Penny Pumps Him Off


NOTE: I am not the author. . .

Penny Harris was rinsing dishes at the sink when Cal Richards came up behind her and molded his big body into hers. His brawny arm snaked around her waist and pulled her to him. She could feel the thick log of his cock caught between the taut cheeks of her ass.

“Cal! What are you doing? Ron will have your hide for this!” she gasped.

She kept her voice light and playful, not wishing to offend him. Cal was an old friend of her husband’s and up to now he had always been the perfect gentleman with her. Tonight he had just a bit too much to drink. She could smell it on him as he breathed over her shoulder.

“You’re so sexy, little Penny!” he growled into her ear. “I’ve been hot for you ever since Ron introduced us! Whaddya say? You and me, huh? Whaddya say?” He was stroking her belly with one hand, clasping his highball glass with the other. His hips were forcing his prick up and down in the groove of her ass.

“Cal! Ron and your wife are right in the next room! What are you thinking of?” She kept her hands in the water and tried to ignore the bulk of his hard-on as he dry-fucked her. She couldn’t move.

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   He had her pinned to the sink.

“They can get it on themselves! They like each other! Whaddya say? You and me, huh? I’m crazy about you!”

Suddenly his hand swept up from her belly and molded itself over one of her lovely tits. She had worn a low-cut evening dress without a bra for the get-together with Cal and his wife June. It was easy for the big man to fondle her tit and tweak her nipple through the sheer silk material. The way she was bent over the sink, her tit just fell into his huge palm.

“Cal, stop this right now! This is getting out of hand! I’ll have to call Ron if you don’t stop this minute!” She was surprised to hear herself panting. She wasn’t sure if it was from shock or pleasure.

“Such beautiful tits! Such a gorgeous little ass!” Cal was wheezing. “June doesn’t even come close to you, little lady! Nobody does! You’re the sexiest little thing for miles!”

Penny wriggled and squirmed, but it only seemed to force his cock deeper into the groove of her ass. She could feel the terrible size and heat of his prick even through his pants and her silk dress. His prick was like a thickened crowbar boring up against the small of her back. It seemed so huge! His cock must be well over eight inches long.

“I’ve been wanting to slip you some meat for so long!” Cal went on, massaging her tit and fucking her nipple roughly. “When Ron first introduced us I couldn’t believe my eyes. You looked so young! And so pretty! You looked way too young to be getting married.

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He began to dry-fuck her in earnest now, plowing his cock up and down in the furrow between her ass cheeks. He tugged the shoulder string of her dress dawn her arm and one lovely tit wobbled free. He palmed her tit and rolled the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. To his delight, he noticed the squat nubbin had started to grow long. Her nipple felt like a hot stub of rubber in his fingers.

Penny had stopped protesting. And at first she wasn’t sure why. She thought it was because she didn’t want to cause a scene. If she yelled and brought Ron running into the room, the shit would really hit the fan. There’d be a big commotion, maybe a fight, and a friendship that went back years would be over. That was part of it.

But there was something else. Cal might be drunk. He might be acting like an asshole and forcing himself on her in the most unfair way. But his hand on her tit felt so nice! She could feel her nipple, stiffening for him as he played with it.

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   And his cock was bucking up and down so nicely between her ass cheeks! She found herself wondering what it would feel like to have a cock so big up her cunt.

“Ron’s such a lucky bastard!” Cal grunted, poking his tongue into her ear. “Getting you to drop out of high school like that to marry him. He’s the luckiest guy in the world!”

Penny wished he hadn’t mentioned Ron just then. They’d been married barely a month, after all. They’d been back from the honeymoon only a couple of days. And right now he was in the next room making small talk with Cal’s wife June, whom he didn’t even like, while Penny was writhing and squirming with horny Cal out in the kitchen! Maybe her husband wouldn’t think himself so lucky if he knew of the excitement she was feeling right now.

“You have no idea how much I think of you! I dream of you all the time! Of us in bed together, fucking. And of me eating you, and you sucking me off, I even dreamed of it last night, knowing we were coming over to see you today. I dreamed you were sucking me off and at the last second you pulled my cock out of your mouth and let me shoot all over your face! It was fantastic!”

