Zoey 101: Episode 2--------Senior Trip Day 1



Every school year a month into the year all seniors have a day dedicated to them, all the seniors at PCAhead to L. A. Where they have 4 days to do almost anything they want, this is the gift that PCA gives to their seniors to show how much they appreciate the money they spend on tuition!

"Well were finally here! said Chase

"Yep, we should go and check in. " said Lola

"We'll grab the bags. " said Logan andMichael

Chase, Lola, Vince, and Zoey headed in while Logan and Michael grab the bags. The hotel was a 20 story Hilton that was right next to the beach.

"I hope we get a room on a high story. " said Zoey

They all walked up to the desk and checked in.

"Awesome it looks like we all have rooms next to each other. " Vince said

"Yea, and their on the 20th floor. " said Zoey

"And, it seems that me and Vince are in the same room. " said Lola

"Cool, me and Zoey are also in the same room. " said Chase

"HeHe, Logan and Michael are together. . . .

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  . HEHE"Zoey laughed

"What's so funny guys?" Michael asked

"O nothing. . . . " Zoey laughed

They all headed upstairs and unpacked, these 4 days were going to be so much fun. Lola and Zoey both decided to go down to the tanning salon while Chase and Vince finished unpacking, and Logan and Michael go try and pick up some girls.

"It really sucks that there's no sun out today. " said Lola

"Yea, totally the day we get here we can't even go tan on the beach. " said Zoey

"It's alright at least we still can get a sexy tan for a boyfriends. " said Lola

"Speaking of boyfriends, how's Vince?" Zoey asked

"O Well, he's great we make a really great couple, and the sex is amazing!!" Lola said

"HAHA same with Chase, nobody makes my pussy twitch quite like Chase. " Zoey said

"That's not true remember the "meetings" we had during Sophomore and Junior years?" Lola asked

"O yea, I miss though's meeting. I wish they never ended. " said Zoey

"Who said they ended?" Lola said

Lola walked over to Zoey and started kissing her, she slowly moved her tongue into her mouth. Zoey moved her hand down Lola's body and grabbed her pussy through her pants.

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   Slowly massaging her pussy Lola started moaning, Zoey could feel her wetness through her pants. Lola lifted Zoey's shirt and started massaging her breasts. Zoey's pussy was ready, so she removed her pants and sat up on the tanning bed. And watch Lola slowly eat her pussy. Lola's mouth ravagedZoey's pussy making Zoey squirm and yelped cries of pleasure. Next Lola stuck two fingers into Zoey's pussy, faster and faster she inserted her fingers in and out of Zoey's tight pussy.

Zoey's pussy tightened and she let out a huge scream and dripped her warm juices on the ground.

"AHHHH that felt sooo good! But we really need to get to tanning, but trust me I'll repay you when we get back to my room. . . . . . . .

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