New flatmate


Hannah arrived home ,her boyfriend Simon was at the door "I've got someone I'd like you meet" he said leading her in the lounge "This is Mike, hes answered our advert and moved into the spare room today". "Hi" said Hannah moving forward to shake his hand "Pleased to meet you" Said Mike getting up to shake her hand, Hannah was surprised at how tall and muscular he was about 6'5", dark hair and at 32 years old was a real looker she thought, at only just 5 feet her hand was completely engulfed buy his huge hand. Simon on the other hand was a nice young man only about 5'3" and quite scrawny.
"Lets have a drink or three to celebrate" suggested Simon "I'd like to get changed first" said Hannah and headed off to the bedroom.
She stripped off and checked herself in the full length mirror, at five foot nothing of slim build and b sized breasts on her small frame made them look far larger, only the day before she had treated herself to a full body wax "Simon's going to get it tonight " she thought.
She put on a pair of black panties, looked at he matching bra and decided against it since her breasts were firm enough not to worry about one, put on a strapless black mini dress and headed back to the lounge to enjoy a few drinks.
The boys were already onto their third beer when she got there Simon not really being much of a drinker was trying to keep up with Mike who obviously was, Hannah grabbed a drink from the fridge and joined in.
Two hours later Hannah and Mike were sitting on the couch together talking, Simon had gone to bed and passed out. "You shouldn't have let Simon drink so much, hes not good at it" Hannah stammered "How was I supposed to know" Mike replied.
Suddenly Hannah was aware of the huge bulge in Mikes track pants "Dirty bastard" she thought "He can't be wearing any underwear"Mike noticed where Hannah's eyes were looking and moved a little to present his cock even better, through the thin material Hannah could not only see the outline of his member but the head and veins running down its length, There was also a small wet patch starting to form at the tip.
Trying to ignore this Hannah kept talking, she became aware that her nipples had become erect and were jutting through her dress, Mike grabbed her hand and gently placed on his dick, without even thinking about what was happening her hand started stroking up and down his shaft,Mike pulled his pants down and his 9 inch member sprung free "God" Hannah exclaimed trying to grip her tiny hand around it ,her fingers didn't quite wrap around it.
"Sorry Simon, but I gotta try me some of this" she said aloud, she lent over kissed the head a couple of times then licked it, before cramming as much of Mikes hard cock into her mouth and sliding her little hands up and down his shaft.
Mike let out a groan and unzipped the back of her dress and pulled it down Hannah stood up and let the garment fall to the floor , Mike was on his feet dropped his pants completely and pulled his t-shirt off, Hannah stepped towards him placed his cock between her firm tits and allowed him to start titty fucking her while he still sucked the head of his cock.
Hannah was then pushed onto the couch her panties were torn from her, legs spread as Mike's tongue lashed her clit and pussy she had a grip of his hair with both hands and her legs were wrapped around his muscular neck "Fucking hell" she screamed as she came.
Without a pause Mike moved up and drove his cock into her like a battering ram, at first it only went in a few inches but after a few thrusts Hannah yielded and felt the thick meaty cock scrape parts of her insides she never knew existed, Hannah looked down at her pussy watching as Mikes cock sawed in and out of her, at this point in time she felt no guilt, only the pleasure of of having this man whom she'd only known a few short hours mating with her like some kind of wild animal.
Mikes eyes began to widen and clenched his teeth, he let out some kind of prim evil grunt as he quickly withdrew and sprayed his seed all over her breasts and flat stomach, without a thought Hannah moved her hands up her body rubbing the globs of semen into her skin.

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After wards they both retired to their respective beds.
The next morning Simon got up, "Boy I'm hungover. "Shit Hannah looks like you were run over by a truck. "Hannah still lying in bed replied "Yeah I got real fucked last night"