Penny groaned deeply. What was he trying to do to her? As if his hands on her tits and his cock between her buns wasn’t enough! He had to talk dirty to her as well! It was one thing that never failed to turn her on. Ron never talked dirty. She was his wife, he said, and he didn’t want to use dirty words with her. But she loved it! It thrilled her to hear them. She couldn’t help it!

Cal had dropped his highball glass into the dishwater.

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   Now he used his free hand to haul up her dress, fumble around her thigh into her crotch. His fingers crackled over her expensive pantyhose. And she wasn’t resisting. She had quit protesting altogether. He thrust his fist under the top of her hose and deep into her panties.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Ungh!” she groaned, closing her eyes tightly. Her high heels scraped the kitchen floor and she found herself spreading her legs for the horny drunk.

“Yes, my little angel! Yes!” he panted, forcing his fingers through her ample crotch hair. He found her pussy, rammed a finger inside. Then he gasped and wheezed into her ear. “You’re all wet! You’re soaking wet down there!”

Penny couldn’t answer him. She kept her eyes clenched shut and panted softly. Her knees bent a little and she lifted up, so that she could wriggle more easily on top of his hand. His finger was probing, poking back and forth. And he was right about her pussy being wet.

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   She could feel her cunt juice soaking his hand and forming a puddle in her panties.

“What a sweet little cunt! What a soggy, slick little cunt!” he praised, using his finger like a small cock. “You’re so small! You’re so fucking small!”

Penny fucked on his finger and let him explore her body all he wanted. She was past caring. She was trapped at the kitchen sink between a marauding finger and a humping cock. She couldn’t move but it felt so good! She didn’t want it to end! And what shocked her most of all any minute, she was going to come! She could feel the bubble growing larger in the pit of her stomach.

“Oh I wanna cram my cock up there so bad!” Cal croaked. “Such, a hot, sweet teenage cunt! You’d love it! I’d have you screaming for more! I’d have you begging for it on bended knees! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!”

Penny didn’t doubt it. She was tempted, right this second, to swirl around, lift her dress, drop her pants, fall to the floor and let him fuck her. To hell with the consequences. But she couldn’t move. He held her so tight! And that finger up her cunt was so good! Oh that finger!

“I swear I’m gonna cream my pants just thinking about it!” he said, grinding his hips more harshly against her. His fingers dug deep into her tit flesh. He slipped, a second finger into her dripping cunt.

“Oh God! Oh God!” she chanted weirdly.

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   His fingers were driving her mad. The cock between her ass cheeks was forcing her onto his fingers again and again. She had to feel that huge hunk of cock meat! She had to hold his prick in her hand!

Looping her arm around in back of her, she forced her hand into Cal’s pants. She stroked down his hairy belly and immediately came in contact with the hot swollen head of his prick. Wriggling her hand deeper, she managed to curl her fingers around the thick trunk of his cock. She clasped the upper cock shaft while the lower part of the cock plunged up and down in the crevice of her ass.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” he croaked, pistoning his fingers back and forth in her soggy pussy. “I haven’t dry-humped anyone since high school! Shit, it feels good! It feels real good!”

She moaned, rubbing her fingers as best she could along the hard bulk of his cock. This was crazy, she realized. Here they were, two married people, fondling each others crotches like beginners. And in her kitchen, yet! With both their spouses in the next room! But she couldn’t stop herself. She didn’t want to stop it. She felt too fucking good! Her hand was getting wet and sticky already from the pre-spunk squirting out of Cal's stiff boner. It made her behind-the-back tug-job all the more slick as she pumped up and down on the sticky head, squeezing it on the up-stroke to force more nasty pre-jizz to squirt into her hand.

“Oh f-f-fuck," he stammered, snapping his hips, fucking more of his stiff boner into her jacking fist.

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   Wet, slushy sounds emanated from his pants, as she began to jerk him off in earnest. Hearing the obscene cloppy sounds caused by the handjob she was so shamelessly administering made the both of them hotter. Her lips formed an 'o' as she sucked sharp in-takes of breath.

Penny couldn't believe this was happening, and that she was doing this nasty thing. Just moments ago, she was standing at her sink, just innocently doing the dishes. Now, she was roughly pushed up against the sink, being ravaged from behind, her arm reaching behind her back, her hand shoved down a man's pants wetly jacking off the hard, sticky boner stiffly fucking and pushing up through her squeezing fist inside his pants.

