Winning the Taylor Swift contest Rocks


My name is Jayme and this story all started in the Summer of 2008. It was lightening so I stayed in all day watching CMT.
Now there are a bunch a hot chicks that sing Country Music but none of them are like Taylor Swift. Now everytime Taylor Swift videos come on Tv. I just watch her and imagine her naked. I only dreamed that one day I could meet her in person. That is when it came up on CMT about entering a contest and the grand prize winner would recieve a dinner and a movie with Taylor Swift. I knew it was one out of a billion chance but what the heck it was worth it. All you had to do to enter was be 18 or older and be the 10th caller as soon as the next Taylor Swift Video aired. I stayed in my room for hours clinging to the telephone and watching the television like a hawk. Finally Taylor Swift's video "Picture to Burn" came on. I quickly pressed the speed dial button and it started to ring. Finally I heard someone pick up. It was a very sweet voice. "Hello you are the tenth caller my name is Taylor Swift and you are?"  "Uh---Uh---Uh" is all I could get out. I was speechless not only did I win but I was talking to Taylor Swift.

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" Well does cat got your tongue" she said. I finally managed to speak " Hello My name is Jayme". "Well it certainly is a pleasure Jayme are you ready for our date?"    immediately it hit me and I started thinking of me and Taylor Swift having sex and started jacking off to the thought still on the phone with her. " Oh Taylor I love the way you lick my cock" I said out loud. Then I came back into thought and was asshamed I said that. " OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I JUST SAID THAT TAYLOR I AM S SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME"  I screamed almost in tears. I heard a dial tone. Oh no she heard and got mad I just blew my chance I thought to myself. That's when the Phone rung. " Hello" I said as I picked it up. "Hey Jayme this is Taylor Swift sorry the line cut off so are you ready?" "You bet I am" I answered".
She gave me all the details. I had a plane leaving tomorrow to Nashville. I told her that I lived 3 hours from there and could drive there instead.   " Well Jayme that would be so much better" she said " Meet me at Opry Mills Mall and we"ll start our date from there and one more thing what is your cell number so we can keep in touch?".

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   So I gave here the Number and we set a time for 12 p. m. the next day I packed up the next morning and headed up to Nashville. I was on I-24 when my cell run. When I picked up it was Taylor in a panic " Jayme my car won't start and and I have no was to meet you at the mall. My friend Miley is over here but she can't drive yet do you think it's possible you can pick me up? " Sure" I said " So where do you live" Gave me her address and I put it in my GPS. Ironically I was only 15 miles away. I started thinking Oh man I am going to her house and Miley Cyrus is with her. I then started thinking of the two of them sucking on my balls. When I arrived. There was a gate with a speaker box. "whose there?" I heard Taylor ask "It's me Jayme
"Oh okay come on in". At this time the gate opened and I drove in. There at the front door came Taylor and Miley. Taylor looked beautiful with her curly blonde hair pass her shoulders.

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   She was  wearing a white tank top and some tight pants. She was so hot. Miley was wearing a red spagetti strap tank top and a pair of short jeans on. They both looked hot. I waited in the car as Taylor walked up and I rowed down  my window. " hey Jayme do you want to come in" Taylor asked "sure " I replied. When I parked the car and got out. Taylor and Miley walked to the car. Taylor introduced herself and Miley. I told them I was Jayme and told them how beautiful they both looked. We all then went into Taylor's House. She lived in this great big huge house. There were pictures of Taylor and her awards all over the wall. Taylor told me I was free to look around while her and Miley went to clean up. As they went down the hallway.

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   I started to look around the room. When I saw the VCR was on. So I turned on the TV and pressed the play button.
What I saw made my cock jump. There was Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus pleasure each other. I sat down and started to watch it. Miley was in between Taylor's legs eating her pussy this continued for a few minutes until the two of them changed position. I started to unzip my pants when I heard Taylor's sweet voice say " Do you like what you see?". My heart started pounding I was so embarassed and didn't know what to say. I was speechless. " I-I-I" I said.
'Miley and I made that tape about 30 minutes ago" Taylor said. My eyes widened and I became calmer. "Yeah that's right" Miley said. "Jayme I heard what you said on the phone yesterday and I hung up and called back" she explained " I have been so horny since and I have been fascinating about sucking your cock I am a virgin and so is Miley and we both want cock bad".

