doing".
"Well you two have been very naughty and need to be punished. If you don't do what I say your mother is going to be fired faster than you can say tim-buk-two"
"Now i want the two of you to get undressed while I go and make sure we're not disturbed. "
"Zack now look what you got us into" cody says as he gets undressded.
"Me! you were the one who was chasing after me when we got into this mess.

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  " The two teenage boys had been naked with eachother before but this time it was somehow different maybe it was because they were told to. London came back wearing nothing at all, carrying a bottle of liquid of some kind.
London says "Come here cody, I want you to eat my pussy. " "Zack I want you to suck on your brothers cock while he's eating me out. "
"what? I 'm not gay" was zack's only remark before he was reminded of what would happen i he didn't listen to london.
Cody went over and got on his knees and preceeded to eat out London's shaved perfect pussy. Cody hadn't had much expirence but from the few pornos he'd seen he got the hang of it. He got an instant hard on because of it.
Zack also got on his knees and this time it was infront of his twin brother. Although the two were twins Cody had developed more than zack, having a 6incher, comparedd to Zacks small 4in. Zack took his brother's cock in his mouth not all the way or he might have gaged, for some odd reason he didn't ffel strange sucking off his brother. He liked it infact. he would rub his tounge over the shaft and head ever so slowly to get a shiver or two out of his brother.    
London was enjoying every minute of this. She knew she was incontrol.

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   she had cum and Cody had excepted allof her juices, Cody was on the virge of an orgasm when London got up and poured some of the liquid on her finger and shoved it up Cody's ass sending him into the best orgasm of his life, and Zack was right there with his mouth open.
Zack loved the taste of his brother's cum and knew that would not be the last time he wold have it. The boys got up and shared their jucies.
When they turned around they saw London had straped the dildo into the harness and had the bottle of lube in hr hand,
To be continued. . . .

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