"I want to do dirty things to you!” he moaned, driving his cock through the sheath formed by her fingers and her ass. “I wanna fuck you every which way! Up the cunt and up the ass! Between your tits and in your mouth! I want to fill you up with cock till you faint!”

“And I want you to! I want you to!” she breathed, shocked to hear herself admit it, as she pumped his dick inside his pants. “I want your cock so bad! I want your cock up every hole I’ve got! I’m going to come soon! I’m going to come!”

His fingers plowed through the spongy folds of her cunt. His cock drove her onto them. And her tits swung low over the dishwater. The second tit had flopped free of her dress top. Her tits bounced and joggled as he humped her ass. Penny tugged and pulled on the rigid wet prick sticking up in his pants, wanting him to shoot off.

“I’ll be coming, myself, pretty soon.

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   You really know how to handle a cock, don’t you?” He could feel the heavy cream in his balls as her fingers teased him.

“It feels so good! Your fingers up my cunt feel so good!” she whimpered. She was bent very low over the sink now and her ass was thrust out at him lewdly. Her bright blonde hair dangled alongside her rouged cheeks. A thin film of sweat coated her forehead.

The bubble in her belly expanded, and suddenly it burst. Hot flashes of pleasure rippled through her. Slimy globs of cuntjuice slid down the walls of her pussy and wet his pistoning fingers. She was coming, real slow and easy and nice. It was a cum that would last a long time, she could tell. And she bent her neck and murmured softly into the dish water, her stick, cum-drenched hand jerking his concealed cock all the harder inside his now-wet pants.

“What a sweet little bitch you are! What a hot, sweet little cunt!” he raved on, easing back off her some so that she could properly curl her long fingers around his aching prick. His lower cock and balls were still captured in the lush crack of her ass, but the top of the cock shaft she could pump and jerk handily.

“Mmmmmm! Ohhh, fuck!” she mumbled, pleasure rolling through her. She couldn’t believe this was happening.

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   It was too weird, too shocking to think about. "I-I'm gonna make you sh-shoot off in your fucking pants, you bastard!" she threatened, as her hand jerked and pumped the cock behind her.

"D-do it to me, you slut," he panted. "That would be just the sort of thing that a fucking hot slut like you would do to a guy, and enjoy it!Go ahead! Jerk my stiff cock off. . . and make it sh-shoot in my pants!"

Penny's cunt squirted all over his hand, reacting to all this dirty talk. Her mind snapped and her sexual heat, already through the roof, kicked up another notch.

"You fucking bastard," she groaned through gritted teeth, as her hand frigged more violently up and down on his stiff, big boner. "You'll regret this. . . You'll see. . .


   I'll make you shoot off in your fucking pants. . . I'll make you!. . . I'll make you!!. . . in your fucking shorts. . . in your f-fucking shorts, you bastard. . .



He began to grunt and groan behind her, and suddenly his free hand was squeezing one of her tits viciously. He fucked his huge cock through the cradle of her fingers, and then began to grunt harder.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" he groaned as his nuts exploded and thick wads of jism blew out forcefully from his prick tip and on up her arm like hot wax.

“You’re coming! Ohhh fuck! You’re coming!” she groaned, feeling the slime and tugging on his cock all the harder. The scalding jism was jumping up her arm then drooling back down into her jacking hand and around his dick. It made her cock-pumping a very sticky affair. The sloppy noise coming from his shorts, due to her cum-soaked hand squeezing, gripping and jacking his exploding shaft, was an intoxicating sound to both of them. Penny's pussy twitch uncontrollably as a result, squirting more cunt juice all over his hand.

"Oh, Oh OHHH," Penny mewed in breathy pants. . . jacking his big boner more furiously inside the wet confines of his cum-soaked shorts. She was really getting into this incredibly naughty act. "Cum in your shorts, you bastard," she cried in a high-pitched feminine squeal, panting hard! "Shoot it off in y-your FUCKING SHORTS!"

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” was all he could say. His shorts were filling up with all the excess jism as she viciously pumped his hard dick up and down, her hand shoved down inside of them.

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   He was shooting off hard in his shorts . And all the while he fucked his fingers back and forth in Penny’s soggy cunt.

