The Suite Life of Zack and Cody


hi there, this is my first story, sooo yeah….

Maddie looked over the lobby at London Tipton, snogging another male model from some magazine or something. Maddie sighed. The guy was pretty fit, with nice abs and ass, and he looked like he was a good kisser as well. Why did London always get the nice guys? Ok, she was quite attractive and had nice b-cup boobs AND a nice ass… and the big fact she was filthy stinking rich. Maddie looked herself over. She had good boobs, they were c-cups, and she had a nice ass as well… and she thought she was quite attractive. Maddie sighed again. She just wasn’t rich or famous.
London stopped snogging her boyfriend, gave her cute wave and walked across the lobby to Maddie, to gloat probably.
“Hi Maddie, do you like my new bf?” she asked.
“Yeah, he is pretty fit…” Maddie said, forcing on a smile.
“Well I’m gonna dump him, don’t expect him to come round here again!”
“WHAT!? You’re gonna dump him? Why!?” Maddie asked, actually shocked.
“Well, all he wanted to do was fuck me and I thought, fuck him” she smiled looking at Maddie, “You know what that’s like…. Right?”
Maddie blushed, looking away.
“OMG! You’re a virgin!? Well that can’t go on sister, right upstairs with me… we gotta talk about this!” said London pulling Maddie away from the candy counter.

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“London…. ” Maddie whined as Mr Mosby walked across the hall, Maddie in his sights. He stopped and seemed to stare at Maddie’s boobs and ass before he regained his attention and said, “Madeline, what is going on here?”
“Sorry Mosby, she’s coming with me!” piped up London, pulling Maddie into the elevator.
“But!” started Mosby as the doors started to shut.
“Bye!” smiled London as the doors closed and the elevator began to rise.

Maddie sat on London’s bed while London prepared herself. London came over and sat down. “So, did you see Mosby checking you out?”
“I guess” Maddie said, embarrassed.
“Why are you so embarrassed, you’re really fit…” said London as she leaned forward and kissed Maddie on the lips.
“London…” came Maddie’s muffled reply before London’s lips closed around hers.
Maddie began to respond and started to kiss back. She was straight, but she couldn’t help herself she was so wet. London pushed her tongue into Maddie’s mouth they frenched for a while, London starting to rub Maddie’s boobs and pussy through her work clothes.
London broke away and pulled off her top to reveal her wearing the skimpiest bra Maddie had ever seen. London reached behind her and tugged off the strap and showed off her nice tits.

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   London looked at Maddie and said “Your turn, poor girl”
Strangely aroused but never the less Maddie pulled off her worktop and bra showing her nice and firm D cups. “Nice…” London murmured, pulling off her skirt and panties.
Maddie did so as well, leaving them both naked apart from Maddie’s sexy knee length socks. London leaned forward and sucked a nipple into her eager mouth, Maddie moaning in pleasure. London’s other hand fondling Maddie’s other breast while Maddie sat there moaning. After a few minutes London stopped and pulled back.
“Open your legs, bitch!” she ordered and Maddie obeyed, revealing a hairless cunt.
“Mmmm, lovely…” whispered London as she leant forward, pushing Maddie onto her back, and started to lap at Maddie’s cunt. Maddie just lay there loving every second of it. London started to rub Maddie’s clit with her hand, pinching it and squeezing, until Maddie started to arch her back gasping “OMG,OMG! I’m going to cum!” and came into London’s mouth. London leant back smiling, her face covered in pussy juice. Maddie sat up again and kissed London, tasting herself.
London stood up and leant behind the bed and pulled out a big 7inch strap on dildo, with a vibrator mode, and started to put it on. Maddie just looked at it, then at London, then back at the dildo. “Are you going to put that in me? But I haven’t lost my cherry…” Maddie started to babble, before London pushed her onto her back telling her to shut up.

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London positioned herself at Maddie’s entrance, and started to inch in. Maddie gasped. It was an amazing feeling, but then she felt something nudge at something, her hymen. London just grunted and thrusted forward. Maddie yelled in pain, but soon pain was overridden by pleasure and London began to thrust out and in, putting more and more of the dildo in her each time. “ohhh, london fuck me, I’m your little bitch, fuck me in my pussy oooh”
London smiled and turned on the vibrator. Maddie squealed and bucked as London started to fuck her harder and harder, never seeming to tire. Maddie started bucking quicker and started having multiple orgasms which never seemed to stop. After ten more minutes London pulled out and Maddie, gasping, lay on the bed.
“London, thankyou…” Maddie managed to say.
“Oh, I’m not done yet bitch” London smiled and moved the dildo up Maddie’s ass crack. Maddie who was too tired to move, lay there as London started to push the dildo up Maddie’s ass. This was another strange feeling, thought Maddie, it hurts but it feels gooood….
Slowly, but surely, the dildo was all the way up maddie’s ass. Then London turned on the vibrator and began to fuck maddie’s ass slowly getting quicker by the second.

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   Maddie started to scream, “Oh London fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass so hard oooh that is soooo fucking good!”
London just panted as she pistoned maddie’s ass harder and harder as Maddie came and came again and again before collapsing upon her friend, vibrating dildo still lodged inside Maddie’s ass. They lay there for a few seconds before there was a yell and the air vent collapsed and out from the tube rolled Zack and Cody, cocks obviously hard laying on the floor. London pulled out of Maddie, turned and faced the boys before saying, “well, well, well, what do we have here?”

To be continued…. Please leave comments on whether I should continue or not, thanks.