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   I just could not believe what I was hearing. "Am I dreaming" I said out loud " No Jayme this is no dream, but this is your dream come true" Miley said. I was in shock.
The two girls I fascinated about most in my life and they both wanted to have sex with me. I watch them both as they each whispered into each others ear. After about 30 seconds of watching them whisper Taylor asked me " Do you mind if we play some music while you fuck our virginty out of the both of us?" I repied with a " sure no problem, what kind of music gets you off". Miley quickly answered my question
" To be honest, the sound of your cock entering in and out of our pussies". This reply quickly made me go to full erection. Taylor and Miley's eyes widened as they looked at my enormously jacked up erect penis. " Dang thats a lot of cock" Taylor said " uh huh" Miley followed. " Me first" Miley said as she raised her hand as to be picked. "No way he won my contest the cock is mine" Taylor argued. " Now, now girls, There is enoughcock for the both of you" I interupted " but either way this cock will be cock-a-doodle-doing both your pussies". This quickly brought smiles to both their faces. Taylor then suggested we take off our clothes.

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  Miley went first. She started with her red spagetti strap tanktop to reveal that she was wearing no bra and her amazing, firm looking tits. Taylor then took off her white tanktop. Underneath she was wearing a binkini top. Miley untied Taylor's bikini top t reveal a set of firm tits slightly bigger than Miley's tits. My cock kept jumping around like Mickie James. Taylor then looked at me and said " Okay so you have seen our tits so now let's see yours.
So I quickly took my shirt off to real my keg and slightly drooping man boobs ( not much of a sight). I started thinking to myself oh my God they are about to say forget that but to my astonishing shock Taylor simply said" perfect" Miley and Taylor both smiled at me as I smiled back. "Taylor let's finish undressing each other" Miley said. Taylor quickly replied "excellent suggestion, I'm in". Miley went to unbutton Taylor's pants and went to remove them. As Miley went down with the pants she looked at me with a look of ,do you like what you see?, and of course I did. Underneath Taylor's pants she wearing a red lace thong that was see through and you could clearly see she was completely shaved.
Taylor then went to take off Miley's shorts.

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   Underneath Miley's shorts she was wearing a part of Hannah Montana panties (coincedence? I thought so too). Taylor then preceded to take off Miley's panties. Miley had a strand of pubic hair leading to her pussy but otherwise she was completely shaved. Miley went to take off Taylor's thong but was quickly cut off by Taylor. " I want Jayme to take My thong off. . . . . with his mouth" Taylor said as she winked at me. "Now Jayme let's see the feature presentation" Miley said. I then started to pursue in taking off my pants and boxers to reveal to them my fully erect 12 inch penis. Miley came at me racing and landed on her knees. She quickly took my cock and shoved it deep inside her mouth. It was the most incredible feeling ever.

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   Taylor went to the radio and turn it onto a country music station. As see was waliking to the radio, I got a great view of her tight,tanned butt. She was so freaking hot. After Miley was done sucking. Taylor laid down in the floor and I went to grant her wish by removing her thong with my mouth. Taylor spread her legs as I went into eat her pussy. Her pussy smelled wonderful and I just dug in like a fat boy at Thanksgiving.
Taylor began to moan with loud scream and she quickly came multiple times. Next it was time to take Miley's virginity. She laid nown in front of me and I slowly stuck my cock deep inside her pussy. Miley was screaming in sharp pain for a few minutes but soon started moaning with extreme pleasure. The sound of her moaning was a quick motivation for me as I started to increase the speed of my thrust. I just couldn't believe this wasn't a dream, but either was I was truly getting The best of both worlds. As I continued to fuck this hot actress and singer a song came on the radio. It was Billy Ray Cyrus's song "Achy Breaky Heart" and I quickly went into a panic because I had my cock buried deep inside his 15 year old daughter's pussy.

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   I then quickly retreated from Miley's Pussy and looked at Taylor. Your turn to feel the wrath of the Jayme Monster. Taylor was so excited and ran to me making me fall flat on my back and made my cock go straightin side her pussy. Taylor was screaming my name with intense pleasure as she rode my cock. She soon changed position and I was fucking her doggie style. I was pounded her so hard that her teardrops were falling on her guitar that was laying in the floor . "Ohhhh" Taylor screamed "Fuck me harder".
Miley was off to the side fingering her pussy singing one of her songs. I quickly felt the urge to cum and took my cock out. I squirted my cum all over Taylor and Miley's tits. We had sex several more times that day and even took a shower together. At around 10:30 that night I headed home exhausted from earlier activities. A few months later Taylor Swift had a huge concert in Chattanooga and I attended it. After the show I waited for an autograph and hoping Taylor would invite me to her hotel room. After 2 hours of waiting she finally came out and I ran up to her. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   " Hey Taylor" I said excitingly " Remember me". "No I am sorry" she said and then yelled "Security". I spent that night in jail and got out the next morning. I was very angry. When I got home. I went through the pictures I had taken of Taylor and Miley Nude that day. I went to the kitchen and got a lighter. I lit the lighter and aimed it toward the picture. " Taylor Swift is just another Picture to Burn" I thought. As I almost got to the picture I dropped the lighter and said "What am I Crazy".