"GGGGod, you fucking bastard," she hissed, her pussy in the throes of an incredible cum.

Jet after jet of sizzling cock cream fired up Penny’s arm. And she squeezed and jacked his twitching cock inside his loose shorts as if her life depended on it. She had a feeling that if she let up jerking him off for one second, he might pull his fingers from her cunt in the middle of her climax. She couldn’t let that happen. She was feeling too good.

“OOohh, j-jerk me off!” he grunted into her ear, suddenly mouthing words very clearly. Cum shot all over her jacking hand, her arm and the inside of his pants. He fucked his fingers to the hilt in her slimy cunt hole.

Penny groaned with lust. She loved it! She loved it when he talked dirty! Was there something wrong with her? Was she perverted because she enjoyed hearing such things? Or did other women get off on such things too? It didn’t matter. She didn’t care. Dirty talk made her cunt tingle and that’s all there was to it.

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“Feel my cum! Feel my cum all over you!” he wheezed, and his cock shot out yet another hot blast of jism. His jit was soaking through his pants as she pumped tirelessly.

Her hand felt as if it were being glued to his erupting cock. There was a never-ending supply of cum shooting from his prick, soiling her arm, welding her fingers together. Would he never stop coming? Would he never stop shooting the stuff? What if he had gone off up her cunt like that? Or in her mouth? He’d have choked her! She’d have gagged on all the jism!

“Pull on it! Jerk me off good, you fucking hot-assed SLUT! Oooh yeah! Oooh yeah!” he panted. His cock was numb in the tight clasp of her fist.

“Fucking hell! There’s so much! So much cum!” she whimpered, still jacking his cock. It excited her no end, that he should cum so heavily. There was something about thick creamy jism that drove her wild. And she couldn’t decide which she would prefer to have him blast her cunt with the hot stuff, or to have him jerk off on her, so that she could watch the white spurts of cum fly into the air.

Another steaming jet fired off up her arm.

Then he seemed to relax some. And the rest of his cum just oozed out his cock tip and soiled her fingers some more. Her fist was making soft wet sounds inside his pants.

“What a hot bitch! You sure know how to jerk a guy off!” he said.

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   His jerking movements slowed against her ass and he leaned more heavily against her.

“I know,” she answered dreamily. She was relaxing, her climax fading gradually. She pumped his cock with slower and slower motions, milking the last thick dregs of jism from his balls.

“And you came good too, didn’t you, you little cunt?” he leered. “I made you come right in your pants too, with my fingers! Just think what I could do with my cock! Or my tongue! I’d have you screaming, little girl! I’d have you begging me for more!”

Penny groaned heavily. For in her heart she knew this was true. She might be a married lady with responsibilities to her husband, but she couldn’t resist sex this exciting, this daring, this dirty. She blushed with shame as she realized that if Cal Richards came to her again, urged her to fuck with him, she wouldn’t be able to say no. She might still be the blushing bride, but a cock was a cock.

“We’re gonna have fun, me and you, little girl,” he breathed over her shoulder. “Now that I know you love it as much as I do, we’ll be able to try everything together. You ever been face-fucked? Huh? You ever had a nine-inch cock up your ass? We’ll do it all!”

“We can’t, Cal! We can’t!” she heard herself groaning. The words sounded phony even as she said them, she realized. But something made her say them.

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   She had to put up at least a front of resistance. Otherwise, he would just think her a wanton slut.

“We can and we will,” he gloated confidently, pulling back from her lush body. “I’ve got to fuck you soon. I’ve just got to!”

She let go of his wilting cock and stared at her cum-soaked hand. The thick white jism webbed her fingers together and drooled down her wrist. She plunged her hand into the dish water, washing off the fresh jit along side the dishes
She dried her hand, and then she quickly set about stuffing her swollen tits back into the top of her sexy dress.

“Your pants are all soiled. What are you going to tell June?” she asked him, glaring at his crotch.

He cinched up his belt and headed for the door. “I’ll tell her I was helping you with the washing up. I’ll tell her you spilled something on me,” he smirked. He licked the fingers he had pulled from her cunt as soon as he’d finished coming. The door swung shut behind him.

Penny stared into the kitchen sink dreamily.

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   She could feel warm pussy juice oozing from her gaping cunt. It wet her pubic hair and ran down her thighs. .

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