Who said geeks arent hot?


‘Ready?’ Shannon’s closest friend Kara asked as they stepped out of their posh vehicle, and made their way up the red carpet. Her parents had paid extra money for her and Kara to enter this way. Halfway up the red carpet, Kara noticed Daniel talking with a reporter.
            ‘Oooh look girl!’
            ‘huh…ohmigod K. its totally him!’ she didn’t take her eyes off him as they both walked past him and up into the screening.
            ‘who’s she?’ Daniel asked as he kept his eyes on Shannon and Kara passing him, a sly grin on his face. ‘cute’
            ‘do you like younger girls Daniel?’ one of the reporters asked in a serious tone.
            ‘how do you know she’s young? She looks a little older than me actually. ’ He replied
            ‘Shannon Lucero, aged 14. My niece. ’ He said in a smart tone.
            ‘oh…’ Sighed Daniel.
Halfway through the movie, Shannon decided she needed the toilet.
            ‘you can go alone. I think this is where he gets his shirt off. ’ Kara grinned slyly.

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            ‘fine…that scene never happens. They got rid of it. ’ Shannon giggled at Kara and made her way to the outside toilets, passing Daniel on the way, and accepting his sweet smile. On her way back into the screening, she bumped into Daniel, almost falling to the ground, but he caught her arm and helped her up.
            ‘hey…shouldn’t you be watching the movie?’ Shannon asked him
            ‘seen it before…im just heading back to my car to find my phone, seems ive left it there. ’
            ‘well, I always call my mobile when I lose it, maybe you should try that, you can use my phone’ She smiled as he lead her back to his car. He opened the back door and climbed in.
            ‘okay…’ Shannon climbed in after him and pressed the dial button on her phone, she heard a quiet ring from the seat in front of her. ‘you hear that?’ she leaned forward over the front seat, exposing a few seconds of her perfect round ass, to Daniels view. He broke in a hot sweat, tempted to touch it, but he resisted, instead he pulled her dress down, that had rode up when she sat down. Shannon, shocked that he’d touched her, turned around quickly ‘what the?. . ’
            ‘your skirt was riding up’ he said, his face red, hot and horny, he could tell she wanted it.
            Shannon let out a small grin, and with no more of an invitation, shut the door behind her, and pounced on Daniel. She sat on his lap, facing him, with her arms around his neck, and one leg on either side.

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            ‘now what?’ she giggled
            He smiled back at her, moving his hands slowly up her body, until he found her straps, he gently tugged them off her shoulders, he pulled her close with one arm, kissing her shoulders and neck, whilst pulling her other strap down with his spare hand. His kiss reached her mouth, and they French kissed for what seem a very long time, until Shannon broke it, she pulled her arms out of her thin straps, and started to unbutton Daniels shirt, whose hands were wandering further and further up her dress, until he found her wet panties. He rubbed her wet pussy through her panties, making her squirm with delight as she rubbed on her own nipples through her bra with one hand, and pulled her dress down to her waist with the other. Daniels spare hand made its way to Shannon’s other nipple, he pulled her bra down, and used it to pull her closer so he could get his mouth round her firm 32B breasts. He nibbled on it a little, making her arch her back, and moan. he pushed two of his sticky fingers up into the warm walls of her hot pussy, making her hips buck, she moaned loudly as he finger fucked her.
            ‘Shh’ he smiled at her ‘you’ll attract paparazzi’ he returned to her neck, one hand on her hip, and started to make his way back up to her soft lips.
            ‘you’ve done this before?’ she moaned helplessly, in between kisses.
            ‘no…’ he said ‘you’re the first’ smiling innocently at her, his fingers rapidly moving in and out of her hot body until her first orgasm came. She was moaning so loudly, it turned Daniel on even more.
            He lay Shannon’s still half dressed hot body on the back seat and opened her legs wide, he rubbed her soft body up and down while kissing and sucking on her wet pussy lips. He kissed up to her belly button, and her hips, making his way up to her firm breast again, sucking on her nipple, Shannon could feel his hardness between her legs, and she was going crazy for him, he once again found her neck, and up to her lips, his 8 incher was hungry for her pussy, but he was thinking…
            ‘are we sure we wanna do this?. I mean. Are we too young?’ he tried to smile at her, but she just smirked and pulled his face down onto hers, locking him in another long kiss. She put her legs round his hips, and pushed herself against him, as if begging for him to enter her.

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   He didn’t need a second invitation, he slowly pushed the head of his cock into her, then gradually getting deeper and deeper until he couldn’t go no further, he thrust back and forth repeatedly, making her arch her back and bite her lips.
            ‘ow…ahhh. mm!’ she told him it hurt a little at first, but after the worst was over ‘yes. . YES!’ was all Shannon could manage as she rocked in rhythm with Daniels huge cock. Daniel kept a firm grip on Shannon’s hips, as he pumped her insides faster and harder with each push. She was sending him wild, he was moaning like a little girl, almost as much as Shannon was, she could feel she was coming.
            ‘im cumming…’ she warned him.
            She just kept on enjoying the time of her life, as Daniel let out a moan and shot his load inside her beautiful hot body just seconds before her load dribbled from her. He collapsed on top of her, his manhood still inside her. He rested his head on her chest.
            ‘that…was amazing. ’ He grinned.
            ‘shit…we better clean up and get back, or they’ll be worrying. ’ Shannon realised they didn’t have all the time in the world.

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   They’d been rocking the car for longer than they thought.


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