Melinies Dream


Melanie prepared for bed, her husband of 20 years Brad had not got home from work as yet "Oh well"as she lay down "I'm not too interested in fucking him or anybody for that matter these days" she thought as she drifted off into a deep sleep.
She awoke in a strange house it was poorly lit, she arose to look around and walked out of the room she was in and down the long hall towards the light she could see coming from another room as she entered she gasped there was Brad sitting on a bed stark naked "Sit" he commanded pointing to a chair in a darkened corner, she sat "Whats going on?" Mel asked.
"You have been ignoring me Mel for the last few years, and I have been faithful to you up until tonight" Out of the other corner walked a familiar figure it was young Nancy from her office job at 20 years of age standing just5'3"s tall with straight black hair nearly down to her waist,pretty face and a beautiful set off boobs that didn't require a bra to stand out. Mel had not made Nancy's work life very pleasant. She too was naked Mel noticedher pussy was shaved bald and had an all over tan, Brad spread his legs and Nancy sat herself down with her back to Brads stomach. Brad moved his arms around her one across her flat stomach and the other cupping one of her breasts and nibbled her neck a little as Nancy let out a sigh.
"Remember you made me do this Mel" as Brad started to rub Nancy's tight little pussy and pinch her nipples as she squirmed with pleasure, Nancy pulled her head back so the could kiss it was a long drawn one with lots of tongue action.
Mel tried to get up but couldn't move, frozen to the spot. Brads hand was by now really working her little workmates pussy first he inserted one finger then two as he finger fucked her to orgasm, to really rub it in as Nancy came she looked straight over at Mel with an evil grin on her face. "Bet you Brad hasn't had his dick sucked in ages" she said as she pulled away turned around grabbing Brads 9" member and began slurping on its head while working the shaft with both hands "That's it baby" Brad said "Work that warm little mouth on my cock" all the time looking over at Mel.
Brad pulled his cock out of Nancy's mouth layed on his back and pulled her into a 69 position "Remember how we used to do this" Brad taunted as he began tonging Nancy's hot wet slit, Nancy was working herself into a frenzy on Brads cock, with her head bobbing up and down, moaning and breathing heavily.
Nancy rolled of Brad got up on her hands and knees and said "Mel I'm going to try Brads cock out for real" ,as Brad came up behind her and pushed his penis into Nancy's waiting cunt. "Go on fuck me you dirty old bastard" she yelled, Mel was in tears by now as she watched her husband mate with the office junior from her work,Brad pulled out of Nancy and lay on his back "Back that tight little ass up here he said as Nancy now facing Mel directly climbed into the reverse cowgirl position grabbed Brads cock and as she sat down and guided his cock into her waiting pussy. Mel could see Brads cock head stretching the young woman's pussy lips wide open as it disappeared into her as she inched down on his stiff shaft and began to ride her husband like a cock hungry whore, both therebodies were glistening with sweat as they changed positions to missionary style "I hear this is the best position to impregnate a woman" Brad yelled as he plunged his meat into Nancy once again. Nancy let out a yelp and managed to say "Mel if he was my husband I'd have him every night" Mel watched as there hips grind ed together with Nancy moaning and repeatedly gasping "Fuck me Brad Fuck me!!" Brad suddenly yelled "I'm coming you horny little bitch", by the way his body shuddered Mel knew his first few shots of semen had been blasted deep inside Nancy, he pulled his cock out and continued to come all over Nancy's tits and stomach while Nancy scooped up his seed and licked her fingers clean.
Melanie woke suddenly to the sound of the alarm clock,she was drenched in sweat and in a state of shock, she looked next to her and there was Brad asleep next to her stirring "Mornin' dear" he said "Hi" she managed to say she got up showered and went to work relived it was all a dream.

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